Post-Draft Update

I’ve spent nearly the entire week reading up on our draft picks before writing this.  In general, I am pleased with the selections, and I certainly feel the Dolphins are better off today than a week ago.  Would love to hear from you all on your overall thoughts.

Obviously, each pick comes with strengths and weaknesses.   But interestingly enough, most of the “weaknesses” for this crop of rookies are actually mysteries, not weaknesses.  These question marks include:

  • Can Tua stay healthy?
  • Will he play at all in 2020?
  • Is Austin Jackson ready for the NFL, or still several years away as many have said?
  • Will Noah Igbinoghene even get on the field among a crowded Dolphins’ backfield?
  • Can guards Robert Hunt and Solomon Kindley make an impact on the offensive line?   Remember, even when your O line is awful, not every rookie is an improvement over the current guys.   I remember being so high on Iasaac Asiata, and he turned into a bust.

As the draft went on, I was getting a bit restless and annoyed that we kept picking defensive secondary and offensive linemen.  Our lack of pass rush was our glaring weakness, but we barely addressed that in the draft.  (personally, I’m fine with our not drafting a RB). To make matters worse, today we cut our sack leader, Taco Charlton.

But then as the hours went on, I remembered the December games. I remember each Sunday, we’d be signing O linemen on Wednesday and needing them to start in 3 days.  Our depth was horrible.  Always new guys.   Fellas right off the street.  The same for the secondary.  Practice squadders and unknown walk-ons like Calvin Munson and Tae Hayes and Nate Brooks.    These men beat the Patriots in Week 17 and earned my respect.   However, they never should have been needed for that game in the first place… if we had some depth at DB.

We had no depth at DBs and at O Line, and the injuries made this glaring.  The 2020 draft just took care of that.  Not everyone will make the team  Some will surely bust out.  But at the very least, on opening day, we should have a group of healthy and hungry young men.  Placing a first-round pick like Noah Igbie into that group assures that.

Now, we just have to hope there IS a season…



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  1. Would also like to know what Grade all of you would give this draft …

    After all of my reading up on all of them (as well) –

    I’m giving this draft a solid B+

    That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…😏

  2. Charles(The Bust) Harris got traded.

    1. Author

      I recently participated in a Dolphins Chat about the biggest busts in Dolphins history, and most people said Dion Jordan. I myself chose Charles Harris.
      Jordan was indeed a bust, no doubt. But I say Harris was the bigger bust, and here’s why:
      I’m going by the number of chances these men each had. Both were first round picks, and both had high hopes. Jordan was a mess from day one, and that led to numerous suspensions…including the famous time he got suspended while on suspension. Much like Craig in the movie Friday got fired on his day off. How does that happen?
      Anyway, when Jordan did play, it was for weak, offensive-minded coach Joey Philbin and he never rose to the occasion.
      Charles Harris had all the chances in the world. Different head coaches? He sucked. Playing next to Suh? He still sucked. Learning from Cam Wake? Nope. Getting an opportunity to shine under 4 or 5 different defensive coordinators? Yes. I mean, he got the chance to, but never shined. Maybe he wasn’t good under one defensive philosophy. So a new DC comes in and Harris got another chance. Nope, same results. A new guy comes in again and a new defense…same old Harris. Three entire years, three sacks. (At least Dion, now with the Raiders has 10 sacks).
      4-3 or 3-4, Harris still sucked.
      Dion got one chance and blew it.
      Harris got 3 years’ worth of chances and blew each and every one.

      1. I get what you are saying but DJ burns my ass more as they gave up so much to move up. Then he blew it up in smoke by smoking weed. At least Harris did his best not his fault that he simply wasn’t good enough trying is worth more to me than not trying.

  3. I’ll add more later as I’m pressed for time but I always look at the whole off-season not just the draft. It all goes hand in hand and so far when you factor in FA and the draft they’ve done pretty damn well. Was it perfect was every hole filled with a stud? Of course not but overall the teams a lot better from my standpoint. There will be more changes and the draft next year will hopefully put them over the top. I’m pretty happy!

  4. I was just watching some videos of our Navy draft pick. He looks electric! Should be fun to watch!

    1. I am intrigued by Perry too. He will make a fun addition, ala Albert Wilson. Also, being a military guy, Perry will have a strong team-first mentality, which fits well with Flores culture, IMO

  5. RIP Coach Don Shula! The greatest coach of all time!

    1. Very sad day but he lived a long happy life. RIP you will never be forgotten!!! Go Fins!!!!

      1. RIP to the greatest coach of all time!

    2. RIP DON. Belichick will never have what you had, class!!!

      1. Author

        Well said everyone. I started a new post to discuss Mr. Shula so we can move away from this Charles Harris post…

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