NFL Drops the Ball and Gives us a Terrible Thanksgiving

The NFL Schedule maker should be fired.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving games are entirely NFC teams.  That’s nice if you’re an NFC fan, but what about the rest of us?

Why not throw in at least one inter-conference game out of the three games on Thanksgiving?   As a Dolfan, I follow the AFC more closely, and I root against other AFC teams who are in our way in the playoff race.  That’s what fans do.

I would love to settle in for some Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and watch the Patriots on TV.  Or the Steelers.  Hell, even boring teams like Cleveland or Baltimore.  I’d rather see them because I’d have a rooting interest in the game.

Miami Dolphin Joey Harringon holds his Thanksgiving Game MVP trophy after disposing of the Lions.

The NFL is doing itself no favors.  Mark my words…the TV ratings for the 3 games tomorrow will be the lowest in years, simply because AFC fans won’t care.

The NFL doesn’t seem to realize that their NFL “rivalries” are important only locally.  For example, I know the Bears vs. the Lions is a historical matchup, but no one outside of Chicago or Detroit cares.  Same holds true for Philly vs. Dallas.  The outcome of that game will not effect anything for any AFC team or its fans.

Would you rather watch a historical matchup of the Bears vs. the Lions, or a meaningful matchup of the Bears vs. the Bengals?    Bears vs. Bengals doesn’t seem like a dramatic game, but at least we would watch and root against the AFC team.


And for what it’s worth, I predict three blowouts:    Bears over sinking Lions.    Philly easily over overrated Dallas.  And Seattle’s defense gets it act together and wins big in the San Fran Bay.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Author

    Well, there were 3 blowouts on Thanksgiving, so I was right about that. But I only predicted 2 of the 3 winners correctly. The TV ratings were terribly low, as I knew would happen.

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