Round One Aftermath…and a Look Ahead to Rounds 2-3

So I was very happy with the Tua pick.   My gut was telling me to make this pick, and I’m glad the Dolphin Chris Grier agreed.   The young Flores boys seemed to agree too, as they were so eager to grab the phone and talk to Tua.

I was going to vow to learn how to spell and pronounce his last name, but I gave up already.  Incidentally, Tua is just a nickname.   I cannot pronounce or spell his real first name either.  So he is Tua for life in this blog.

Austin Jackson and Noah I. (another young man whose name I won’t try to spell) were both under my radar.   When that happens, all I can do it study the pre-draft analyses of this guys, and it’s mostly positive.   Noah is being called a stretch, as some had him in the 4th round.   But others say he is a steal.  We’ll see.   I trust our GM far more than his predecessors.

On to Rounds 2 and 3 tonight!


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    Here’s an article that gives us some pretty poor grades for our 3 picks. Unsure why, but CBS Sports has been very anti-Dolphin for the past month or so.

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    And although Noah I. was a surprise pick, at least the network had TV crews at his house, which tells me that someone connected to the NFL suspected he might go on night one.
    I’d be really worried if we picked a kid and there were no cameras at his house, meaning that no one on earth expected us to reach that far to grab him.

    1. Lol…. good point. With all our needs I was surprised by this pick but between Gier and Flores I’m not questioning them at the moment. I mean they didn’t compleatly tank and still got tua…. in my book they earned a lot of cred.

      1. I’m hearing more and more positives about their draft so far. I’m not concerned but let’s see what happens tonight before we get too excited. By taking a CB that gives them some security with X and makes S not as much of a priority. Maybe they don’t value those guys as much as the media? I say they focus on another OT, DT, RB even DE. I say OT as Davis can kick back inside or outside if needed making the oline stronger.

  3. For me it all depends, thought we should have went safety or DE with Epenosa still available but I think Noah was a reach. At the end of the day we still have 12 more picks so all the grades and stuff should at least from me will have to wait until we get the whole draft done. For sure, glad we got Tua.

    1. I hear what you are saying but they like McCain and Rowe at S and Jones can also play safety. Apparently Noah may be able to as well so they actually have more flexibility than going with a true S who can’t play CB if needed. Flores likes flexibility and we’re now seeing the players to go with it.

      1. Yes Im ok with going for a DB, seriously you can’t have too many good DBs right now in the NFL, I’m just worried that he might’ve been a reach at the time. But like I said its about the entire draft and if we fill as much needs as we can it’ll be fine

  4. Dolphins’ equipment managers are celebrating only having to spell HUNT on a jersey after TAGOVAILOA and IGBINOGHENE 😃

    1. Author

      That’s a great line Sean!!

  5. Anyone else notice they always cut to commercial break just before the Dolphins go “on the clock?”

  6. I guess Flores is content with the worst pass rush in NFL history and thinks we need 45 guards and tackles and no defensive edge.

    1. You were saying:

      From CBS Draft Tracker….

      Curtis Weaver EDGE, BOISE
      Height: 6-2, Weight: 265

      Weaver can beat offensive tackles in a variety of ways. Pass-rushing moves. Bend to the quarterback. Some speed to power. Good, not great burst. Bend and flattening ability is outstanding. Ridiculous value at a premium position. (Chris Trapasso)


      1. Plus the Fins took a passrushing long snapper you can’t beat that shit!

        Seriously we also have to factor in all of the FA signings overall I think that they did pretty good after one draft and offseason so far. This team will be a lot better and with the extra playoff spot you never know. Would be damn good experience for these guys to make it.

  7. The injuries to Tua have me very worried about him. It brings back flashbacks of picking Culpepper over Brees. I sure hope he is healthy and proves me wrong.

  8. Phins cut Taco Charlton and yet, somehow, someway, Charles Harris is still there…. 🤷‍♂️

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