New Fun Dolphins Video

Take a few minutes to watch this video of a few Dolphins miked up during practice.  Mike Gesicki, Shaq Lawson, and Jerome Baker talk a lot of smack and seem to be having fun.  Bobby McCain is all business.

A really interesting part is when Baker helps new RB Matt Brieda on his blocking technique when picking up a blitz.  Also, it’s fun that the guys tease Kyle Van Noy for being old…but he’s only 29.  That is old for a Dolphin!


Everyone's got jokes | Mic'd Up Week 1 Training Camp

Everybody got jokes this week 😂

Posted by Miami Dolphins on Monday, August 24, 2020


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    1. Some guys are too much ballage to keep.

      Sorry guys bored at work!

  1. Raekwon McMillan bye bye… to the Raiders. This one surprised me.

    1. Yeah, Raekwon coulda been a good one under the news defensive coordinator.

      1. Apparently they have better options now who can also help in pass coverage. I guess it depends on the D you are running but they want flexibility that he can’t handle. Hope it works out.

        1. Myself, like a lot of us, keep waiting and waiting for Tua to shine. Aside from a nice pass or two in practice, he isn’t really impressing anyone. Way too soon to give up, but wouldn’t ya think there is a day or two when he turns it on? Interesting.
          RIP Mrs. Fitzpatrick

    1. Kind of surprised by this but I guess they feel confident that Tua is ok. Either way why not hang onto him until you can get some value or possibly Fitz later on?

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