Stephen Ross Chooses the Wrong Side…and It’s a Dangerous Precedent

Well, it’s not surprising, but it is a little disturbing.  And possibly dangerous for the Dolphins success.

Stephen Ross has ignored the wishes of the Miami Dolphins players and fans.  He fired some staff members who were involved in some locker room teasing.  Remember, every single Dolphin player in the controversy has backed Richie Incognito’s version that it was all teasing and that Jonathan Martin participated as well.

Even so-called Player A, Andrew McDonald, has defended the Dolphins organization as well.

But Stephen Ross ignored all that.  He threw the sentiments of his players and fans out the window, and instead he took action based on a biased report from a New York City lawyer named Ted Wells.

Our Dolphins will be lucky to get any free agents now.  Who on earth would want to play for a team where the owner sides with a total stranger with zero NFL experience?  Who wants to play for a team where you are suspended over an allegation…months before the truth ever comes out?  Who?



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