The NFL Hires Ted Wells again to come up with more of his theories under the guise of facts again

Ted Wells is back in the news, thanks to his friend and benefactor Roger Goodell.

You remember Ted Wells, right?   He’s the guy with E.S.P. who can magically tell who is lying  and who is telling the truth.   A wizard who can instantly determine what people he chooses to believe and whom to dismiss.   An NFL consultant who wrote the embarrassingly one-sided and unfair Wells Report, which tossed aside the statements of countless Dolphins players, coaches, and staff who testified on behalf of Richie Incognito and Coach Jim Turner.

Instead, Wells decided that Jonathan Martin, and only Jonathan Martin, told the truth.

Was Coach Jim Turner fired justifiably?

Roger Goodell appointed Wells to be the judge, jury, and executioner of Pro Bowler  Incognito, well-respected line Coach Turner, and others.

And now Goodell has hired his friend ted Wells again, this time to make sure that Wells declares that the Patriots and Goodell’s personal friend Bob Kraft did nothing wrong whatsoever, I mean to make sure a fair report is issued.   Ahem.  Cough cough.

There are a zillion investigators in this country…so why did Goodell hire a lawyer instead?  Again.

And why Ted Wells?  Again.

Before throwing Richie Incognito and Jim Turner under the bus, Wells was most famous for losing the case when he was defending government staffer Scooter Libby.   Quite a resume Wells has…the only thing he was known for was losing the biggest case of his life.

Before we go further, we must point out a few things.  Dolphins Truth examined the complete Wells Report more than any other media outlet.  We studied the Wells Report cover to cover many times.   It was a one-side hatchet job.

You cannot and must not read a few snippets provided by the media.  You must read and understand the entire Wells Report, as we have

We are also very familiar with Jim Turner’s RESPONSE,  a document drafted via Coach Turner’s attorneys, and a document that has been virtually ignored by the media.

It’s much easier for the media to portray Incognito and Turner as callous bullies rather than try to obtain the truth.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of one-sided nonsense that Wells put in his report:

When Jonathan Martin sent texts to Incognito that said, “I will murder your whole F’ing family,” the Wells Report states that it was Martin just trying to be “humorous.”

But when Richie sent similar texts to Martin, the Wells Report called that bullying.

From the Report:  “According to Incognito, this message suggests that Martin made comments about Incognito’s family that were fully on par with Incognito’s remarks about Martin’s family. We are unconvinced by this argument. ”

Again the all-knowing Ted Wells can easily differentiate death threats as either serious or playful.   And when two men text each other and show the texts to Wells, he is still “unconvinced.” Wow, and Roger Goodell hired this guy again?

Mike Pouncey couldn’t remember every detail of every conversation going back months and months, so Wells knows he is lying.

Coach Jim Turner sent text messages to a hospitalized Martin, and Wells calls that “poor judgment.”

The list goes on and on.

The Report mentions so many things that Martin did wrong…things that exacerbated the whole situation, but in each case, Wells makes excuses for him.

We have a strong suspicion that whatever Wells discovers in his Deflate-gate investigation, he’ll be making excuses for the Patriots too.

And making good money to make those excuses.

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  1. Well the NFL is a monarchy so they can pretty much do whatever they want

    …… and that’s exactly what they will do as you so eloquently point out

    and then they will declare this behind them and no one (ESPN-NFL Network – ABC – CBS or FOX Sports) will (under penalty of firing and death) mention it again

    It will have been delt with

    We (NFL Nation) will have moved on

    and if you don’t like that its ok you can watch another football league (like arena football…..LOL)

    They know they have us hooked

    There just like crack dealers

  2. Admin, your coverage/editorials of the original Wells report were exemplary. And you’re 100% right that you’re the only place that examined the entire report.

    The mainstream media (and Wells) did a quick and easy job of portraying Martin as a victim that at the mere mention of the scandal (by me to close friends and family who are Dolphins fans) they immediately denounce Incognito without a thought.

    And yet, “deflategate” seems different. Overall the “facts” are more out in the open, instead of being shrouded in locker room secrecy. Everyone knows those Patriots’ balls were deflated – and that the Indy balls weren’t. Everyone knows about the accusations the previous week from the Ravens.

    Also, the Incognito scandal took place within the Dolphins organization; a team that (sadly) is not elite and hardly anybody follows. On the flip side, all NFL fans either love or hate the Patriots. My point being that so many more people are paying attention to this that perhaps the “investigators” will actually investigate the situation, rather than automatically whitewash it.

    I suppose this will end up with the Pats exonerated, but I have a feeling a lot of NFL fans won’t buy it.

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