R.I.P. Tony Sparano

The coach who perfected the Wildcat is gone.

A far better coach than Gase, and INFINITELY better than Clueless Joey Philbin.  He will be missed.



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  1. Totally agree Tony was one of my favorite coaches in the post jimmy Johnson area mostly because he wanted to win!

    1. Every coach wants to win, the problem begins with who you are relying on out there on the field. I told my buddies back then (who by the way weren’t dolfans) that Sparano’s stubborn reliance on Chad Henne will cost him his job… and it did.

      1. I can’t disagree with you but when was the last time we saw so much passion from a Miami head coach? Remember, “Falling Forward Fast”? I loved his passion!

        1. Tony just seemed like a tough guy who would not back down from the egomaniac millionaire players.

  2. Was very sad when I saw this today, was always a big fan of Sparano. He was the coach we needed when he got to Miami, and what he did with what we had was amazing. Seeing the wildcat bulldoze the Pats and leave Belichick fuming is one of my favorite memories being a Dolphins fan. He was a great guy and a class act

    1. Yep sad he seemed like a good guy. Went way to young… RIP.

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