Rey Maualuga Becomes the Latest Dolphin Flop/Embarrassment/Arestee

During the summer, the Dolphins signed an out-of-shape Rey Maualuga to a contract out of necessity when Adam Gase decided that his rookie starting linebacker should run around on special teams in a meaningless practice game.  The starter is now out for the year, and thus we had to sign Rey.  Who is no longer on the team either.

It took Rey months to get in shape, and once he finally played, he was serviceable.  Not great, but not disappointing either.  Until last night, when he decided to disappoint Dolphin fans by choking out a guy at a bar over an alleged $40.

Another high-quality signing by the Dolphins.  They cut Rey this morning.  Off the team.

Are there ANY non-drugger, non-drunks on the free agent market?  And if not, why do they always end up in Miami?    Two options:   earn millions and millions of dollars if I just go to bed early and play a game tomorrow…OR…or go get drunk with my immature friends.  Why do soooooo many Dolphins choose the latter?

Sadly, I don’t think the team handled this correctly.  Desperate for defenders, the Dolphins should have issued the old “We are aware of the situation and will allow the legal process to unfold.”  That would have bought them months, and Rey would be allowed to play.   I’m don’t believe in the team being the emotional baby-sitter.

Instead, the Dolphins decided that someone is guilty until proven innocent.   Or guilty until proven to be an All pro on another team, like Richie Incognito.   You know what?  I bet you Rey is guilty as hell.  But he’s not legally guilty until after his trial, a year from now if his lawyer plays his cards right.   That’s another year that the linebacker-desperate Dolphins could have used him.

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  1. Whats new ….whats going on with this team its one thing after another do all free agents come to Miami to get the money and party it up …what more can go wrong .

  2. Every day this team seems to get more and more emberrising to be a fan of! And think it was the Jets that were supposed to be the stink of the division.

    What is it with this team needing to be the “Good Guys” of the NFL?

    I want players!

    Incognito was a player – I want him back! Maybe we can trade our Pro Bowel center for him!

    Anyhow, as much as I have stood beside Gase it seems to be one bad decision after the other!

  3. This team is so far from being good,they need to totally blow it up and start over. Seriously.If folks are happy with 5-8 wins every year,keep doing the same thing. We have a terrible front office and terrible coaches.Just like Jeter intends to do with Los Marlins-start over……And let’s not forget season ticket holders will be paying more next season to finance our refurbished stadium.Win,win,win!

  4. Well, it’s Gase’s way, or the highway!

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