Palm Beach Post Speculates About Mike Shula

A month after Dolphins Truth started to talk about the possibility of Mike Shula becoming our head coach next year, the rest of the media is starting to wake up too.

It’s still a little surprising and a little flattering when the mainstream media and other writers start to agree with us at Dolphins Truth, but they always seem to be a step or two behind.

Remember the pre-season, when the media was talking about how easily the Dolphins would make the playoffs, if not win the division and wrest it from the Patriots?  Dolphins Truth knew better, and now all the media is acting like they knew we had a bad team all the while.  We told you so, and we told you way back in August.

Remember when the media said that Joe Philbin would be fired last December?  We were virtually the only sports site who confidently stated that Ross would not have the courage nor intelligence to fire that stinkbomb of a coach that Ross himself had foisted on us. We were right, and Ross’s decision cost us a 1-3 start and all but ruined the season.

Remember when (each week actually), we kept telling you how horrible Jamar Taylor was?  Meanwhile other writers kept building him up and got so excited about Jamar’s chances to start this season and make a difference.  He made no difference.

Dolphins Truth doesn’t break news stories ahead of the major players like the Miami Herald or ESPN.   However, we’re proud of our track record of diagnosing problems before the others even realize there’s a problem.  We’re proud of seeing things a little bit quicker than other outlets, such as the very real possibility of Mike Shula coaching us next year,  Or of Dave Shula managing a steakhouse.  Okay, a little humor there.

So at a time when many of us are talking about Sean Payton and others, what do you guys think of Coach Shula coming to Dolphins?



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  1. Of course, his name alone would create tons of hoopla and sell plenty of tickets. However, being that he would be employed by Mr. Ross and the dysfunction he’s created in the organization, I think he’d be better suited elsewhere.

  2. I’m sick of hiring HC’s that have NEVER been an NFL HC before. The Dolphins have hired 6 in a row and they all failed. Say no to Mike Shula.

  3. I have to agree with Jay we need someone who has experience as a HC and preferably someone with winning football experience!

  4. How many Super Bowls have the Dolphins won with a coach with a last name other than Shula? Right zero. This is destiny that Mike comes to Miami to coach. As far as not ever being a head coach in the NFL , I think he just might be very close to someone who has and can be a huge help to him. I say bring in Mike Shula

    1. Zek I like your thinking it would be story book cool if another Shula saved our team. Changing the uniforms and logo back would be icing on the cake.

      1. Author

        Can’t wait to see the old logo and uniforms this Monday Night. that original upright dolphin was so cool

        1. @Admin YESSSS! And keep them permanently.

  5. Author

    You have to look at the last few Super Bowl coaches and think about which ones had NFL head coaching experience when hired. Mike Tomlin, no. Mike McCarthy, no. Bill Belichick, yes…sorta kinda. He head coached the Browns 5 years before the Pats hired him but did very poorly. John Harbaugh, no.
    It’s silly to “require” that your next head coach have NFL head coaching experience. Using that logic, Cam Cameron and and Rod Marinelli (1-31 record between them) are better coaches than some promising coordinator hungry for a shot.

    1. @Admin

      Whats really silly is hiring another experiment for HC.
      The last 6 the Fins hired were never NFL HC’s before and have all failed. Doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome is the definition of retarded.

    2. OBVIOUSLY no one is or should hire a HC with a 1-31 record!! LOL

      1. @ Phins Up

        I’m not a big Billick fan…… I think he ‘s average but I would prefer him over another experiment.

        And I don’t click on links (got a virus a while back)

        1. Author

          Jay, you can click. I already did and it’s legit.
          I do like Billick for many reasons. But even if you dislike him, at least he meets your criteria of being a former NFL head coach…plus winning a championship while head coach is just icing on the cake. But you NEVER hear his name bandied about when discussing potential coaches (except by me)

      2. Author

        That is awesome PhinsUp. If we do end up hiring Billick, I will be patting myself on the back, because I’ve been calling for him ever since Ross fired Todd Bowles.

  6. @Admin

    I recall reading that Ross dislikes Billick for a call he made at the end of one of the games vs the Fins……….

    1. Author

      Billick was the only coach to lose to Cam Cameron. Ross should be kissing his feet !

      1. Did Billick go for the tie instead of the win in that game? Anyway I recall Ross is not impressed with Billick…..

        1. Author

          Yeah, I vaguely remember Baltimore was at our one-yard-line late. And BB chose a field goal to tie it. Coulda went for it, and we woulda been 0-16.

      2. Ross didn’t own the team when Cameron coached. I think it was Huizenga who then hired Parcells to turn things around for a top dollar sale to Ross….

  7. Mike Singletary HC or DC? He could light a fire.

  8. No Billick or Singletary.Or Cameron. And not Dan Campbell beyond 4 more games.

    1. Yeah, Philbin was better than Campbell.

      I bet Ray Lewis would be a great DC!

  9. If Ross had balls and wasn’t so darn cheap he would offer Belichick or Carroll 20 mill/yr to jump ship.

    1. Ross is a lousy owner but he isn’t cheap. They have signed most of the free agents the crap front office has wanted since Northern Ireland was around and they are over the salary cap next season.

      1. I have to disagree John. He tried like hell to get the poor taxpayers to pay for repairs to HIS stadium and acted like a child when they turned him down. Huizenga did similar repairs and upgrades without asking for one dime of help.

        Also remember Ross made INSULTING offers to players his coaches wanted badly, Matt Flynn, Vonta Leach, and Peyton Manning. The first 2 should’ve been done deals. And he insisted on partners because he didn’t want 100% of the team…….

        1. But in the end he’s paying for it himself. And every other player the past few years. And thankfully we didn’t sign Matt Flynn.Mannng would never have come here because he’s more than about the money anyway. We had zero chance for him as he saw the Broncos had potential.

          1. Matt Flynn would’ve been far better than Tannehill and wouldn’t have cost us a 1st rd pick that could’ve been used elsewhere.

            1. Matt Flynn was and is a slug. But you’re right about the draft pick.

      2. He also has hired some of the cheapest coaches and GM’s in the league….

      3. This is the first year they are near the salary cap. In past seasons Ross pocketed 25-30 million of cap space rather than use it to improve the team….

  10. Actually admin, it was I that told you guys that the team was crap ,there was no talent especially on offense (after dumping all their WR’s and TE) and that they would struggle to score points.

    EVERYONE argued but now EVERYONE agrees with me!! lol

  11. When I said they would go 7-9,people were talking playoffs. Now 7-9 is a pipe dream. So you weren’t the only one that said this team is crap,from the front office to the team on the field. Not sure if I’ll renew my ticket and continue to drive from the west coast just to sit in the shade under a canopy.

  12. I always said last year was this teams best shot at making the playoffs, don’t really see how eveyone thought down grading at reciver and right end would end up being a good thing for tanny

  13. Who said Russel Wilson isn’t a franchise QB????


  14. Don’t forget the crap streak he had before this run.

    1. Uhhh, how do you have a “crap streak” as you call it and make the SB every year??

      1. He’s had a bad streak prior to his recent good play. I’m talking about this season so far.He’s playing good the past few games but prior to that he was more like TanneBUST.

    1. Why is it so difficult to see he’s crap. He had little experience prior to being drafted. Experience means a lot at that position. The learning curve for a REAL QB is steep enough the 1st year and not having a plethora of experience shows and continues to show. Like I said from Draft Night(mare),he’s maybe 5% above a journeyman QB. He won’t flourish in ANY system-he is what he is-mediocre,with an absurd contract.

      1. Tannepuke is no where near mediocre. Arguably the worst QB in the league….

      2. Author

        Well, one troubling sign for me came very early on, when the Dolphins were on Hard Knocks. Tannehill didn’t know which teams were in which division. He thought the KC Chiefs were a division rival, and stuff like that. I kinda laughed at the time, but it makes more sense now. Tannehill wasn’t even a football fan. He didn’t grow up (like most of us) dreaming to be in the NFL one day. He didn’t follow football as a boy and learn the teams and who played who. Hell, he didn’t even wanna be a quarterback, but a WR.
        I think he was a good athlete who played college football for the hell of it, as opposed to having a lifelong dream of making it into the NFL with a burning desire to succeed.
        I still defend him for SOME things, and I do believe his coaches and his O line do him no favors. But now I’m realizing he’s performing about as well as expected for sometone who didn’t watch football growing up.

        1. Admin its funny you said that because I’ve got the same feeling about t-hill I don’t think he’s fully invested in the sport itself. And when he occasionally does display emotion it almost seems like he’s faking it.

  15. Hard to believe it took you guys 4 years to realize Tanny stinks but glad you are finally realizing it. Him getting a 96 mill contract has to be the biggest con in the world!

    1. Uh,I said it was a momentous mistake on Draft Night(mare). Now he has a huge contract made by the worst front office in pro football and is laughing at every direct deposit.

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