R.I.P. to you, H. Wayne

Former Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga passed away yesterday, leaving a nice legacy in Florida sports, but not such a great legacy for the Dolphins specifically.

Huizenga was the Dolphins’ third owner, behind Joe Robbie and Tim Robbie and ahead of Stephen Ross.

We all know that Joe Robbie lived and breathed for his Miami Dolphins.  When he died, Tim Robbie wanted nothing to do with the team, taking the money and running.  The Dolphins were an orphan…willed to a new parent who didn’t want them (Tim Robbie) and who sold them as fast as possible to the highest bidder:  H. Wayne.

Huizenga clearly bought the team as a business investment, but grew to love the Dolphins.   If it was a business decision at first, it blossomed into something personal.  H became the Dolphins’ biggest fan.  It was a good thing.

I had many issues with many of H’s decisions.   Namely the fact that he begged Jimmy Johnson to stay on long after Jimmy had called it in.  The fact that he would not fire Dave Wannstadt.  The fact that he sold our beloved Dolphins to a Jets fan who lives in the Big Apple and in Michigan.  The fact that he had such glowing things to say to Nick Saban after Nick spat in the face of the organization.

H was not perfect.   But at least he liked the Dolphins.  At least he was involved.   Certainly, he didn’t do anything to embarrass the team or disrupt the vibe in the locker room or use the team as a pawn to advertise his own political agenda.

RIP, H. Wayne.  You’re the second-best owner we ever had.


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