What A Surprise…the Miami Herald says that the Buffalo Bills Game is Important

The Miami Herald ran a story today about how the Bills’ game will be a barometer for how good the Dolphins really are.  No kidding. Really?  Perhaps the Herald has finally caught wind of DolphinsTruth.com, because they are stealing our articles more and more.

The problem is, the Herald is about 7 weeks behind.  The FIRST Bills game told us all we needed to know about 2014 Dolphins, not this upcoming second game.

A long time ago, we told you that whatever we did in Buffalo in Week 2 would dictate how our season goes.  Unfortunately, we got beat badly.  And our season has been bad.  Yeah, I know that is pessimistic, but is anyone satisfied to be 5-4?   That projects to be 9-7, with another playoff miss.  Probably 8-8.

I’m sorry for giving up, and I certainly encourage all our readers to stay positive.  But I can’t be a hypocrite and change my mind.  I said all along that Week 2 was the most important game of the season to show us what the Dolphins are made of.  They showed us.  Time to build for 2015.

In the next 7 games, I think we’ll go 3-4, which means our season ends at 8-8.

I don’t think we win in Denver, although I look forward to writing a lot of blogs about how the media loves Manning too much.  He deserves the praise, but our defense will do to him exactly what Seattle did to him in the Super Bowl.  I think Denver will still win, but we’ll beat up Manning a bit.

I think we lose to Baltimore and to New England.  I think we split with the Jets (we always do).   Right there is 8 losses, and we are out of the playoffs.  That assumes we beat Buffalo, Minnesota, and NY Jets.  The Buffalo game is still very iffy, not because the Bills are good, but because we are so injured.  The short week came at the best possible time for Buffalo.

Let me also say how wrong I hope I am.  Imagine if we squeak by Buffalo despite all our injuries.   Then imagine we go into Denver and Cameron Wake goes off for about 5 sacks.  Manning is good at predicting blitzes, but his main weakness is not being able to avoid guys from the ends.  He trusts his linemen too much to block guys like Wake, and that causes him problems.

So let’s say Miami wins in Denver.   We’ll be at 7-4, and people like me will start to shut up.  I’ll be the first to admit how wrong I was.  9-7 or even 10-6 or better will be possible.  But those are big IFs for now.   Let’s just go one game at a time and beat the Bills.

Finally.  For once.  Let’s beat them good!

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  1. I read a lot of the Herald’s articles about Miami and most are generic and seem as if they are repeats with titles like “Miami Must Win” or ” Can Miami make the playoffs?” . At first I would criticize this boring and uncreative approach. But then realized the writers are probably are required to write something every day. Possibly multiple articles a day even if there are no new developments. Which serves this site well may I add, because D-Truth will offer a much different and equally important angle along with editorial purity. Let them borrow your titles but they cant match the story within and in no way can they engage the readers to the degree D-Truth does.

  2. LMAO…. Yes, if I had a nickel for every time the Miami writers said “Dolphins must get better” or “Dolphins Must Win.”

    The Miami journalists also have to contend with the Dolphins public relations managers. You can’t just show up and interview Joe Philbin in the locker room. You have to get credentials issued by the team. If you write articles stating that Philbin needs to get fired and/or Dion Jordan is a bust, then you won’t get your credentials any more. So that is why they tend to candy-coat everything.

    1. Absolutely, journalistic and editorial freedom is fundamental to a meaningful and worthwhile publication. Our subject needs to have its boundaries challenged and expanded as not all fans are alike except in one important way. Our voice and frustrations are not being heard or reflected in most of the watered down articles that come out every day. Even the critical stories are a dull and familiar drum beat with the safe subject matter already approved by the Dolphins front office. Not being on the Phins payroll puts you at an advantage and I say keep doing what your doing. I tell fellow dolphins fans about the nepotism within the dolphins staff I learned about here. Now Im sure I could have found out from other places but what place would have written a story with its finger directly pointed and with its accusation in full view? No where but here. And the look in their eyes is as astonishing as was mine the first time I read that story. Now I don’t know about you , but Im ready for some payback to the Bills Trolls from week 2. Hmmn haven’t seen any of them around lately? Wonder why?

      1. Author

        A few Bills trolls will show up. They always do. And they always say the same old things. Squish the Fish. 4 Super Bowls in a row. It gets old. That’s why I like Jet fans much more than Bills fans. Jet fans spent two full years realizing that Mark Sanchez awful, and their comments were honest. Whereas Bills fans spent the prior two years believing that Ryan Fitzpatrick and JP Losman were the answer and they never shut up about it.

  3. Unfortunately, I have such a bad feeling about this game tonight. The loss of Finnegan will be supreme. Our only hope is if Orton plays like Orton (lousy). The loss of Brandon Albert hurts too. He was definitely our best lineman, and now we’re in trouble. I suppose Ju’wuan James can step in, but that leaves the right side open. Even if we do have players who are good enough to fill in, these players only get two days of practice. It could be a long night for the Dolphins. These injuries are really really bad for the team.
    But we’ll hope. We must find a way to win!

  4. Im hopeful too. Even with a healthy team, this game still worries me. Thankfully our team doesn’t seem as concerned as us fans are. Over 70,000 screaming fans in the staduim will be a sight they have rarely seen at home and this could be inspiring. Im going to try my best to be positive until the game proves me wrong. This is what Im hoping the Phins are doing in their game preparation. And one other thing, we do play the darkhorse role very well and have won games we were heavily favored not to. Keep thinking about the 85 bears MNF game if you need inspiration.

  5. Phins win. Beef -A-Low? Where ya’ll at? You guarantee what? Have a nice flight home. Learn it , Miami aint the same team yall beat in week 2. Shout out to D-Truth.

      1. Author

        Feels good to finally beat a division rival who has owned us for 2 straight years. Good game my friend.

  6. Thlis defense consistently puts us in a position to win games. Lazor called a great game catered to working around a banged up o-line and say what you want about Ryan Tannehill. There are a lot of qbs in this league that would not have gotten up from some of the hits he has taken the past few years. Still deep ball accuracy issues but this guy is a franchise qb in the making. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a guy with this talent or this much potential at the qb position. And that includes Pennington who was smart and accurate but nowhere near the playmaker and nowhere near as athletic. Did you guys see Tannehill shake the safety out of his shoes on that qb keeper in the 2nd half? That should be on Sportscenter top ten for a few days.

    1. Author

      Did you guys see Tannehill shake the safety out of his shoes on that qb keeper in the 2nd half? —— One of the best Dolphin plays of the year. I noticed the Bills defensive ends all night long stayed home and prevent Tannehill from keeping the ball and racing around the line. Bills were ready for it all night long, so it was nice that Tanny finally broke away on one.

  7. I don’t mean to claim my investment for the things I’ve been saying about T-Hill in the past. But his improvement has been shining for the past 5 games. Hes extending plays and making some excellent decisions. Yes hes still throwing a bit late and the speed of the ball is slow. But hes coming along and has a foundation from which to build and improve upon. Give him some more time and faith. I know a lot about sports development and the growth of winners. T-Hill is the future’s answer, just you all wait and see. We may still take some losses on the way but the sacrifice will be rewarded. And games will be so lopsided that any Philbin haters will not have a chance to complain about him because an errant time out wont have any effect on a game won by us in the 3rd quarter. And the scary fact is that he has yet to peak. Now lets all celebrate such a gutsy win against a team which almost beats us from the first kickoff. I am a content and happy Phin Fan today. We have n extra rest before our greatest game of this season facing Denver. Do you believe in miracles? I believe in the Miami Dolphins.

    1. Author

      His improvement is incredible. He threw 2 brutal picks in the first half of the Packer game, and that was the low point in my opinion. He had a great second half of that game and hasn’t looked back.

  8. Hey y’all – I haven’t made it to the site in a bit…I’ve been pretty busy. BUT I was AT THE GAME last night!! I wound up with a free ticket from a friend with season tix who couldn’t attend.
    Obviously I’m in a good mood this morning!
    Stadium report – the energy was the highest I’ve EVER seen at a Phin game that I’ve personally attended (at SunLife). There were just a few empty seats up high and EVERYONE was watching the game and was LOUD! I thought I was at another team’s home game lol.
    Also, they put on a really cool laser and fireworks show before the game started, which definitely gave the wow factor and pop to the start of the Phin’s 1st drive.
    There were a lot of Bills fans, as usual, but there were WAY more Dolphins fans.
    Overall a really run experience as an attendee.
    Bonus – we won! Yeah, I know it wasn’t pretty a lot of the time – and I’ll probably make some game comments on another post.
    For now, I have to say that last night’s fan experience was top notch – and a lot of the credit should go to Phin’s management, PR crew, etc. They got the game sold out, and delivered everything they could inside.

    1. @A Mania Dolphins Mint

      The atmosphere must have been electric. Luck certainly shined on you with a free ticket and our great win! Glad to see you back. Oh yeah that smile on your face will wear off in a week or 2. 🙂
      Oh if you took an video or pics post em up. Glad to see you back.

      1. Author

        As soon as the TV coverage started, you could see the difference. No empty seats. Noise. Excitement. THAT is how a home game vs. divisional rival should look. It should not be played in front of European fans in a soccer stadium. Mr. Ross, we beg you to bow out of the London game next year.

      2. Didn’t take any pics – I actually don’t have a smart phone lol. And glad to be back!

    2. Author

      When did you notice the Bills fans giving up? Did they leave in the 4th Q? Were they at least quiet at the end, or still mouthy?

  9. To comment on the thread about the Miami Herald – I agree. I like Omar Kelly from the Sun Sentinel. He usually doesn’t pull any punches. In fact, even at a press conference a few weeks ago, Philbin said some BS about needing to get better and Kelly (who was near the front) must have rolled his eyes or sucked his teeth or whatever – because Philbin reacted with, “You okay, Omar?” My point being that there are a few good local writers for major papers; but not many.

  10. While I agree that Omar Kelly pulls few punches and can sometimes deliver spot on commentary. His apparent hatefest for Tannehill is unnerving.

    1. Author

      Barry Jackson is the best, in our opinion. But again, he isn’t one of the guys who has to kiss up to Dolphins management, so he has more freedom to say what he wants.

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