Adam Gase Hires his Father-in-Law

Not to be outdone by Stephen Ross allowing Joe Philbin to allow Mike Sherman to hire Sherman’s own son-in-law, who had no coaching experience, today Ross allowed Adam Gase to hire Gase’s own father-in-law as a special Dolphins consultant.

Joe Vitt is a journeyman coach with a losing record when he had a few stints as an interim head coach.  That part makes you scratch your head about what he has to offer.

However, he does own a Super Bowl ring for being an assistant linebacker coach for the Saints when they won their Super Bowl.   I don’t give Vitt any credit for the Colts’ Hank Baskett dropping a kickoff that went right into his arms and won the Super Bowl for the Saints, nor for Peyton Manning throwing a God-awful interception that game, but nonetheless Vitt was a winner.

Gase stubbornly promoted unheralded and no-experienced Matt Burke to run our defense this year, so it’s questionable what Vitt’s role will be.   As of now, he’s listed as a consultant, which means he earns at least 6 figures to walk around the practices and gets a nice, air-conditioned office.

I don’t begrudge Adam Gase being allowed to hire whomever he wants, and Vitt certainly has more to offer than Zac Taylor ever did (then again, any Dolphin Truth reader has as much experience as Taylor did).   But we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.   Guys like Vitt don’t come into an organization to be on the outside looking in.  I’m curious to see if his consultant role grows into some kind of coaching.

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  1. He has 37-years of experience as a NFL coach. He can bring some veteran experience and a different eye to things. And Gase apparently credits him will past tutelage. It’s not like e’s coming on as a position coach or heading an entire unit. Teams use consultants all the time. Slow news day.

      1. Yeah I have no problem with this if anything the guy has football experience and with a young headcoach it can’t hurt having a sounding board. Better than doing something stupid.

        So in my mock draft I was able to trade back in the first to 27 and receive a third and sixth round pick. I took Watt LB/De. Second round took Feeney OG second best OG. Third round traded up to secure Hendricksen DE who was good value used a third, fifth and seventh. Plan on using the second third round pick for a DT to rotate with Phillips maybe push him either way need another one. The rest of the draft add depth to OT, S, CB basically BPA. Looking at the lineup the Fins would be stronger in the front seven and younger. The oline and overall depth bolstered. I would love it!

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