Observations on the Miami Dolphins preseason game vs Atlanta Falcons

Just some random thoughts in no particular order…


Cortland Finnegan has stated that he wants to come out of retirement.  The Dolphins would do well to sign him immediately.   Our secondary has a lot of question marks and injuries.

Miami faced several 4th downs on or arou d the Falcon 40 yard.i e last night.    I would have like to see the battle between Franks and Sturgis.   Let them each try a 58 harder and may the best man win.  Instead, Philbin chose to watch his backup punter fumble the ball away.

Later, Franks nailed a long field goal.   This could be a competition after all.

Nice to see big Paul Solai shake hands with Philbin at the end.   Classy move, and looked like no hard feelings.

Very interesting interview with owner Stephen Ross, especially when he spoke about the “home” game in London.   Ross seemed annoyed by this.  He said that he wished the team didn’t have to give up a home game.   It’s never been made clear if Ross volunteered to forfeit a home game and play in London, or I’d the leagues forced him to.   The way he spoke last night, sounds like the NFL forced him to.

I liked how the first team offense played, but I’m not overconfident.  Atlanta has among the worst defenses ever, and we only scored 7 on them.   We started in Falcon territory thrice, and got no points out of the deal.   Unacceptable.

Josh Freeman did nothing heroic, but nothing awful either.   I think he’ll be our their stringer.  We will see what happens Thursday.

Nice to see Jay Ajai out there.   Dolphins Truth is excited about this guy.  Looks as fast as Lamar Miller, but way stronger.

Backup linebackers playing great.

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  1. Thought you might appreciate this. This is from the preseason Fox Sports power rankings:

    “The consistently questionable coaching decisions of head coach Joe Philbin and injuries are the only factors that can hold back the Dolphins from making a run at the NFC East.”

  2. I saw that too!! I wonder if Dolphins Truth Admins work for fox sports and wrote that !!

  3. All coaches blow a call now and then. But it’s interesting that Fox used the word CONDISTENT to describe Philbum’s blown decisions

  4. Ross is an idiot to keep Joe Philbin but hey he kept moron Ireland for 6 years! Pray for new ownership.

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