Pro Bowl Thoughts of Cris Carter vs. Michael Irvin

Cocaine vs. Ecstasy

I’m one of the few people who actually enjoys the Pro Bowl. Or at least I used to. I just think there’s someting cool about watching two enemies lined up next to each other as teammates once a year. The effort is lazy on many of the plays, but at you get to see the best of the best on action.

Kudos to Brent Grimes and Cameron Waker and Mike Pouncey for making it.

What I don’t like is this stupid new format. Granted, the game needed an overhaul because the players weren’t trying real hard a few years ago, but they adjusted some rules to make it better. Changing the rules is fine, but changing the team structures was ridiculous.

AFC fans want to root for the AFC in the Pro Bowl. No one cares about team Cris Carter or Team Irvin.

After all the NFL has been through lately with bullying and Ray Rice and Deflategate and Adrian Peterson, they couldn’t get a couple of team captains who weren’t tainted with cocaine convictions and ecstasy addictions? Really?

These are the role models that Roger Goodell chose for us?

Okay, so even if you’re willing to overlook the criminal records of Irvin and Cris Carter, why let them pick teams? Why not give the fans a rooting interest and keep the conferences playing against each other?

And what’s up with those God-awful uniforms?

And don’t think I forgot about what Cris Carter did to the Dolphins. A lot of Dolfans might have overlooked it. Carter came out of retirement to join the Dolphins in 2002. In Week 16 that year, we were in position to make the playoffs. All we had to do was beat the lowly Minnesota Vikings in Week 16.

Late in the game, Jay Fielder threw the game-winning pass right to Carter in the endzone…except Carter dropped the ball.

In front of his beloved Viking fans, Carter “accidentally” dropped the pass.

The Vikes went on to win thanks to Carter’s “accidental” drop.

Miami finished 9-7 instead of 10-6, and we were out of the playoffs. Thank you to Cris Carter.

No proof that Carter dropped that pass on purpose, but his loyalty certainly was to the Vikings before and after that game, so there’s no reason to doubt that his loyalty was to the Vikings on that one fateful play as well.

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  1. The new format makes the previously barely watchable Pro Bowl unwatchable. And what was Pouncey doing in the Pro Bowl? He didn’t even have a good season. Guess the voters mistook him for his brother.

  2. Well said….. I too prefer the classic AFC v. NFC Pro Bowl setup. I also like the idea of having it at the site of the Super Bowl instead of Hawaii mainly because the layoff for some of the players, LIKE OUR DOLPHINS, is a month or more.

    This Carter v. Irvin is stupid also. It should be the Conference Championship losing coaches like it had been. I do, however, like the drafting of players concept but am not sure how that could remain with an AFC v. NFC setup.

    One other thing that I haven’t heard people talking about the last few days….. WHAT IF THE SUPER BOWL HAD BEEN IN NEW YORK CITY WITH THIS SNOW STORM OF THE CENTURY? !!!!!! It was a stupid idea a year ago and it still is. Can you imagine the problems they would have been dealing with if the Super Bowl was in NYC this year? Everyone would be outraged.

    1. Lol about the Super Bowl being in NY! Totally would have bit them in the ass if it were there this year.

      On the flip side, thank god they “punished” Ross for not doing stadium “improvements” earlier (yes I’m sarcastic).

      The weather here in Miami has been unimaginably beautiful…perfect Bowl weather.

      Come to think of it, we lost out to SF for the 50th Super Bowl next year. It will be at their new stadium surrounded by new housing built by who else? Our own Stevie Ross.

  3. Author

    And San Fran in January could be in the 40s. It will be no picnic. That’s part of the reason we lost Super Bowl XIX. The game was held in Stanford (basically it was a home game for the 49ers), plus it was cold as hell that game.
    But we would gladly go to San Fran if the Dolphins were in the game. That is something Ross simply cannot get through his head. We want the Dolphins in a Super Bowl We do not care where it is played.

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