Opening Day is Upon Us

Well, there’s a lot to cover in this crazy, wacky, unprecendented 2020.

First of all, while we don’t know the details and the exact plans, there is one thing to say.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is our QB.  Several ways to look at this situation, and again, we don’t know the details and we don’t know if Brian Flores is being coy, but here are the possibilities:

  1.  Josh Rosen and Tua were BOTH not good enough to beat out a 60-year-old journeyman QB for a job.
  2.  Both Rosen and Tua were better, but it came down to money.  (Not likely, since Tua and Rosen are on their dirt-cheap rookie deals)
  3.  Tua is a stud, but they aren’t letting him play due to precaution with his injuries.
  4.  Rosen simply didn’t pan out (again) like he didn’t pan out in Arizona.  He could be like Jay Cutler, seemingly can’t miss when he was drafted, but never amounted to much.  Or he could still excel, and the Dolphins gave up too soon and got too little in return (Rosen was cut, not traded, so we get nothing in return).  He since signed on to be Tom Brady’s backup in Tampa Bay.
  5. LOTS (and I mean a ton) of talk about how Fitzpatrick knows Chan Gailey’s offense better than the other 2 guys.  This is true.  But if chan Gailey is still using the same offense he did 10 years ago with Fitzpatrick as his QB, then we’re in trouble.  Hopefully Gailey’s scheming has changed in the past decade to the point where Fitzpatrick and everyone else has to learn anew.  So anyway, maybe they gave the job to Fitz because he has a handle on the new/old offense.  (Which implies that Tua did NOT learn the new offense as quickly as he should have.

The Dolphins picked up Lynn Bowden in a trade with the Raiders, and I’m already questioning this.   We already have about 75 running backs on the team, plus it seems the Raiders were upset with Bowden’s work ethic.   If they got rid of him because he was spending too much time in the Vegas nightlife  (as was reported), just imagine what South Beach will do to this young man.   Flores has said that Bowden won’t play this week, but we’ll see.

Our offensive line will have 2 rookies, two off-season free agents, and veteran Jesse Davis.  In a normal training camp, I’d be excited about this perhaps.  But THIS year, with 2 rookies and 2 new guys–PLUS a whole new offense?  It’s gonna be a disaster.  Other teams already know their offense.  Our guys do not.  A strong skill set can make up for a lack of experience.  And great experience can make up for average skills.   But when we don’t know too much about either aspect of these guys?  AND they begin their Dolphin careers going up against a Belichick defense?  Oh boy.  I hope Fitzpatrick and our RBs have insurance!

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  1. It seems weird that the first game is in two days! If something happens to Fitzpatrick, Tua will be in there too soon! I wish we held on to Rosen longer or at least got something for him. Gonna be a crazy season!

    1. Author

      I’m surprised the NFL doesn’t allow exceptions for this Covid season. Like instead of 48 men allowed to suit up, make it 58. The owners have plenty of money to pay these guys. It seems odd to me that the roster rules are pretty much identical to always. There are some practice squad differences, but still only 48 men can suit up and play. So if Fitz gets hurt, it has to be Tua as the next man up.

  2. Author

    I’m also very pleased that Tua and Fitz both are locked in and signed to their deals. So tired of hearing about the Prescott drama in Dallas. He is an average/good QB, but certainly not a franchise-saving neccessity. He wants too much money, but he’s never won a title nor performed well in the biggest games. I have no idea why he values himself so high. Mahomes deserved his money. Cam Newton deserved his. Brady and Rodgers, sure. But Prescott? Jerry Jones has a long history of giving in to his players’ outrageous demands, so we’ll see. Luckily, the Dolphins don’t have to worry about this type of QB for the time being.

  3. The oline will be key especially early on. If they are decent they should be ok on O but who knows??? I’m taking an optimistic view on all of this. Tua is coming off an injury with those question marks so starting on the bench makes sense. Will be a fun ride.

    1. Author

      I think the O line is physically talented, but so much of the schemes and stunts and picking up the switched coverages etc…that is all based on experience.
      If your job is to block the man in front of you, for example, it’s easy. But when that man shifts at the last second and a new guy is in front of you? That’s when you have a split second to start thinking about you assignment. Do I still block the guy who used to be in front of me? Or do I switch and take the new guy? It eventually becomes second nature, but to young linemen, it’s always an issue.

      1. Hopefully they gel sooner rather than later because the oline in my opinion is key. I think they will as the talent level is a lot higher this year. Go Fins!

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