Bills-Jags game sets record for most Boring Playoff game of all time

The pundits will incorrectly call it a defensive battle, but we all know it was a team with No Offense vs. a team with Zero Offense.  You get the idea, and the score reflects it.

If you missed it, here was the final score:

Number of Bills-Jags Combined Points: 13
Number of times the announcers mentioned LeSean McCoy’s sore ankle: 17.

The ankle talk won 17-13.

The ankle-talk over-under was 15, so I hope you guys bet on the over.

The Dolphins are probably worse than either of those teams, but not by much.  At least we have some playmakers. They don’t show up most weeks thanks to Adam Gase’s play calls, but at least they’re there.  A funny thing happens when you rush Tyrod Taylor:  You hold him to 3 points.  But when you play tag with him like Matt Burke’s scheme, you lose two games in 3 weeks to him.


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  1. Told you it would be fun to watch the bills embarrass themselves. But as a Dolphins fan im worried both these teams get a lot better in the offseason. Jags are doing after Eli manning and the bills are reported to go after Kirk cousins. And what’s Miami gonna do stick with tannehill?

    1. Author

      Yes, it was fun, but Jacksonville almost ruined the fun. A lucky, risky TD on 4th down while Bortles tripped over his own two feet…otherwise these two alleged pro teams would still be playing.

  2. Admin I watched the whole game and I loved they way it played out because Bills fans thought right to the end that they could win only to have there dreams sniffed out at the last minute. My first option would be to have the Bills never make the playoffs my second option give the hope and then stick the fork in right at the end!

    All and all Miami will probably be better then the Bills next year simply because Tannehill is a good QB not a second rate backup but if we don’t get a qb in the draft to groom what happens after next year? Also I’ve mentioned moving up on the first round to grab a qb one reason is the Belichick is going to be trolling the 3rd-5th rounds and will certainly pick up the one good qb there.

    1. Tannehill has only once in his career had the Dolphins offense in the top 20 in the league and that was in 2014 when they were 14th. Yea he should be better than jay cutler but how much better? Why not just say fuck it and actually get a good quarterback?

      1. Definitely groom one this year totally agree but to be fair he never had a full deck on offence. Oline has been atrocious. They would finally gel and someone would get hurt. You put most QB’s in that situation and they wouldn’t look great either. Last year when things were a little better he had them rolling until he was injured. That could easily happen next year too. The key will be to smartly plug the holes and hopefully they don’t get killed by injuries again.

      2. And just who is that good qb the Dolphins should get? It’s not like they grow on trees.

  3. I agree Tannehill never had a fair shot behind the atrocious Olines and coaching staffs but as bad as we are now I think we need to think about a qb that will be able to step in on two years if Tannehill dosnt work out. On offense we probably have enough talent to be in the playoffs next year but on defense not even close! Our DLine is ok but for the money they should dominate, they don’t for the third straight year. I don’t know why, maybe guys we think are great aren’t, maybe coaches don’t know how to scheam or coach them or maybe a combination or other variable but the bottom line is it’s not good enough. Behind them the linebackers couldn’t get much worse and although we will have a few guys back from injury next year we don’t really know anything about them! Will the be pro bowlers or bearly good enough? I’m not putting my money on pro bowler! The bright spot may be that we have a few good corners, ya they get beat deep but trying to overcompensate for all the other inadequaticies might have something to do with it and safety is probably the only position we’re locked in on at this point.

    So all in all with a playoff offense next year and a to many holes to fill to be good defense it looks like 8-8 to me. Keep in mind 9-7 got the Bills in but only for one day.

    So I predict 8-8 and we sit home again next year or 9-7 and we get in and lost to Baltimore or Pittsburgh in the first round.

    Eather way I think that now it the time to start planing for the future by rebuilding this team and to me that starts with a qb

    1. I think that the LB’S killed him after all admin wants to draft 4 for a reason haha! You not only have bad coverage but no passrush from them. That would help the dline too. I’m not saying that they would be a shoe in but playoffs is possible. Look at how horrible the other teams actually are. It’s shocking. NE isn’t even that great they are seriously flawed this year but no one to challenge. I definitely draft a QB but not in first round unless it’s a stud. They need a LB immediately which will help them compete now.

      1. I agree a big upgrade at LB and Tannehill playing decent gets us in the playoffs next year but that’s the problem if we get in the playoffs we’re picking 20th

        This year we’re sitting at 11th with a few guys we can trade to move up – I’m thinking Laundry and Parker and a pick next year.

        We already drafted on LB stud in McMillin in last years second round and he’s ready to go I think. I say we repeat that and get the best LB with our second and third round picks as well.

        I’m sure that Miami will be all over FA for a true MLB but I don’t see to many being available.

  4. Author

    In addition to lack of stud LBs, we’ve played a horrible defensive scheme for years.
    The Dolphins philosophy is to let the opponents’ tight end and RB run pass routes, thinking that our LBs will cover them. On paper, these receivers are covered, but you know it doesn’t work out that way in real life.
    Instead, they need to line up the LBs at the line of scrimmage and force the TE and RB to stay in to block them.
    You prevent a screen pass by turning the RB into a blocker….not by making your linebackers (or Cam Wake!!) backpedal into coverage.
    When was the last time you heard anyone say that Von Miller or Luke Kuechley are all-pros because they know how to cover a tight end?

    1. Admin don’t get me started on the Dolphins and there NO SACHEM sachem!

      1. Author

        yes, it’s a scary thought. I have a feeling that Raekwon McMillan has the ability to be an all-pro stud…but we will never know because he’ll spend the majority of his career 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage waiting to cover a crossing RB

        1. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect our LB’S to cover a TE on every down but when they do they need to be decent. LB’S also can’t blitz every down either. We obviously know gronk and edelman have to be stopped and you have a good chance in winning so the Fins need players to do this. KC did it with Berry until he was injured.

    2. this is the crucial point. They keep trying to fill in holes in various positions but no one ever seems to pan out. The problem is coaching. If you look at every player at a given position in the NFL and they all are roughly the same size, weight, and speed ( I acknowledge that there are great differences in intelligence) but the teams that consistently succeed are the ones with the best coaches.

  5. Author

    Also, as much as I hated the announcers mentioning McCoy’s alleged sore foot 500 times, at least he toughed it out. When was the last time you heard of any Dolphin toughing it out? When was the last time an announcer praised a Dolphin for playing through pain? With Miami, if a guy is Questionable or Doubtful on Wednesday, he’s guaranteed not to play. Playoffs on the line? Don’t worry, take a couple of weeks off, no problem. It’s a sad culture in that locker room

    1. That would have been Richie Incognito (The two time pro bowler that we gave to buffalo for Nothing – Zip – Nada – Zero) played almost the entire last year here hurt!

      Actually there were others since. Think Tannehill, Wake, Jones just the few I know about.

      Honestly seeing Incognito play well for Buffalo (despite what some clown said he called him after the game) really still bothers me. Thats at lest a 3rd round pick but with all the crappy guard play we have had wouldn’t you rather have had him here the last several years?

      I would have.

      1. Author

        Yep, don’t get me started. I know a lot of our regular readers are still mad at me for saying we should have kept Richie. Dolphins’ management not only over-reacted, but they over-reacted immediately. All because of some name calling for God’s sake.

        1. Meanwhile NE has serial killers and guys so whacked out on drugs that they walk into copshops naked in winter. It’s ok for them as they win but two guys swearing at each other like dumb jocks do is the worst thing in the world. Ridiculous…

  6. No matter if you guys like college football or not I hope you watched the championship game tonight because it was a lot of fun. I know Dolphin fans are supposed to wish Saban and the Tide death but come on his 6th title? He will win another before he is done and own that distinction. The guy is a great coach.

    Coincidentally that’s what I wanted to point out. Some sports writer tonight made this statement.

    “Kirby Smart nearly became the first. (of Sabans Assistants to beat him in a bowl game) In the end, though, former Saban assistants are now 0-12 all-time against their former boss.”

    Here we are begging Ross to hire assistants that are smarter the the HC!

    See the problem?

    If you want to be perennial winners you need a winner at the top not on the conditioning staff!

    1. Author

      He is a total dick as a person, but you cannot question his coaching ability.

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