Poll: Your thoughts on the Dolphins vs Bills game and Thursday Night Football in general

The Dolphins barely get a chance to lick their wounds before their next game Thursday night against Buffalo.

The Dolphins are hurting, and this is probably the worst possible time to have a 3-day turnover between games.

Brandon Albert is lost, and we don’t have a lot of time to get the substitutes ready.

Cortland Finnegan’s ankle injury might keep him out of the game.   There just isn’t even time over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to ice it down and rehab it.   We’re dead without him.   We have zero depth at DB.

Lamar Miller is still hobbled with a bad shoulder.  This was really evident on Sunday, as our rushing game took a severe hit without Miller and Moreno.

Darren Colledge hasn’t had enough time to let his injuries heal, and he looks to be inactive yet again Thursday night.

The Bills come to town as the same old Bills.   A decent defense will keep them in many games.  But their offense shouldn’t scare anybody.  Kyle Orton is due for a typical Kyle Orton game, and that is good news for the Dolphins.  This could be a low-scoring contest, and it’s definitely a toss-up.

The Dolphins offense continues to be inconsistent, and they will be far worse with the left side of the O-line injured.  The O got one touchdown against Detroit and one against lowly Jacksonville.  They did score a ton against San Diego, but mostly because the defense kept getting turnovers and gave the ball to Tannehill deep in Charger territory.  It will be an uphill battle to suddenly get things better with only three days to work with.

On a side note, we’d like to ask your opinions on Thursday night games.  As you know, the players HATE these games.  The physical wear and tear from a Sunday game haven’t even gone away yet when Thursday comes around.

I like the ideas of extra prime time TV games, but the NFL needs to do it on Friday and Saturday.  Roger Goodell has stated many times that he is against Friday and Saturday games because it interferes with high school and college football night.

Who cares?  Goodell’s job is not to ensure ratings for the NCAA and the 14,000 college games that are on TV each week.  His job is to promote the NFL to its fans in the US and to give the players a fair chance at playing at their best.

In the 70s and 80s, the NFL had regular season games on Saturdays, especially in December, and the ratings were outstanding.  Who’s old enough to remember the Dolphins game when the network had no TV announcers?   December 20, 1980.  NBC simply aired the video broadcast of the game and its sounds, without any announcers.  THAT historic game was on a Saturday.  Let’s bring that back.

A bunch of banged up and injured Bills vs. a group of banged up and injured Dolphins does not make for a good game.  Thursday night games continue to make no sense.   Moving it to Friday would make a world of difference.  Even Saturday.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I don’t mind Thursday games, but you are right…no players like them. It gives an advantage to whatever team has least nagging injuries. Plus Buffalo loses a practice day having to travel.

  2. I believe your right that evenly matched teams play and the winner is usually determined by whom has the more healthy roster on a Thursday. And to some extent this may degrade home field advantage for us. Truth be told this game is not only about performance and execution, its also about improvising and adjusting better than your opponent. Our injuries will no more give us a points handicap than the bills. We still need to win and cant allow injuries to be a distraction or excuse to play with less intensity. If there is a way to win I hope we find it instead of finding a way not to loose. And sadly, I guess that means we need to be up by atleast 2 touchdowns with less than 1 minute left in the 4th to have any confidence the game wont slip away again. One rarely heard criticism I hear is how many times we fail to score in the red zone. This is by far our worst problem. It has repeatedly kept games close when they shouldn’t have been. FIX IT LAZOR!

    1. With all due respect to Daniel Thomas and Damien Williams, handing the ball off in the red zone isn’t doing the job. The end around pass to Mike Wallace was a thing of beauty on our first touchdown, but for some reason Lazer refused to try it again or at least fake it. And by the way, Charles Clay got the ball ripped from him by a pretty good DB. Why do many people say he “dropped” it?

      1. Agreed @Houston Dolfan. I saw the replay he had the ball knocked out of his grasp. The game was that close. I know almost doesn’t count but we are 2 plays from being 7-2. That damn close.

  3. Oh hey D-Truth. Would love to hear you thoughts on the Bills Trash talking and La Michael James being signed from the practice squad.

  4. Charles Clay has been a very valuable player over the past few seasons but if you watch the replay that was a catchable pass. It was knocked away because he didn’t catch it cleanly but there are tight ends in the league(Gronk or Graham) who make the big bucks because their hands are big enough to catch passes even though defenders are swatting at them. In a contract year Charles Clay needs to make that play. Hands down. Especially on the road where we really needed it. Four points would have been the difference between a chance to win in ot and a loss in regulation.

  5. And yes Thursday games are ridiculous.

  6. @DOLPHGANG. Im not totally positive because I need to sleep for work tomorrow and just can start watching the replay over and over for hours 🙂 But I think the throw was a bit off and clay had to more or less arm catch it verses letting it hit him in the belly. This left the ball exposed for a lucky swatting. Clay had zero time to secure it. I could be wrong but many who have watched the replay more than I, are saying the throw was the cause of the sketchy and brief catch. I cant blame T-Hill either (though some will) he was throwing on the scramble and I say thats pretty damn accurate. Just unfortunate that a defender was so close and saw the catch as it happened. And the ball was on clays right side instead of left protected by his body and much harder to knock out. When is the ball going to start bouncing our way? When oh God of Football? When?

  7. Thursday night football should follow a bye for both teams and should stop later in the season when the byes are done. Also, I’m sick of Philbin losing games for us and we need to figure out the 4 minute drill!

    1. @LVDolphan

      Thursday night games following a bye. Brilliant! Honestly. Now why cant the league figure that out?

      And Im not defending Philbin here but I will say that his decision to call the T/O’s when he did is a common practice amongst NFL coaches. Ive seen it so many times in so many games (yes not just Phins games) that I cant count. Its common maybe controversial, but not uncommon at all. It may have a different flavor when done after the terrible T/O called in the Packers game though. Only stoking the fire. But in this case the T/O wasn’t that bad of a call. I often troll the news pages and have yet to find any significant amount of sports writers calling this supposed mistake out. That should be a clue to its ambiguity. There are many more things that went wrong that also and more substantively cost us this game notwithstanding, the gutsy play by Detroit.

  8. Does anyone know if Billy Turner is hurt or active or practice squad or what?

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