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The game only airs on the NFL Network.   Even the real networks won’t cover this game!

Looks like we’re getting the D-list of announcers too.   Dolphin-hater Tony Dungy, ESPN dropout Mike Tirico, and Doug Flutie.   Jeez, who even knew Flutie was an announcer?   The guy hasn’t been around the NFL in a decade, and he’s hired to analyze the Jets and Dolphins?

So Adam Gase was commenting on why Jay Ajayi wasn’t in the game for the two failed rushing attempts at the end of the game.  Gase said, “That was my fault.   I did a bad job.”

Ya know, every week we hear him say that about one or more of his own decisions.  He’s done an okay job this year so far, but he is a terribly slow learner.   As I’ve pointed out for months, somebody always has to tell Gase to do this or try that.   He lacks quick decision making and instead overthinks.  He doesn’t seem to recognize what’s going on out there until after a stalled drive and someone tells him.  I used to think this was all just my own perception, but Gase himself is admitting these things.

I wouldn’t mind if he said, “Damien Williams had a good game, so I wanted to give him a couple of shots to get in the endzone.”  I’d buy that.   But instead, he messed up and really did want Ajayi in there but forgot to call that package.

I mean, look at this glaring fact:   Our own head coach did not realize that his first-string running back was on the bench for the TWO most important plays of the game.  “I did a bad job” is an understatement.

As for the Jets, I think we can walk away with a win and breathe easy.   No more heart attacks.   We face a newbie quarterback.  In the past, these kids have given the Dolphins trouble, but I like the way our D played last week, and I think Vance Joseph will design things to get in the kid’s face all night.   The Jets have a decent running game, but they’re just playing for pride at this point, and I think we may FINALLY see a desperate Dolphins team instead of December Quitters as in years past.

Of course we’ll be monitoring Matt Moore, but my own prediction is that he’ll be a non-factor.   Short passes, a solid running game, and moving the chains will keep us in the lead all night.   I don’t think we’ll need any heroics from Moore.

Dolphins 30, Jets 13.

By the way, as Dolfans, this is the second week in a row that we have to root for the Patriots to win.   I want to puke.

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  1. Honestly I doubt we’ll win. I predict a blowout by the jets.

  2. @Admin

    We’re on the road in The armpit of the country. The last game Moore started my recollection is that he was a world beater for two quarters and then came out in the third period and forgot what color jerseys his receivers were wearing and litteraly threw the game away as has been his MO which is why no personal guys in the NFL gave him the keys to any offense.

    Now what happens in the armpit of the country tomorrow when Gase forgets he has a starting RB on the team and starts calling 5 wide to pickup 3rd and 2?

    Can you say turnover? Pick 6 maybe? However you say it between Gase and Moore I’m not seeing a blowout!

  3. QB upgrade and crap Jests. Fins win easily 24-10

  4. @Jay

    Your about to see why Moore sits on the bench Jay. Of course rather way you lose! If Moore plays well your jets lose if he doesn’t you can’t troll us for at lest another week!

          1. Im still trying to understand wtf hummus means to the Phins. Whatev we won so i guess i like hummus right?

    1. Moore won team MVP last time he played regularly. TanneBust hasn’t done that EVER!!!! He’s just terrible! Moore is the better QB!

      1. @Jay


        That was what 6 years ago? How many decent players did we have on that crappy team? 0? So Moore was MVP of a bunch of losers? GREAT!

        1. Moore won a bunch of games with those “losers”, DUMBO!

          We would’ve been in the playoffs 4 of the last 5 years if Moore was starting instead of THE BUST!

          1. See Jay I was right you should have stopped talking because now you sound like a fool!


              You know nuthin about football….

  5. Well this might be Moore’s last chance to play so I hope he does good

    1. Once the rust is off he’ll be good. Top ten QB when he was starting 5 years ago. Benching him for THE BUST was a blunder.

  6. I think Moore will do ok, but, I predict another nail-biting finish, Phins 27, Jets 24.

  7. Hey Jay I understand you go by another nickname primarily when you post about miami dolphins in the palmbeach post. DolphinDave welcome to Dolphins truth. :-).

  8. I’m hoping for a conservative offensive approach. Pound the ball with success and Moore is good enough to take advantage of the shots down the field. The key is sticking to the run take whats there. If they can’t run then it will be a dogfight.

    Snowing today so hopefully Ajayi can run well in it. You would think since he played up north in college. I would really like to see them kick their asses!!!! Beers chilling as we speak with a few rums after in victory…

  9. Let’s go Matt Moore when was the last time tannehill played this good?

    1. TannePuke never played that good . Moore has 4 TD’s in 18 passes!! First game in 6 years!! Leave TannePuke on the bench!! Matt Moore is DA MAN!! Just like I said!!

  10. @Zack

    When was the last time the Dolphins played a team that didn’t put a middle safety behind the defense? Don’t count on the Bills and NE to be so stupid.

    1. Maybe just admit when your wrong. Matt Moore has 4 touchdowns

      1. @Jay oh I mean Zack

        Hey hes the best backup in the NFL……. He should beat the crappy NY Jets right? I mean the Jets are tied for the worst team in the league.

        Don’t get to excited just yet.

        1. You are clueless. Its time you admit you’re wrong DUMBO!!

          Moore is the best QB on the roster and always has been.

          This is what he does when he’s rusty!

          1. Nice response DolphinDave…I mean Jay.

  11. “However you say it between Gase and Moore I’m not seeing a blowout!”

    Brian M

    Can we say clueless Brian??? LOL

  12. Brian just because your wrong doesn’t make me jay. Maybe just act like an actual fan of the team and rout for whatever quaterback is playing. I’m stoked if tannehill or Moore play well, as long as Miami wins big I could care less who’s in at quaterback.

    1. @Zach

      If you actually came on the blogs and chats (Other then when Jay is posting like a TROLL) I wouldn’t see the connection between you both AND you would see I LOVE THE DOLPHINS so screw off!

      My point with JAY is that all he ever does is BASH Tannehill.

      Thats it…. oh and toll the rest of our comments.

      He actually said that Philbin was a Great Coach! If not for Tannehill everyone would know that.

      He said that yet he calls me an idiot?

      Come on…… the guy is a TROLL thats it.

      I am happy Moore played “Well” tonight but if you step away from the coolaid jar any team playing a middle safty (Thats every team but the Jets Jay) would have probably picked the three floaters Moore lobbed up there tonight for big gains.

      You know why our receivers rarely get behind the defenses? Because Tannhill can hit them with a lazor arm 60 yards out! Buffallo and NE are different animals and Moore will not get away with those crappy passes the next two weeks. You can’t throw a 30 yard pass 190 feet up in the air it just floats and a free ranging safety will pick it every time….. the Jets didn’t play with one tonight they completely sold out to stop the run and never backed out of it even down 21 points.

      We beat the Jets and I hope to God the Patriots win tomorrow because then I think our destiny is in our hands and with another week of practice we can beat the Bills IF our defense shows up and Moore plays well and doesn’t get pick happy.

      1. Nice Brian. Its great to be a phins fan again.

      2. Clueless Brian!! TannePuke stinks compared to Matt Moore and that is now evident!

        1. Just because I said you were wrong about one point doesn’t mean I agree with Jay on anything. And honestly I’m in the chats a decent amount maybe not as much as you or Jay but enough to know he’s a troll.

  13. So glad that we finally have a decent coaching staff.

  14. Listen to the crowd in new york during jarvis interview. Lets go Dolphins …. Lets go Dolphins. Way to go NY Phins ! Sending love from Central Florida. We got this.

    1. The NYC Dolphins Club bought 2 sections in the upper bowl for the game.

  15. Happy for Moore not as much as Jay but hey we’re on the same team! Face it the jets are shit but either way good win. More importantly the D was good. Howard is a stud holy fuck did he make plays. This team is legit…time to have ten rums…

  16. Gase needs to stop deferring the opening kickoff. The defense is consistently nonexistent on the opening drives each week, so why does Gase keep deferring?

  17. @Rick

    It’s the double score strategy which is a trademark of New England. I don’t know how many times it has worked for the Dolphins but I do like the fact we try and use it because we usually suck on both sides of the ball to start games but by the half we get going so the idea is to get the ball last in the first half and score and then come out and score on the first possession of the third and jump out to a two score lead.

  18. I hope you were taking notes Tannehill.

    That pass Moore hit Landry with when was he in stride for that breakaway touchdown run was a thing of beauty!

    Defense – you were Nasty As You Wanna Be (to quote Too Live Crew).

    Gameball Lippett, you definitely deserved it.

    Damn Stills, You had caught that same pass in the first game against Seattle, you would be 10-4 right now.

    Ross, thanks for holding onto Moore.

    1. Author

      Have to agree with everything Phil said, but my game ball goes to Dion Sims for a couple of tough, meaningful catches.

  19. What impressed me most about Moore was he’s ability to understand the situation he was in at all times. Perfect example is when it was 3rd and 13 late in the third quater. Instead of doing something dumb like Tannehill would and take a sack or throw a dumb pass Moore ran out of trouble and collapsed at the line of scrimmage. Tannehill is not that smart, say what you want about moores physical passing skills but he is a much smarter football player than Tannehill.

    1. @Zack

      Absolutely agree! I always loved Moores tenacious attacking mentality his problem was that his brain told him the right thing to do but is abilitys (or lack there of) failed to execute at times and unfortunately some of those were critical times. I will say that he definitely is now surrounded by better receivers and coaches then he probably ever played with except maybe when he was with Dallas but he never started there.

      We can win the buffalo game but Moore can’t underthrow and hang so many balls the next two teams we play will explot that big time.

      Moore is big time foot ball smart and heart

      Tannehill has the physical attributes

      To bad we couldn’t meld them into one QB…… LOL

      1. I hope tannehill is learning from watching how Moore understands game situations. If Tanny can learn that with his physical gifts he will be great. And coach gase gets a lot of credit for setting Moore for success, the play calling was great.

        1. @Zach

          We can hope but he’s had Moore in practice for five years. I’m not sure you can teach that. Also when he came in the league for three years under philbin he was taught how to hold onto the ball and take a sack or throw a short dump off. While we have seen a huge increase in deep balls this year he doesn’t have that fire!

          1. That’s my biggest fear with tannehill. The philbin years stunted his development so much I’m afraid he will always be a sack machine. But I’m holding out hope, he got progressively better from week to week minus the balitomore game with gase this season.

  20. I hate having to cheer for the patsies…

    1. They are a machine. Biggest/longest dynasty in NFL history.

  21. TannePuke gets sacked a lot more than Moore because of his slow decisions and slow release. Matt Moore showed he can shine under very tough conditions where TannePuke is just horrible on the road….

  22. I mean how do you throw 4 TD passes (on the road) when ya haven’t played in 6 years??


      1. Only someone as idiotic would even try.

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