Marcus Thigpen Back on the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins re-signed WR/RB Marcus Thigpen, showing a bit of concern about the struggling offense and special teams.  While Thigpen is just on the practice squad at this point, he could be a beneficial player soon.

Marcus Thigpen

Jarvis Landry has looked good on some returns, but he also muffed a easily catchable ball vs. Buffalo.  And he fielded a punt at his own goal line vs. the Chiefs.   These are major mistakes that the reliable Thigpen never made.

Dolphins Truth feels this is a good move, and we hope the coaches allow Thigpen to compete.  Surely he’s better than Orleans Darqua.

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  1. Glad Thigpen is back. He deserves another chance and Rizzi owes him an apology for making him look bad in pre season.

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