Don’t Blame the Refs, but at Least Point Out Their Many Mistakes

As I mentioned yesterday, for perhaps the first in in NFL history, the referees determined that whoever first touches the ball inside a giant scramble-pile fighting for a fumble gets the ball.

Never mind the fact that the same scrambles occur in every single NFL game all the time.  When it happens to New England, then suddenly piles don’t matter.   In a bizarre ruling that Adam Gase didn’t bother to ask for an explanation, the referees concluded that the Patriot had full control of the ball and then was touched by a Dolphin…even though the video clearly showed 3 different men all fighting for the ball.  You have never seen that called, and probably won’t again.   Bizarre.

Speaking of bad calls that always favor the Pats, here’s another one.  The Patriots didn’t need any help to carve up the Dolphins defense, but the refs gave them plenty of help anyway, as demonstrated by this sample play.

You clearly see Danny Amendola (#80) hold Bobby McCain (28).   Not only is Amendola holding, but his hand is literally inside of McCain’s jersey.   He’s not holding the uniform; instead, he is literally inside the shirt and yanking the shoulder pads upwards.  Somehow, the refs looked the other way.

On the left side of the picture, you see Cooks (14) pushing Xavien Howard (25) in the back.   The still photo doesn’t demonstrate it clearly, but trust me, the video shows a pretty forceful shove.   Again, the refs decided that was legal.

The play above is not pivotal.  It didn’t change the outcome.   But that’s kinda my point.  The league cannot just focus on the big plays and only scrutinize referees in the 4th quarter.  There needs to be more consistency on these calls throughout.  I mean Amendola is lifting a man’s pads from INSIDE his shirt, and the refs said that was fully legal and called nothing.

To be fair, Suh grabbed some guy’s facemask and yanked him down.  The refs blew that one too.

Teams need to be able to challenge those non-calls, with a 25-yard penalty if they are proven wrong.  You can’t challenge every single hold, but missed facemaksing penalties are very easy to review visually.   Suh was clearly guilty, and the Pats had a legitimate beef.

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  1. Another thing that amazes me in the photo is that both of those fouls/penalties occurred WITHIN 2 yards is the ball carrier. How could you miss BOTH those calls? Nobody respects the Dolphins as a team or Gase as a HC. And my favorite NFL bitch,Brady, looking at the ref nearly every time he was touched,begging for a flag!
    How they missed the Suh call is hilarious!

  2. I see this every time the Pats play….when the receivers don’t catch the ball they go straight to the ref and 8 times out of 10 …8seconds later a flag comes in and whenever Brady gets touched he is right in the refs face looking for a penalty ….I think the Pats are told to aggetate certain players to get them ejected ….it seems though that the dolphins always get called for holding etc and if you watch Wake is held on dam near every play, yet no calls …ridiculous and I’m not saying this because I’m a Fin fan its right in front of everyone eyes.

  3. I guarantee if its Landry pushing a guy in the back it gets called. The games are decided by refs(or lack thereof ) more and more in the pros. IMO, its another big reason the game is losing viewership.

    Also, what happened to letting CBs get physical at the line of scrimmage?
    There was one play where a flag was thrown and I was sure it was for the 2 OLinemen holding Wake so Brady could escape the pocket. Turns out they got our DB for holding when the replay showed it was right at the line and released within a second.

  4. Author

    Another thing I hate about NFL refs, that does not occur in other sports, is the ref conferences.
    In hockey, the ref sees a penalty and raises the hand instantly. He makes the call and sends someone to the box. Period.
    ZERO percent of the time does the NHL ref call a penalty and then think about it. Or consult a linesman. Or ask the other ref. Zero percent of the time.
    NFL refs do this shit weekly. They make cowardly half-calls and then run over to someone else for their opinions. You see this a lot on a WR catch that is close to the sidelines. A ref sees it but doesn’t make a call. Instead, he runs over to another ref and they talk about. Then one of them makes the signal: catch or no catch.
    If the first guy wasn’t certain enough to make the call initially, then he shouldn’t be involved in a discussion after the fact. Your call is In or Out. NOT, “I think he might be in, but I better see if another ref 30 yards away thought he was maybe out” THAT is the NFL ref logic we see each week.
    By the way, the NHL refs are young and fit and don’t take shit from the players. NFL could use some of that as well.
    Imagine a close play at first base in the World Series with the championship on the line. The first base umpire sees the play, and runs over to the third base umpire to ask his opinion. It’s insane logic to not make a call! Show some confidence, right or wrong.

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