No News is Good News So Far in Dolphins Training Camp

I don’t know about other Dolphin fans, but when I read about how practices are going, the only thing I’m looking for is if anyone tore an ACL or blew out a knee that day.

Not much else matters.

Do we care if some undrafted 15th-string wide receiver made a nice catch of a Mcleod Thompson pass against a bunch of ham-and-egger defenders who won’t be on the team this season?

Do we care that the coaches “took note” of some bubble player who did well that day?  Remember how many times Michael Egnew looked great in practice and received so much praise in practice?  Look where he is now.

Even among our star players…there is excitement in the media because Tannehill looks sharper and Landry is running good routes and Kong Suh is blowing past guys like Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas.


It seems like the same old stuff, year in and year out.   It’s not just the Dolphins either.  We’ve studied training camp reports from all the teams, and the same exact stuff is floating around out there.  Practices going great.  Coaches impressed by such-and-such player.  G.M. and coaches haven’t made any decisions yet about who’s starting.

Blah blah blah.   32 teams…same exact stuff every year.

This isn’t to say that we’re not interested in camp and pre-season games.  We can certainly learn a few things about our new players during the upcoming scrimmages.

But I’m always more concerned about “Please don’t get hurt, Tannehill” and “Only let Suh play one series” than I care about the fourth quarter when all the scrubs are in there.

The main point of all of this is not to read too much into what’s going on right now.  Don’t listen to the coaches hype up some unknown DB you’ve never heard of because he made a few plays in a meaningless practice.   He’ll be gone soon enough.

Things do look promising in camp so far.  Let’s leave it at that, and let’s hope it stays that way.

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  1. What’s so funny AND embarrassing is that the Dolphins start a thread on Facebook shouting ,”Tannebust complete a long pass”! It is so funny and sad.

    1. Author

      Yes, great point. I’d rather have non-news like that all summer long during practices than new like Tannehill hurts arm. Doctors “think” he’ll be ready by Week Four.

  2. If Tannehill gets hurt the team will be BETTER with Matt Moore just like when he replaced Henne and went on a tear.

  3. Jay – Not to rain on the parade but Moore was as inconsistent as Geno Smith – no? One week he was a world beater and the next a two pick loss.

    No offense but if he were a legit top 20 starter he would have been poached off Miami’s bench by now.

  4. oh…. I forgot he did string together a few nice games once upon a time before forgetting not to throw the ball to the other teams defenders for a few games.

    Just thought I’d mention that before you did the whole “I gotcha” thing……..

  5. Wanting Matt Moore to be the starter is no different than wanting Philbin to stay

  6. Geno Smith has far outplayed Tannehill in the head to head matchups at the end of the last two seasons or we would’ve been in the playoffs. Just Saying.

  7. @Brian M.

    Its pretty impossible for any QB to be consistent when they are playing intermittently. When Moore was playing every game (after he overcame being rusty) he was a top 10 QB and won 6 out of his last 7 games. I also dont think Mike Wallace would’ve been complaining about lack of accuracy with Matt Moore.

    1. Actually he only won 4 out of his last 7 games that season. But he did win 6 out of his last 9 games. And those 6 games were the only ones the team won that season.

      I too was really annoyed when Philbin made Tannehill the starter automatically. At least for that 1st season with Tannehill (2012) I thought (and still think) that Moore could have pulled off 2-3 more wins than Tannehill. Keep in mind we only won 1 more game in 2012 than the previous season (2011 with Henne/Moore); 7-9 vs. 6-10.

      Moore’s experience of working with the personalities on the field and gaining the players’ respect for an MVP was definitely under appreciated by Philbin/Ireland/Ross at that time.

      And for the sake of mentioning it, Todd Bowles was undervalued by Ireland/Ross at the time as well.

  8. BTW, Matt Moore was also voted team MVP when he was playing every week. And then got immediately benched by Philbin. What team does that benching their reigning team MVP?

  9. A team that just drafted what they belived to be their franchise QB. Moore was not as good as you remember. What made him stand out so much was how bad we were.

    I’m not saying it was right or wrong to bench Moore without a full blown competition for the starting job and at the time I thought tannahill should have rode the bench for a year but behind the lines we have had (and looks like we still have) it’s going to be hard for any QB to have succes so maybe it was good to throw tannahill into the fire.

    I just know that if you have a top 20 QB sitting on your bench there’s going to be some team whose going to poach him off that bench.

    No one has and there is a reason for that. The only interest Moore has had is for backup roles as far as I know.

  10. So no one can name another team that immediately benched their team MVP like Philbin did to Moore. And Brian M, if the team was that bad and Moore was winning with them, that makes him even better. I do think we would’ve been in the playoffs the last 2 years if Moore was starting and I dont think the team will be any worse and ‘probably better if Tannehill gets hurt …….although I’m not wishing for that.

    1. Author

      Jay, see my comment below. You are right. I was furious at Philbin for benching the MVP. No coach in NFL history ever did such a backward decision. But that was 4 years ago. Tannehill has developed since.

  11. Author

    Okay, I’ll weigh in on this. Matt Moore was the team’s MVP, as voted by the players in 2011. Can’t emphasize that enough. The Dolphin brethren themselves told the world that Moore was their most valuable player. Then Joe Philbin came to town and spit in the faces of the Miami Dolphins players. Joey said “I don’t care who YOU think is valuable. I am the boss now, and I tell you who is valuable.” Moore sat the bench, Tannehill led us to an 8-8 season. One of those games he got hurt early, and Moore played well and got us a win vs. the Jets.
    At that point, I still thought Moore was the better player. Philbin’s job is to win game with his best and most valuable personnel, not to experiment with rookie QBs.
    But all that was 3 years ago. Now Tannehill has developed into a 4,000-yard passer and has become tough as nails. Last year, I was calling for him to be benched. I wanted Moore badly. But then Tannehill lit up the Raiders in England. He then beat the Packers (Joe Philbin lost that game, not Tannehill). Long story short, Tannehill finally WON the job. It wasn’t handed to him by an inept coach like it was in his rookie year.
    And for all our praise of Matt Moore. Let’s not forget he blew that game against Denver/Tebow when we had a 15-point lead with two minutes left. Moore fumbled the game away in overtime, and that one still sticks in my craw.

    1. Admin, I totally agree – was pissed for a while, but Tannehill’s definitely developed. Small correction though – the first year Moore sat on the bench Tannehill led us to a 7-9 season; the 8-8’s were later. The 2nd 8-8, I blame more on coaching staff.

    2. I blame that loss on Steve (clueless) Ross who held Tim Tebow day to sell extra tickets and it was like a home game for Denver. Ross traded a loss for some extra money.

  12. Author

    GENO SMITH is out for 6 weeks because his teammate punched him in the face. See?? No good news ever comes out of training camp. Thank God it was the Jets instead of us.

  13. I just looked it up. Geno Smith vs Dolphins last game last season 20-25 3 TD’s, no ints, 80% completion % 358 yds and a 158.1 rating…..WOWZA! And he beat us the year priorhis rookie year in the final game also. Good thing he’s out.

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