2014 Season–Stephen Ross Already Off to a Bad Start

Another off-season is upon us, and this is usually the time when Stephen Ross does his worst damage.  This year is no exception.  Mr. Ross is already starting.

Last year at this time, the Dolphin players, and fans, and we at Dolphins Truth begged Mr. Ross to step in and sign Jake Long, but instead he believed Philbin/Ireland, who thought Jonathan Martin was a loyal, long-term solution at left tackle.

We begged Mr. Ross to step in and demand that Reggie Bush be re-signed, but instead he let Ireland/Philbin cast Reggie aside in lieu of Lamar Miller.

Last year at this time, we begged Mr. Ross to fire Mike Sherman, but instead Mr. Ross let him stay.  You saw the results.

Last year, not a single player or fan asked for a new logo, but Mr. Ross foisted it upon us anyway.  (to make matters worse, the news of the new logo was broken by a New York Jets fan site.)

Last year at this time, not a single Dolphin player or fan asked Mr. Ross to devote his time and resources toward landing a Super Bowl for the City of Miami, so instead, Mr. Ross devoted a lot of his resources toward that goal anyway.  This is similar to the many times when not a single player or fan asked Mr. Ross to bring in celebrity owners.  We’re still wondering how many games the Dolphins won specifically because Gloria Estefan’s husband or Venus Williiams was in the stadium.  We want Mr. Ross to devote his time to making the Dolphins better, not public relations for the City of Miami.

So now this year, we already saw that Mr. Ross has fired some Dolphins coaches/staff over the Jonathan Martin fiasco.  52 of the 53 Miami Dolphins have told us that it was just overblown teasing, but Mr. Ross instead decided to listen to a New York City lawyer who came to town and passed judgment on the entire organization.

Ted Wells decided who was lying.  He decided who was telling the truth.  He decided what psychological experts to hire.  He decided that Jonathan Martin was only joking around when he sent nasty notes to Richie.  But when Richie sent the same notes to Martin, Richie was an abuser.  Fair?

It all comes down to this question:  What goes on in the Miami Dolphins locker room??  Who are the best people to answer that question?  Mr. Ross had the option of listening to the Miami Dolphins, or listening to a lawyer from New York City.  Sadly, Mr. Ross chose the stranger over his own players.

Now free agency is looming.  Several sources are saying that the Dolphins won’t re-sign Paul Solai and Randy Starks.  Why not?  We have PLENTY of cap money to spend, and we should get these guys signed immediately.  Make them happy.   Mr. Ross has a chance to step in and personally get these players to stay.

Make us fans happy.  Sign our most loyal and deserving players.  Last year Mr. Ross did not sign our loyal players and it hurt us dearly.  It’s not too late this year.


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  1. I thought the team owner hired a GM to build the team. Then the owner could spend his time handling PR and trying to fund the upgrading of the stadium to make things better for the players and fans. Just my opinion.

  2. Marc C. I think you’re right in theory, but the owner has to first ensure that he has a capable GM before worrying about other stuff. In December, when the Dolphins were in the playoff hunt, Stephen Ross was in NY City with some lawyer professors to study bulling. that is NOT where our leader should have been.

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