Thoughts and Observations as the Miami Dolphins 2015 Practice Season Officially Begins

A few random thoughts for us all to ponder…

A few days ago, the Dolphins announced that they’d be wearing their throwback uniforms from the 1960s.

The colors were aqua and orange, not stupid powder blue.  The Dolphin on the helmet was upright and majestic, proudly wearing his M helmet.    The Dolphin is in the middle of the sun, jumping in front of it.  (Trivia:   There used to be 2 teams whose logo included a helmet on their helmet.   The Dolphins were one, but now only one remains…?)

THE logo
THE logo

Since this was announced, nearly everyone has been talking about how great these uniforms are.  It makes you wonder why they were changed in the first place.


Another great option

Note the Dolphin’s face is in front of the sun now, not inside it.   This was the first change.   It wasn’t a bad change, just slightly different.  Still a cool, colorful logo.


But then things got worse.  We went with a cartoonish Dolphin with far too much white in the belly and tail.   The aqua is noticeably darker.   It’s just not as good as the previous versions.

This is a cartoonish monstrosity.

Anyway, to reiterate my point, I hope Mr. Ross takes note of how awesome everyone thinks the throwback jerseys are.  Let’s throw them back permanently.

Speaking of Mr. Ross, he was at camp today to kick off the practice season.   He said the same old things he’s said for several years in a row now, including the reiteration of his faith in Clueless Joe.   That’s sad.

He also said that he expects the Dolphins to win this year, which is something else he says every year.   Make no mistake, this team is solid and has a chance.  I think us fans sense it, and Mr. Ross knows it.  The question is how badly will Joe Philbin mess it up.

Mr. Ross also said he’d be more involved this year.   Personally, I think that’s a good thing.  Maybe he’ll put aside his many side ventures and stay focused on the Dolphins.  Stay focused on Philbin’s performance.  Maybe he’ll finally listen to virtually every expert out there who says that Philbin is in the bottom 5 coaches in the league.  Numerous experts, numerous polls, same results.  Everyone knows it except Stephen Ross.

Most pundits are saying that Philbin has to produce this year or he’ll be fired.  I certainly hope so, but I am unconvinced.  If the owner thinks an 8-8 coach is good enough to give a raise and extension to, then there you have it.  He played his hand.   It’s a fact:  Ross thinks that an 8-8 coach should be rewarded, not fired.

A lot of exciting rookies looked good at practice today, but again, that’s the same thing we hear every year.   The excitement is sometimes justified, but it disappears very quickly when their skills don’t add up to wins.   That’s something we need to get much better at this year.

I hope Bill  Lazor is instilling an attack attitude from Day One this year.  40 points a game is the goal.  10 points a quarter.  We have to become obsessed with scoring and make it happen, not try to find ways to score.

And when we do score, the defense has to wake up.  The Denver game killed all the momentum and hope we had last year.  We had Manning beat, in Colorado, and let him back in.  Sucked the life out of our season.  We scored 35+ and LOST.   Can’t happen again.

Note to Kong Suh:  when Joe Philbin signals for you to come out of the game, just pretend you didn’t see/hear the signal.  Stay out there every single play.  Please.





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  1. I agree that the original logo is very good. That cartoonish later one was a joke. I have some international friends who came to town over the years and after taking them to Dolphin games they always asked why we had such a stupid logo!

    And yes, Lazor needs to get them obsessed with points; that was a good way to put it. They always say “find a way to win”, but that implies you’re always losing and need to figure out a way to come out on top.

    Totally agree that the Broncos game really stung hard. That and the Packers game (which I attended) to me were the most painful. Not just because we almost won both of them, but because we lost for severely disappointing reasons (defense shutting down and terrible coaching decisions).

    Yes, those two aspects plagued us the whole season but in those games they were blatantly obvious.

    The losses later in the season were less surprising to me because I became used to those things happening.

  2. I doubt Suh will be able to play every down especially in the S Fla heat. He’s been used to playing in the frigid north or in a/c indoor stadiums. He’s a big guy and we’ll have to see how he does on some of the brutally hot home day games.

    As far as the offense I think they will struggle to score points especially with all brand new receivers and TE and no top playmakers.

    1. That’s a really valid point about the heat and humidity.

      1. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Playing football in the heat/humidity is not an individual sport. As you wear down in the heat, SO DOES YOUR OPPONENT.

        1. No one is arguing that point. We arent even talking about opponents. We are just referring to Suh.

  3. Im glad to see the Aqua back. Sick of all my buddies saying the Dolphins colors are orange and green. Nobody believes me when i tell them it’s Aqua. As far as the season is concerned…for God’s sake Philbin needs to do more quarterback sneaks on 4th and 1. Also needs to run on first and second down and pass on third down like most coaches do. I hate it when its first or second down and we pass and then try to run 10 yards on third down. Its like wtf is he thinking. Lastly I just hope for better clock management more than anything.

  4. If they could take that cartoonish logo and combine it the vintage colors of the older logos I think it would be a perfect blend. I like the body style of the cartoon.

  5. Author

    I also like the little sun rays popping out around the sun in the first two logos. In the third one, it kinda looks like he’s just jumping through a hoop or something. I also think the third dolphin is a little chubby!

  6. Interesting note Sheppard playing MLB so far. Would kick Misi outside where he’s better.

    I love the old unis wish they came back for good…

  7. Our receivers are decimated after the fire sale this offseason and now both Parker and Stills are already nursing injuries. YIKES!

  8. We still have some depth at WR, so no worries…YET. But getting rid of Wallace was a huge mistake.

  9. There is an article in the PBP about how many snaps Suh can take in the S Fla heat just like I was questioning.

  10. I forgot about your trivia question!

    OK – so without cheating…Oakland Raiders, right? That’s all I can think of.

  11. Get ready all Dolphin fans for another bad season of Dolphin Football as I said, no good coach no good players and no good owner equal = 0 performance .

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