Prediction on What Joe Philbin’s Excuses Will Be This Time

There are only three things in life that are certainties:  Death, Taxes, and Joe Philbin will say “We have to get better” at every single news conference.

As much as Ryan Tannehill needs to be benched, it is certain that Philbin will not bench him.  Not even for one play.  Not even to give the team a spark.  Or an attempt to energize the offense.  Nope.

Ryan Tannehill's wife, Lauren, once left a gun in a rental car.
Ever wonder why Tannehill is so bad on game day?  Take a look at his work ethic here on practice days.

Joey P. will stubbornly stick with his quarterback.

I didn’t see the warning signs about Tannehill as soon as some of you did, but they were there from the very very beginning:

  • He didn’t earn a job; it was handed to him after David Garrard was named the original starter.
  • He thought that Kansas City Chiefs were the Dolphins’ bitter rival in the AFC East.   He then admitted that he didn’t know much about professional football.  Yeah, no kidding.
  • He was basically a wide receiver who genius Mike Sherman turned into a QB for a few years.
  • He passes the ball when he should run.  He watches defenders come right at him and doesn’t move until it’s too late.
  • He lacks the killer instinct and understanding of game situations.   Like when he got tackled Sunday with 8 seconds left in the half.   He needs to KNOW to immediately signal timeout.  Instead, he looked confused.  Inexcusable ignorance right there.

Joe Philbin will admit to none of those things, but all of it is true.

Meanwhile, last time Matt Moore got a chance to start a few games, the Dolphins voted him as their team MVP.  Is there any Dolphin who thinks Tannehill is our MVP?


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  1. Jeeeez save for game one THill played better last year for the most part. He cant handle pressure and plays poorly when the rush is.near him. And yes atleast half.of the sacks were.his fault. Run or.throw the ball away Dammit!

    I cant blame Philbin for not wanting a potential distraction and wave making decision of benching Thill. But we can blame him for.all the crappy decisions including what appears to so far a terrible collaboration with Bill Lazor.

    Now i wonder if when BLazor was asked if there was a reason why in preseason the fast offence wasnt used more. His answer was Yes. But he failed to ellaborate further. Is it because Thill isnt capable, Philbin is in the way, or did the players object? There many unanswered questions nd with each embarrasing defeat the list gets longer and more complicated.

    I say this to all disappointed Phins Fans! Our time to be heard as one unified voice is NOW! PLEASE JOIN DOLPHINS TRUTH! Lets celebrate the good times while calling it like we see it and demand change. Together there is strength in numbers.

  2. Tannehill throws the ball behind the receivers 90% of the time, and he always looks confused, as if he is thinking about playing golf and he finds out he is on a football team.

  3. Including Tanningbum, the Dolphins have wasted about 8 first or second round picks on useless Quarterbacks that are 2nd or 3rd string on other teams, or not even playing football anymore.

    1. At least we didn’t draft Brady Quinn… You all can complain about THill, but it wasn’t THill that missed tackles, nor blocks, nor miss on pass blocking. Tell me if I’m wrong? There are more problems with the Dolphins than just Tannehill, but I guess it’s easier to blame the QB. So if we turn it around with THill, will you guys be singing a different tune? Receivers are paid to catch the ball and they need to nut up and earn their pay, no matter what are the ball is thrown. WR’s now-a-days are so Diva like. Our WR’s need to go after the ball like how Duper & Clayton did, or like Michael Irving, or even John Stallworth. Those WR’s earned their keep and caught it no matter where it was thrown.

      1. CA_dolfan is not wrong, but you are little off base. The drops are not Tannehill’s fault, and we give you credit there. But what about the dozen times last Sunday when he had open field in front of him, but instead he waited., He he overthrew a receiver. Or he threw a dump pass for 2 yards when he coulda ran for 10. What about when d-linement charge at him and he stands there. He NEVER never slides up into the pocket like the greats do.

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