A Tale of Two Quarterback Coaches

Mike Sherman was fired as coach of the Packers after going 4-12 in the 2005 season. That year, he had BOTH Aaron Rodgers AND Brett Favre on the same team. That is not a typo. Sherman had TWO Hall of Fame QBs on the same team, and he only won four times. He was rightfully fired.

Texas A & M then stepped in and hired him. Sherman went on to lose every Bowl game he ever coached in. He was fired again. still with zero accomplishments on his coaching resume.

So when 32 NFL teams had a chance to hire the unemployed Sherman, 31 of those teams rightfully said,”Uhhh, no thanks.”

Until Sherman’s best friend, Joe Philbin, came to town.  Out of all the exciting young offensive minds out there, Philbin decided to hire his old pal. And that wasn’t even Philbin’s biggest mistake! No, his biggest mistake was when Philbin hired Mike Sherman’s son-in-law to be our QB coach.

Meanwhile, the Eagles hired a guy named Bill Lazor to be their QB coach. He came up the hard way, the right way, for an NFL coach. He paid his dues in the coaching trenches and learned from guys like Dan Reeves, Mike Holmgren, Chip Kelly, and others.

He earned his job because of hard work and experience. Mike Sherman’s son-in-law earned his job because he was Mike Sherman’s son-in-law. And Joe Philbin foisted him upon us.

The Eagles QB coach went on to become highly in demand, and was named the Offensive Coordinator of our favorite team.  Sherman’s son-in-law received no such interest nor other job offers.

The hiring of Lazor is a good sign, and we sincerely hope that someone other than Philbin chose him.  Joe Philbin’s track record of personnel decisions has been simply atrocious.

And we hope that changes starting yesterday.

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