Schedule release date seems certain for April 20

Well, in piecing a few things together, I know the NFL always releases its schedule on a Thursday evening in late April.

It doesn’t appear to be tonight.  And it can’t be two weeks from now, because that is the draft.   So it has to be next Thursday, April 20.   Now this could change.   The NFL is notorious for giving very very little notice of its schedule releases, so it still could be tonight at 8 pm.    But that is getting more and more doubtful.

As I’ve been reporting this month, the NFL seems to be clueless about how important this release is to fans who have to plan their attendance, and teams that need to start scheduling their flights.   They league SHOULD be hyping the release date an building up the anticipation, NOT keeping it so hush hush.

They promote the hell out of making players wear pink cleats or dressing coaches in ridiculous camouflage, but they don’t promote things that fans ACTUALLY care about.  (not that we don’t care about our troops or veterans, but seriously, seeing Joe Philbin dressing up like a soldier didn’t help their cause!!)

Oh well.   I’m still holding out hope that they release it tonight, but like I said, that’s becoming doubtful.

In addition, the NFL released its preseason schedule, which did the Dolphins no favors either.   Thanks to Stephen Ross having so much influence, the Dolphins have to travel to Philly and to Minneapolis.   Why do we have to travel so far for a practice scrimmage game?   Just let us play Tampa twice and Jacksonville twice and call it a day.

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  1. I believe you meant to type Thursday APRIL 20th.

    Although March 20th – would have been much better !

    I have always connected the NFL schedule release date to usually be around the same time as Tax deadline day on April 15th (the 17th this year) – And maybe that is because I’m used to being screwed over twice by both the IRS and the usually shitty schedule that the Fins always get – year after year ……..

    1. Author

      I sure did. Thank you, and I corrected it. LOL, the I.R.S. and the NFL aren’t kind to anyone except the Patriots!

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