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Chargers running back Melvin Gordon had an outstanding game last week as the Chargers easily disposed of the same Tennessee Titans who beat Miami pretty handily.   That may become problematic, but Dolphins defense is playing much better now than it was a month ago.  I think our defense is strong enough now where they can focus on stopping Gordon without being overly susceptible to pass plays.

San Diego’s offense uses a lot of screen passes and draw plays, luring the defense to race into the backfield, and then quickly getting the ball out of QB Philip Rivers’ hands.  An overly aggressive front line is often Rivers’ best friend.  You have to think that defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is aware of this and will have his boys prepared.

Antonio Gates is STILL playing.  Although he’s no longer an All Pro, he’s still a big, effective target.   The Dolphins have done a better job this year defending against tight ends, and hopefully that trend continues.

Jelani Jenkins will play Sunday with a cast on his hand.  He began the Jets game with a penalty, three missed tackles, and a blown coverage.   I was screaming at him over in the chat room.    The Jets scored on their first three drives.   Once Jenkins got injured and came out, the Dolphins started to play better defense, especially in the second half with two big interceptions.  I think Jenkins was a decent backup last year, but now that he’s starting and has a lot more play time, he not quite cutting it.  I’d love for him to prove me wrong Sunday.

On offense, you all know I’ll be calling for the Dolphins to keep riding the J-Train.  When it’s time to pass, let’s roll Tannehill out of the pocket, giving him the option to run or pass.  A few more plays for Landry and Parker too please.   But whatever you do, Mr. Gase, do NOT keep calling those ineffective and dangerous deep dropback passes.   At least not consistently and stubbornly like you did vs. the Jets.   Those play calls netted us ZERO touchdowns in the last 40 minutes of the game.

The Dolphins don’t do well historically in West Coast games, but we have a great chance this week.  The Chargers aren’t who they used to be, and the Dolphins are certainly improving.  We shut them out two years ago, but they beat us badly last year.  The Phins will stay out west all week in preparation for the Rams game on the 20th.

ALSO—  Bad news for my faithful readers, LOL—  I’m traveling for my day job the next few weekends, meaning limited access to this site.  I’ll try to post when I can and start new threads for you guys to comment on, but for the most part, I’ll be invisible.   I’ll leave the chat rooms open on game days.   Enjoy!   As always, feel free to mention when you comment on other sites and tell your friends.   Always looking for more readership and more clicks on the advertisements, which help fund all these fun discussions!


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  1. I must say that since Ireland was fired we have come up with some good draft picks for a change. Landry and Ajayi were great picks.

    1. Both were Dennis Hickey picks. He got a raw deal here in Miami. I still feel bad. He also picked up Jauan James (as im sure you already know) but mentioned for effect. And while he’s not been great lately. He was plug and play as a rookie we desperately needed on a decimated offensive line. I hope our luck continues with Grier but to me he seems like an extension of Tannanbaum more than his own man.

  2. Does it bother anyone else that we are ranked 30th against the run? We better find a way to stop Melvin Gordon or it could be a long day.

    1. Author

      Sean, it is a bit bothersome, but a lot of that is leftover from weeks 1-5, when we couldn’t stop anyone. Since then, Vance Joseph has done a lot of correcting, and it’s been better lately. Matt Forte broke a few big runs last week, and that stuff is going to happen a few plays per game against anyone. But for the most part, we shut down some pretty tough runner the last month. Mr. Melvin G might be in for a rude awakening when he meets Mr. N. Suh.

  3. I dont really know why but I have a good feeling about this one. But boy have I been wrong before. Damn admin Im gonna miss chat on Sunday. You ahem uhhh…. need a 2nd in command to run things when you cant okay.

  4. @admin

    Can I run a chat on my server on Sunday and post a link for everyone?

    1. NM I see you said the chat room WOULD be open I thought it would NOT be

      1. So chat this sunday then? Great but admin will be missed. See yall there make sure to post the link somewhere.

  5. Cameron Wake was ranked the best over 4-3 DE in the league this week.

  6. Salami Jenkins is awful,period! He needs to be sent packing in January,if we can get anything for him.

  7. Of course during the NFL’s “Salute to Service” month the Dolphins will disrespect the military again and the country by encouraging players to disrespect the flag and the country. I’m calling out the players that allow this to go on next to them without saying anything. If you don’t understand that Ross is wrong for encouraging this behavior, your as big of an embarrassment as they are. I WAS a fan since ’69 but never again until Ross is gone.

    1. Bye!…don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  8. Tanny is making me eat my words so far today

  9. I’m stuck in Raleigh with Cowboys/Steelers. Miami seems to be holding their own though!!

  10. Admin, where ever you are…all is well in DOLPHLAND today!

  11. I’ve never seen the Dolphins get screwed by the refs so hard. That was an exciting game that the refs made almost unwatchable. So obvious why the NFL ratings are down with crap like this. Happy Miami won but that shouldn’t of been close the refs made sure Sam Diego had a chance to win it.

    1. Seven first downs from penalties is nuts!!!

      1. What is nuts is that the TD throw to Landry in the end zone the defender obviously grabbed him and and the ref was right there and no flag and that came after all those flags for the chargers.

        Almost as disgraceful as the NFL having a salute to service men and women while allowing their employees to flip service men and women the bird.

  12. Seems to me that when the Fins play a balanced offence they have a chance to win every game. I said that before the streak and I’ll continue to say it. They just need to cut down on the penalties that was ridiculous although some were BS. Especially the missed call on Parker in the endzone.

    Tanny is now able to play the game to his limits and is looking more comfortable it’s nice to see. Hell even the top QB’s like Rogers have a hard time when they don’t get decent protection and a running game. He made some nice throws and I believe he’s up there in throws over 20 yards….sure draft a qb but it can be later in the draft definitely not first round!

  13. Also we see Gase and Tannehill again opening up the vertical passing game a little more and look – behind that good offensive line its working. Tannihill is getting his eyes downfield and he is hitting receivers at the 2nd and 3rd level and dare we say hes showing some consistency?

    If he can develop as an over the top QB he will be deadly because he can hit all the 5 – 20 yard stuff all day with a little time.

    Lets see if we can get another win and come home 6 – 4

    This was a great win because again this team showed no give up and they played their butts off for this coaching staff.

    I don’t want to go full blown homer yet (Maybe if the put two more wins in a row together) but consistency is creeping in…… and with it WINS!

    1. Tannehill actually looked off the safety one and the linebackers twice!

      When have we ever seen that?

      1. That run tannehill had on 3rd down in the middle of the third quarter was a thing of beauty. He proved me wrong today, hopefully he keeps it up.

  14. Maybe gase the quaterback whisperer is finally showing up, tannehill actually has pocket awareness all of a sudden

  15. He’s also learning a new offence again that shit takes time. Most QB’s wouldn’t have lasted this long especially taking the beating that he has. We have to give him credit for that and hopefully he continues to do what it takes to win. He threw some nice passes out there. Long balls too so that BS talk should end now.

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