Pouncey Officially on I.R. and TJ Yates is our new Quarterback and Other News

The Dolphins placed Mike Pouncey on IR this morning, thus ending his season.   Publicly, Pouncey has been stating for weeks that he wants to play again this year, but there are doubts if he really meant it.  Apparently the Dolphins don’t want to risk another injury to Pouncey, because we might need him NEXT year to play his usual 5 or 6 games.

Somehow, he’ll probably make the Pro Bowl again this year.

Personally, I don’t see this as a huge loss, because I think Anthony Steen has filled in well.   (By the way, I re-watched the Cardinals game.  On Matt Moore’s final pass to Kenny Stills where Moore gets pummeled, it was clearly Branden Albert’s blown assignment.   Yesterday, I thought it was Laremy Tunsil, but it was Albert.   Dion Sims picked up the DE.   Tunsil picked up the DT.   The blitzing linebacker ran straight at Albert, who didn’t bother to look.  Instead, Albert shifted over and blocked Dion Sims’ man, essentially helping Sims when he didn’t need it.)

Awaiting word on what the team does with Dion Jordan officially.   Defensive end has not been a troublesome position for Miami this season, so no need to bring Dion in.  However, if they don’t bring him into the active roster, why have him on the team at all?   Of course, we’ve been asking the same question for three years about Dion and Pouncey.

The Dolphins will NOT promote rookie QB Brandon Doughty to the roster this weekend.  That means we’ll have to sign an emergency quarterback AND get him up to speed by Saturday, AND suit him up.    Management thinks that answer is TJ Yates, a former substitute scrub with the Houston Texans.   Man, that is a bad decision.

I remember when the Chads both got hurt, and we had to sign and go with Tyler Thigpen on 3 days’ notice.  Unwise.  Doughty might suck, but he must know the playbook and be a better option than any journeyman scrubs out there.  I disagree with all these personnel moves going on today.

The NFL announced that Miami’s “home game” in Europe will be either Week 3 or 4, so our bye week will be early again, probably Week 4 or 5 after we come back over the Atlantic.   Thank you, Stephen Ross, for doing this to us.   The Dolphins are finally starting to take advantage of the home field advantage this season (6-1 right now), and Ross is giving that up.

That’s what happens when a NY Jets fan buys an NFL team so he can  spend more money on his beloved Michigan Wolverines.

The other teams that give up their home games:   Browns, Rams, and Jaguars.   The NFL itself placed us on par with those doormats, and Ross went right along for the ride.

Good owners fight for every possible advantage.  Stephen Ross actively pursues the disadvantages.    He simply doesn’t get it.




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  1. Screw pouncey most overrated player in the league. And maybe they can get Jordan to play linebacker, isn’t he supposed to be really athletic ?

  2. Author

    Just wondering if you guys read the various “Power Rankings” out there. Seems like the Dolphins are always in the middle of the pack. No matter who we beat or lose to, we’re always around 13th-17th on every ranking. We keep beating teams with a Top 5 defense (except for the glitch in Baltimore), and still get no respect.

    1. This makes sense to me because none our wins are decisive. We struggle in all our wins therefore I think the rankings are close to correct.

  3. A game in London is part of the price to pay to have a super bowl in town. I guess the one we has last season or the one against the Raiders (when Tannehill really lit it up) were just “freebies.” Ya don’t see Kraft doing this to his team.

    1. Author

      No owner in his right mind would give up a home game in exchange for your city having a Super Bowl 5 years from now. As I’ve stated a million times, Ross’s duty is to the Miami Dolphins, not to the Miami Chamber of Commerce. The City of Atlanta recently spent 11 million dollars on a task force (full-time employees and several marketing/P.R. firms) to sway the NFL to award them the 2019 Super Bowl. The owner of the Atlanta Falcons was not involved. THAT is how it works. Let the City foot the bill and make the sacrifice, not the team itself. Idiot Ross.

  4. We-Dolphins fans- will not feel as if the owner is on our side until he’s gone….Ross is in theory Dolphins first, but he’s UMich above all—when they name the business school after you, that’s because you give the school a ton of money. He needs to re-prioritize!
    Why the Dolphins are again the team to play in UK and as someone said you don’t see Kraft doing that is bec our owner is a moron who knows nothing about football the way an owner should.

    1. Author

      Welcome, Fin Lifer. One of the reasons we started this blog was to sound off about the ridiculous way Stephen Ross treats the team, and it has never gotten better. Ross is a lifelong NY Jet fan who learned to love the Michigan Wolverines. The Dolphins are just his afterthought…his third favorite football team

      1. He runs the team solely as a bussiness. Everything he does is only to make the team money. Signing over the hill stars, constantly sending the team to London, building a new stadium. It’s so obvious he doesn’t care about the product on the field. But he’s an idiot because the team would make more money if they were always a contender I wish he just sold already.

  5. So, is signing T.J. Yates really necessary at this particular time in the season?

    1. Author

      Well, I think we need Moore and a backup for sure. I like to have 3 QBs dressed each week just in case. But the standard consensus nowadays is to have 2. If Moore gets hurt (and I figure he has to be kinda brittley after sitting around for 5 years), we now have an untested rookie and a so-so emergency veteran for Gase to choose from

      1. Admin thats what Clyde said today as well. Lesser down the latter it makes those 2 compete for the job as well. Matt Moore has done it before he can do it again. Is he perfect NO but neither was/is Tannehill. Maybe hes a quarterback with average skills but way above average will to win. I was very disappointed he was benched in favor of Tannehill in his rookie season and so did many fans. We are in a very rare space which it could be argued the dolphins quarterback spot gets better with the backup. And I say in some ways that is true. They excel at different aspects of the game. Now lets just go beat the Jets this Saturday. And if we do we officially have our first winning season in a very long time. Something to be happy about no matter how this season ends.

      2. I’m in no way,shape or form a TanneBUST fan,but the boy can take a hit,which is proven week in and week out. If DoorMatt gets hit as much as The ‘Bust,he won’t last an entire game.

        1. That’s true. I haven’t seen a QB get hit like that since Mike Vick. And admin was right, everyone knows you can hit Thill because he never gets a roughing the passer call.

  6. Ross only cares about making himself money. Pray for new ownership!!

    1. Never happen. It’s a cash cow for him. Plus ownership puts him in an elite club and the vast majority of that club actually CARE about their team. Not so in our case.

  7. “TJ Yates is our New Quaretback”

    Hahah Admin did you spell it that way on purpose? 🙂

  8. Yep a true Michigan man. Shown here schmoozing with our rival Tom ” the deflater” Brady.

    1. Author

      Wonder who the short little guy is…anyone know?

  9. Author

    I wouldn’t mind if Ross shook his hand as competitors and then went about his business. But it was definitely a mutual schmoozing that spits in the face of all Dolphin fans.

  10. Looks like Jordan won’t be playing this season he’s still hurt too bad as it would be nice to see if he has anything. I guess we’ll see if he can make it through training camp…

    Howard looks like he can start so thats a plus even if he’s out there in dime it will help.

    Pouncy not sure about the guy I’m drafting G/C for sure the rest on D…

  11. We need an owner that doesnt care about the money and just WANTS TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!

  12. Its a shame Ross is so rich yet still such a greedy bastard!

    1. Author

      The problem is his ignorance, not his greed.
      I would want Adam Gase and Cam Wake to sit down with Ross and educate him on a few intangibles about how to gain an upper hand: No more games in Europe. Fight with the league in advance of the schedule coming out. (e.g., do not let Goodell give us 1 home game in December while the Bills and Pats get three), Act like you are Dolphins fan…etc etc etc

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