Special teamer Michael Thomas Joins the NY Giants, but the big loss is Coach Lou

In a move that won’t hurt the Dolphins, special teamer Michael Thomas has ditched the team to go to the New York Giants.

Five years ago, Thomas came to the Dolphins in mid-season.   He had a game-ending interception that helped us beat the Patriots that year.   Since then?   Nada.

Yeah, I know people count special team contributors as key ingredients to a team, but I don’t.  Thomas was not our return man, so it’s not a big deal to replace him.

I’m more concerned that our DB coach, Lou Anarumo, also ditched Miami and went to New York.    The DBs were the ONLY position that showed marked improvement over the past year or two, all under Coach Lou.  I woulda fought to keep him, but we know the Adam Gase way.   No-name, no-experience, no-success coaches are rewarded and promoted under Gase, while the good guys who are just starting to demonstrate marked improvement, are cast aside.

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  1. He will bring in a former/loser coach he lost with previously.

    1. Yeah… just like he recently dumped Brock Osweiler on us Dolfans.

      1. Brock won’t be any worse than Moore and probably less injury prone at this stage of his career. He’s not a starter but should be a decent backup with starter experience. Either way they should draft a QB to start grooming this year. If a decent QB ossweiler will be gone anyway. Looking forward to see what they do…

        1. Don’t get me wrong FLYERFINFAN, I don’t think Osweiler is a terrible quarterback. Osweiler is still very young and his body hasn’t gone through the banging that quarterbacks who have been in the NFL of comparative years. His throws are a thing of beauty when you see them slice through the air. But Osweiler has one big flaw that worries a lot of teams and their fans alike – he throws interceptions at the most head-scratching times in the game.

          Look it up, his touchdown to interception ratio is scary for a quarterback who gets paid the amount of money he gets paid.

          1. But remember he’s going to be a backup until they find a young buck to take over. As a backup he should be pretty decent. Being young who knows maybe a light will come on and he’ll improve on his flaws. Either way he’s not here to be the saviour.

            1. Osweiler will have to compete with David Fales for the 2nd string backup quarterback job. The problem with picking up Osweiler is his known flaws. I think Dolfans would feel less wary if Osweiler were a fresh face in the NFL or, if he were someone like Phillip Rivers. But, who knows, he may just turn out to be the savior QB that the Dolphins have been looking for for decades.

              In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    1. This is comical to even insist that the Jets and Taylor less bills have improved that much more than the Fins is unbelievable

  2. Good. Now both kneeling Thomas’s are gone. Only one left on the team. Maybe they can focus on football now.

    1. No, maybe you can finally focus on the game of football because who gives a damn who kneels when our team can’t win ten games in a season.

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