Same Mistakes (and lack of correcting them) doom the Dolphins

For the second week in a row, DeVante Parker ran a half-ass, lazy route and made little effort for the ball, costing his team a vital possession and sure points.

Adam Gase refuses to call a simple QB sneak when it’s third and inches or even 4th and inches.

Michael Thomas blew coverage on a fake punt, doubtless because he was thinking of new ways to disrespect the National Anthem.

The refs decided that fighting for a loose fumble is no longer allowed.  Instead, they ruled that once a Patriot touched a muffed punt, the play was over.   Even though you see scrambling inside a pile every single week in every single game, when it happens to the Patriots, then the play is automatically over.  (Just like last week when the play was over because the Buc quarterback bumped into his own man).

Bobby McCain was somehow ejected for doing something that happens on almost all skirmishes.

The Pats get 90 seconds on their play clock.

Back to Adam Gase’s play calling…on the drive before halftime, he finally did a good job of mixing plays.   Short passes to Landry and then screens to Damien Williams.   It was all working.  That’s why it’s so infuriating that he called a fade route to that bum Parker.  I’ll keep saying this until Gase proves me wrong:   He sees what is working, and then moves AWAY from it.   So many drives stall in the red zone because Gase tries something new.   It never works.

Soooo sick of hearing how Caroo and Grant and Reshawn Scott are so great in practice, but then Gase benches all of them and allows Parker to play and cost us games.

Soooooo sick of hearing how great Darren Rizzi is.  He didn’t see the fake punt coming at all.   Even I noticed the upback was in a weird position.  Dizziness and Michael Thomas fell asleep.

Sooooo sick of Adam Gase saying “we’ll fix it.”


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  1. Admin I’ve seen enough….. until we get good coaches in the building this is what you can expect. Even if they keep Gase they need to replace the other twenty six coaches with some quality ones because the talent that is on this roster isn’t showing up.

    Technique, scheam and fundamentals aren’t being thought correctly.

    We need a round 1 qb this year, we need to trade Parker and sign laundry.

    Then start hiring every position and assistant coach we can find with playoff experience in the position they are hired to coach!

    Mickey Mouse is in Orlando but this year you would think he relocated to Davie!

    1. Author

      After Jones scored on the fumble return, Brady was livid. The coaches were screaming at the linemen. Nobody went up to the center and patted him on the butt and said It’s okay. Nice try. They were pissed at that guy. THAT is winning football. So much different on the Dolphins bench, where they truly accept failure

  2. I thought for sure gase would get a 3rd year but Miami is prolly gonna lose out to finish the year and a lot of times a 10 game losing streak is enough to get a coach fired.

    1. Author

      Dude, we are talking Stephen Ross. Gase will get a third, fourth, fifth year and more

      1. Don’t forget that the more he loses the bigger the raises will be

  3. Author

    Now that we only have one healthy RB (who fumbles once a week by the way) I bet Gase is real happy he showed Ajayi who is boss by banishing him to a 10-1 team. That showed Jay who’s boss !!!

  4. I think the league is too complex for Gase as a head coach. He tries to fix things but forgets that teams also study and will prepare to adjust for holes in their play. Seems like Gase does not plan for contingency. Hearing Romo and Gruden dissect the Dolphins and point out all the errors in technique and communication (or lack there of) is enough proof I need to know Gase needs to go.

    1. Author

      Agreed. I think Gase watches his offense practice against practice-squad jobbers during the week and sees the plays work well. He then thinks that the same plays will work against real NFL defenses, and he gets mad when they do not.
      Also, as I point out continuously, he abandons plays that are successfully working because he feels he’s gone to the well too many times. He doesn’t realize the well is still full. When you are tearing up the field with excellent short passes to Landry and Williams, why on earth would you say, “We are too successful with those plays. I better change to a long fade route to Parker instead.”

  5. Speaking of Gruden, he probably will be coaching in the NFL next season. I guess we can only dream that he could coach the fins next year, cause it ain’t gonna happen.
    Gruden has more emotion and passion in his Sleep – than Gase has ever shown at anytime these past 2 seasons, not to mention the NFL HC experience (SB ring also) that Gruden has over Gase.

    1. Author

      I was originally against hiring Gruden a few years ago, based solely on the fact that he walked away from the game on his own and took a cushy job as an announcer. He makes millions and millions of dollars per year right now, just to sit around and talk. An NFL coach has to work a zillion times harder than that, and I didn’t think he had the passion.
      But I have changed my mind. I would welcome him. But it will never happen because Ross and Tannenbaum heard a rumor that Adam Gase is a genius so they hired him and won’t fire him

  6. This team is no where close to winning anything. There isn’t a single position on this team that is solid, the oline is trash, the running backs are arugably the worst in the NFL, the wideouts have talent but it never shows, the quaterback situation is a dumpster fire. Outside of reshad jones the whole defense should be replaced. Kiko looks lost in pass coverage, Timmons best years are behind him, wakes are also. And suh just isn’t worth the money, he would be if the rest of the team was great but it’s not. He also brings that thug mentality to the team that I hate. Is it just me or do the Dolphins cheat shot other teams more than anyone else this year. Also I’m pretty sure they have less than 2 interceptions all season, so much for good young corners. Not only do they suck but there getting hard to rout for with the late hits and gase’s arrogance.

    1. Author

      Bobby McCain has 2 picks, and Reshad Jones has one that I remember top of my head. Our CBs have ZERO. Xavien Howard has been on the team starting for two years and has never caught a pass.

  7. So this is Tannenbaum’s 3rd season as the GM here in Miami and the product on the field looks very similer to where the Jets were in 2009 after his 3rd year as their GM!

    Way to go Tannenbaum’s you’r AWSOME!

    1. I take it back because in 2009 the Jets were way better then this team. I guess Tannenbaum has really stepped up his game. He can now ruin a team in half the time!

      Way to go Tannenbaum you’r AWSOME!

      1. Author

        Yes, the Jets were in the AFC championship and contended for titles several years in a row. They could never get over the hump of New England and Pittsburgh, but the Jets were a real strong team. I didn’t follow them closely, so i can’t determine how much credit or lack thereof that Tannenbaum deserves. But I do know Rex Ryan is a hungry, competitive coach who’s out of a job right now…

  8. Just the thought or mere mention of Gruden as Fins head coach sends a message of what this team would be like under him….That , that oh, man are they going to have a new attitude down there! Gruden takes no BS from any player-We need that.

  9. But Ross is a moron so until he croaks, we are stuck with mediocrity for a very long time. Sad my Fin friends because this franchise was awesome at one time…Look at the HC for LA Rams-darn guy studies his list of plays on the bench during the game to make sure he’s got what he wants out there….he’s not only looking at the sheet but actually sits down to review!

    1. Author

      Adam Gase doesn’t need to study, because he already knows everything, and everybody else knows nothing compared to him. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

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