Dolphins get another ugly win, similar to Week One

Baltimore is a horrible team with virtually no healthy stars, but somehow they almost beat the Dolphins.    When you barely beat an awful team, should you celebrate the win?   Probably not.

Matt Schaubb had two ugly passes at the end of the first half, or else we would have been shut out.  The Ravens missed a late field goal, or else we would have lost.  Yes, it was that bad and that close.

We got a few questionable penalties to go our way as well.   We needed that help.

Despite all that nonsense and terrible play, the defense was strong, albeit against a bunch of ham and eggers that no one ever heard of.  Man!   Whatever happened to the mighty Baltimore D?

Zac Taylor’s offense showed some good signs.   I loved how they ran the ball.  They ran when then shoulda run, and they ran when they shoulda passed.  That’s okay with me.   Taylor and Campbell are telling the team that when they want to run, they’re gonna run.   No more talking about the run and then calling 7 rushing plays.  Lamar Miller tried real hard to fumble the game away, but we overcame it and we can be pleased with his 100 yard game.

Tannehill’s numbers were awful, but the receivers didn’t help.  A few passes were head-scratchers,a few were bad, and a few got us mad at the receivers.   Things looked out of sync for long stretches, and Zac Taylor couldn’t get it corrected.  One offense touchdown is not enough, and I’m sure that all know it.

All in all, it’s probably time to root for a better  draft choice, and so watching a few more losses won’t devastate us.  But for me personally, I find it so hard to root against the Dolphins in any circumstances.   I wanted that win yesterday, and as ugly as it was, it was still a win

When Baltimore lined up for that field goal, I was thinking about where we sat in the draft order.  But after he missed it I still cheered. A few draft picks lower probably won’t matter.   And then New England lost at home, and I laughed.

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  1. I think rookies are a big reason we won that game.

    Devante Parker had a great TD catch, Jordan Phillips has been tipping passes for a couple of weeks now, and Bobby McCain has played 47 times better than Jamar Taylor.

    The refs helped us out in the first quarter with that bad offensive pass interference call but I’ll take it.

  2. Yeah, let’s hope we never see Jamar T again

  3. No matter where we are in the draft,we’ll screw it up. I was thinking the same thing about more losses this season and how it’ll affect where we draft. Parker’s TD catch wasn’t a “great” catch-he went up for the ball at the right time and is several inches taller than the DB. It was a good catch but more important,he had another good catch to keep a drive going. It’s about time he contributed and I’m tired of hearing the crap of he’s injured-if Rishard Mathews was healthy,Parker would still have limited minutes. That SHOULD tell you something. Another crap game from The ‘Bust though-wonder how many audibles he made yesterday (or if it mattered).

  4. The Dolphins had just 219 total yards and eight first downs. 1 TD from the Offense-pathetic. The ‘Bust struggles again, finishes 9 of 19 for 86 yards. Were there ANY audibles?

    1. Just like I said, if they don’t let Tannepuke pass, we have a chance! lol

  5. I think we’ll see more balance next week Campbell just wanted to prove to everyone that they could run it. Gmens secondary is weak so we’ll see…hopefully oline improves with more rushing…

  6. It would be nice just to see the team tank for a good pick

  7. I for one, cannot stand the idea of this or any team tanking the season for a good pick. I don’t want a team full of guys who only give you everything only when something is on the line. I want a team of guys who have enough pride to play 100% no matter what the circumstances are.

    1. @ Brandon

      Well, it worked perfectly for the Colts.

      1. Maybe so but its not like they’ve won anything. Unless you consider winning a chance to get embarrassed by the Patriots something. Look how well tanking it has worked for the Sixers in basketball. I just think it sets a bad precedent. But that’s just my opinion.

  8. So u want 7-9 again just like the last 3 goddam years. But don’t worry the team tries really hard guys!! So who cares if we win or lose as long as they give 100%! No that’s so dumb, the team has major holes on the oline, in the secondary, with the linebackers, and a quarterback that is getting worse by the week. No matter how hard they try they will not go anywhere. At least at 5-11 they could get a top 5 pick, that at least gives the team a chance to re do the roster the right way

    1. I agree but if we have the same morons in the front office that screw up the draft,what difference does it make where we draft! Tannenbaum and Hickey have to go,period. Look at our salary cap next season and the absurd contract they blessed TanneBUST with-ENOUGH SAID!

    2. Nobody said they want 7-9. Tanking a season so that someone else can come in and be a savior is a bad way to play a “team” game. Winning isn’t just about pure talent. There are plenty of teams that didn’t have top tier talent but find a way to get the most out of all their players. Players will give more than they can for a team filled with guys who will do the same or a coach that can get the most out of them. Tanking is the dumb idea. It’s an impatient fix to a much larger problem. There is no integrity in that.

  9. I think we might get a Top 10 pick this year. Probably not Top 5 though, and certainly not Overall Number One.

  10. John the tanny contract isn’t that bad, bill barnwell did a nice job breaking it down last year. I don’t have the link to that article but it shows that if tanny regresses (which seems to be happening) they can cut ties with him pretty easily. And I agree with the front office part, better decision makers would be nice! But don’t forget this team is still recovering from the Ireland era, and anything is better than that

    1. Good for us if we can cut Tranny with little financial pain. But will we ever be in a position to draft a franchise QB? Never at 7-9. And wil a quality QB come here with so many offensive holes and his life in danger every snap? No! The front office has killed us for 10 years,literally. Not just the draft choices. But Tannenbaum will never go because he is Ross’s boy and whatever he says,goes,with Ross. Is he going to fire himself? No!

  11. I HATE being in this position….. just close enough to sniff the playoffs but too far away to make it happen. Stuck in the middle of progress & shit!

    If I was a reporter my first question for Campbell would be, “With the playoffs realistically not an option, what good can come out of these last 4 games? How do you motivate a team that knows the season is over? Even if we win 3 of the last 4 games, when the season ends so does the momentum. Give us promise for next year.”

  12. Same damn shit every year. At least I can cling to that Lamar what’s his name’s 200 yard performance 15 years ago against the Colts.

  13. Bryan, I agree with you but you knew this was the direction the fins were headed in when they fired Philbin. Cambell and Co. are new coaches who are trying to prove they are NFL ready. They will be trying hard to win every week.

  14. Let’s be real here. The playoffs were NEVER gonna happen. Not this season. I said 7-9 and people laughed. 7-9 is now a pipe dream. There simply isn’t enough talent on this team,period. I don’t care who the coach is. If we blew it up,there MAY be ~12 players to keep. This staff and front office has to go. Ross is willing to spend the money but he puts all his faith in Tannenbaum-where has that got us? Over the salary cap and a team with ANOTHER losing record. Yes,Northern Ireland left us a pile of crap but Tannenbaum and Hickey have done the same thing.

  15. Lets face it. No one good will work for Ross.
    Not one winning season in his 8 years.
    Pray for new ownership.

    1. He won’t sell his toy/ego stroke. It’s a status thing and money-maker too. The lady that owns the Marlins will sell before Ross does.

      1. Well, he is no spring chicken. And the franchise would be more valuable to someone competent. Ross is clueless. Remember when he tried to hire a HC before firing one?

      2. Author

        Yep, it’s status. Ross owns a toy that he knows nothing about. But there are only 32 of these toys in the world, and he likes owning it more than he likes the toy itself.

    2. Jay, I agree wholeheartedly. No established coach, in is right mind, would ever want to work for Ross. What does it say about an owner who sells shares of the team to Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Venus and Serena Williams, and Fergie? Seriously, what do these folks know about owning a professional football team? They, like Ross, care only about the bottom line-$.

  16. Let’s not forget,we might will pay more for the privilege to sit in the shade next season (new canopy) and watch this team flounder again. Awful. I drive from the other coast and now I’m considering only coming over on the weekends that both the Dolphins and Hurricanes play at home,since Miami FINALLY has a coach. No wait,now both teams will finally have a coach!

    1. I’m not going to pay more. Ross wont get another dime of my money.
      I also remember when he honored our opponent Tim Tebow and we lost a home game while thousands were screaming FOR Tebow, Ross made a few extra dollars on that promotion while giving up a home advantage AND alienating Hurricane fans (Gator rivals) on their home field!

      1. I’ll never forget that game somehow the team blew a 2 touchdown lead in the last 5 mins

        1. Author

          Right. I think we led by 15 at the two-minute warning. Tebow tied it up on us so fast! Then Matt Moore fumbled the game away in overtime. Stephen Ross and the Denver Broncos got what they wanted that day.

          1. My little bro is a broncos fan which made it even worse, but thinking about it idk if any team in the league blew as many fourth quarter leads as the fins have in the last 3 years (more the 2 years before this one). Which is why it hurts to see the team do soo bad this year, last year it looked like we were a couple pieces away from being a real contender. I really don’t know how the team got so much worse this year

            1. They got rid of all their starting WR’s and TE. What team does that??

      2. Author

        Quick…raise your hand if you asked Mr. Ross for a new awning. Crickets.

        1. The awning and the European (home games) are all to TRY and get a SB in his stadium.

  17. So long,’Bust!:Jackson points out several key numbers in Tannehill’s contract. Most notably the escalation after the 2016 season and the guaranteed portions of his contract. Those guarantees come in 2015 and 2016 and include a $3.5 million guarantee for 2017 that must be paid in 2016. In other words, after 2016 the Dolphins technically do not owe him anything on his contract. This will allow the team to jettison the quarterback if he fails to impress next season.

    Through the remaining years of his contract, after 2016, Tannehill will cost the team between $17.9 and 19.5 million. That’s a lot of money and cap space for a quarterback that may not be improving statistically or in the win column.

    1. Author

      Thanks for that, John. Very interesting. My own take is that if management thinks T-hill is done and not the answer, they can cut him. They can ALWAYS cut him at any time. Yes, they would have to eat a lot of money, but we’re still paying Joe Philbin. Guys who retired ages ago like Ken Griffey Jr and Bobby Bonilla are STILL being paid by their teams. It’s part of the sports world and not that uncommon.
      I’m not saying that T-hill should be cut. All I’m saying is that if management wants to cut him, there is no rule that says “we cannot cut him because he has a contract” If he stinks up the joint, get rid of him.

      1. Agreed. And the new coach isn’t stuck with him for more than 1 season. Hopefully the new coach won’t be like Kelley in Philly and blow up the team and have nothing but a losing pile of crap to show for it. He’s in over his head just like that lying sack of shit Saban was in the NFL.

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