Ross Continues to Let Gase Hire His Buddies

The Dolphins have a new offensive coordinator, and once again, it’s a pal of Coach Adam Gase.

Some guy named Dowell Loggains, who most recently led the mighty Chicago Bears offense to a last-place finish, was given the Dolphins job today.  The good news is that the offensive coordinator in Miami is just a figurehead.   The bad news is that the offensive coordinator in Miami is just a figurehead.  Meaning, Adam Gase will continue to call the passes.  I mean call the plays.

Much like Gase gave charity jobs to his chums Julius Thomas and Jay Cutler, along with Matt Burke and Vance Joseph, he continued his trend today.  Clueless Joe Philbin made a terrible choice in hiring his buddy Mike Sherman to run our offense; but at least Philbin didn’t hire his friends repeatedly, like Gase does.

This would all be a moot point of any of these bozos had a modicum of success…either in their past or after they join the Dolphins.  They don’t.

Why does Stephen Ross allow this?  It’s like employing a bad tutor to teach your kids, AND then allowing the tutor to sub-let Calculus and Latin lessons to his stoner pals.  It’s ridiculous.  Have you seen Dowell’s Loggains’ resume?  Is there one thing on there, JUST ONE, that says, “There are only 32 offensive coordinator jobs in the world, and I deserve one?”

On the other side of the ball, Matt Burke asked a question today that I’d love to answer.  When asked why he had his linebackers defending in pass coverage so much last year, he asked, “Do you have a better idea?”


  • Use the dime package more.
  • Play with 5 down linemen and 6 DBs.
  • Line up Reshad Jones as a LB if you want, but get Alonso off the field whenever Gronkowski is on the field.
  • Quit playing a 4-3-4 lineup on nearly every down.
  • Blitz your linebackers so that they are not in coverage.   The TEs are gonna get open anyway, so you might as well rush the QB into a bad throw.
  • STOP dropping Cameron Wake back into coverage.  It never works.
  • Let Mike Hull play more.
  • Fight like hell when your brilliant head coach wants you to use your prized rookie linebacker as a special teams blocker in a scrimmage game.

I’m no defensive whiz, but I just gave Mr. Burke 8 answers off the top of my head.

On Sunday, David Fales scored on a read option play.   To give Adam Gase credit where it is due, the play was brilliantly designed and executed flawlessly.  Fales literally walked into the end zone.  The problem is, where was this play all year?  I know Gase’s excuse already.  “It’s not a play we work on with Jay or Matt.”  Really?

Here is the play:  “If you see the defensive end run to your right, then keep it and jog to your left.  But if the defensive end runs to your left, then hand off to the RB running right.” I don’t care how slow or feeble Moore and Cutler are, there is no reason to NOT use that play all through the year.  Just like Gase waited until Week 17 to finally run the ball on third down..and it worked!   We can only pray that Gase learns some lessons from this all.


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  1. What NFL coach doesn’t hire his buddies?

    1. Author

      Sean McVay of the Rams. Management hired a young kid head coach but forced him to hire experienced coordinators with Super Bowl championships on their resume. They just won their division.

      1. And he hired only coaches he had never worked with or didn’t have previous experience with? I sincerely doubt it.

        1. Author

          He hired Don Shula’s grandson, for one, and that makes McVay smarter than Adam Gase.

  2. When are we going to get some quality coaches on all phases…it the same thing year after year …get a rookie coach then that coach brings in his buddies who know nothing and picks them from garbage losing teams . I don’t know how much more of this crap I can take …..until this idiotocracy is fixed …enjoy losing seasons .

  3. Yea this is horrible I would get it if the Bears rookie had shown some progress this year but he didn’t. There are so many coaches available this is actually crazy, the Eagles QB coach would of been a good choice.

  4. Author

    Ross gave far too much control to a rookie head coach. You want the job? Fine. But I’m forcing you to hire experienced coaches with Super Bowl pedigrees. Take it or leave it, son.
    Oh, also, no coke-heads who film themselves.

  5. Author

    The Herald had a great article on MarQuis Gray today, discussing Gray’s dissatisfaction with his reduced role. That makes TWO of us, Mr. Gray. Adam Gase was infatuated with Julia Thomas all year long, to the point where the other tight ends were hardly ever targeted. Then when Julia got hurt, Gase went with practice squadder AJ Derby, instead of Fasano or Gray. I’d be dissatisfied too.
    Gase simply will not admit how wrong he was about Thomas. He stubbornly kept starting Thomas game after game, and watched Thomas drop pass after pass.
    Meanwhile, much better players like Gray had to ride the bench and watch an overpriced bum hurt the team.

  6. Author

    Good news!!! The Dolphins have landed highly coveted offensive line coach Jeremiah Washburn from the Bears, another Gase crony with ZERO accomplishments under his belt.
    It just keeps getting better and better each time.

  7. WooHoo welcome to the Miami Bears….unbelievable.

  8. Just once can’t this team bring in assistant coaches from winning organizations. Like the saints, Eagles, steelers, pats, or Rams had great offenses go get one of their position coaches and make him offensive coordinator. But no Miami continually hires coaches from bad teams. Remember under philbin when they brought in an offensive coordinator from the Browns? This feels like the same thing.

  9. Even though the Rams have Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator they’re offensive coordinator is a newbie as position coach. Well that offense under a rookie coordinator leads the league in points scored. So there goes that theory about proven coaches. Their defense under Phillips is not even a top ten scoring unit. It ranks twelfth. So much for the proven name theory. Here’s a clue. Maybe it’s all about personnel. The front office upgraded the o-line and went out and got play-makers like Woods and Watkins at receiver. As well as Kupp. Juluis Thomas was worth a gamble but is obviously a failed experiment. This offense really needs a play-maker at tight end and an upgrade at the guard position(Quenton Nelson). That should be the focus in the off-season. Offense won’t reach it’s potential until those holes are plugged. Coaching is overrated if the personnel doesn’t fit the scheme.

    1. But you imply there must be a scheme right? While who makes up the offensive scheme? The OC! I know it’s shocking isn’t it. A coach needs a scheme that fits his players. A good coach knows this unlike the HC/OC we have who has a scheme that he tries to force players into. There is no perfect 53 guys for a coaches scheme so the coach needs to have enough experience to tweak the scheme to the personal they have. The frustration with Gase isn’t that he has lost. It’s that he is lost! If he schemed to our players strengths and we still got beat well then we simply need better players but to not utilize the talent you now have is maddening

      1. So Gase didn’t scheme to Ajayi’s strengths last seasons or even Tannehills? What about Kenny Stills when he had 10 tds last season? Dolphins made the play-offs last year with a first year coach. He couldn’t scheme to Cutler’s strengths because at this point he doesn’t have many. Ajayi would get 20 plus carries and the admin would still complain about him coming out of the game after a few plays or claim that Gase should have continued giving him the ball more. Because apparently he doesn’t understand that if you run a guy 35 times a game he’ll either get hurt or be burnt out by mid-season. And if a guy gets two or three carries iln a row he’ll usually be winded and will need another back, like Damien Williams, to spell him for a few plays. Plus when you have a
        special back like Todd Gurley that opens up your offense to do things that you can’t do with a typical back or typical personnel period. Like I said, a big part of it is personnel. I love Jarvis Landry. But if a slot receiver is your best offensive player chances are your offense needs skill position upgrades.

  10. Well, Gase confirmed it, Cutler won’t be back for the Dolphins 2018 season.

    What a waste of money the Dolphins could’ve used to upgrade some other positions.

    1. At this point I’m sure your just trolling.

    2. I wouldn’t be on him for cutler he knew Moore wouldn’t last the season so at least they tried to remain competitive. Just too many injuries and bad schedule didn’t help.

  11. Yo do realize that Shula did the same thing right? That’s why he never won anything in the 90’s, because of loyalty to the same damn failed DC in Tom Olivadotti.

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