Playoffs–Conference Championships

As we watch yet another battle of Manning vs. Brady, let’s hope that same time next year we have new new faces in there,.  Especially Tannehill.

The more we hear about Bill Lazor, the more promising it looks.  Of course, the Dolphins’ success next season ultimately depends on the players themselves and upon Joe Philbin.

The other playoff game features two young QBs who the Dolphins could have had.  But Philbin chose Tannehill instead, so let’ s hope that next year at this time, Ryan is proving himself better than those guys, since he was selected in the draft well ahead of them both.

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  1. Cool WordPress website. Yea I hope THill can progress enough where he can at least have us in the playoffs. If we won one of the last 2 games no doubt THill would be a franchise guy in my eyes but he flat out choked.

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