September 14 at Buffalo is the Miami Dolphins’ most important game

Each year, we at Dolphins Truth pick a game that will be the most telling game of the year.  Not necessarily the most important game of the year, but the game that tells us the most about our team.

Last year, we picked the Baltimore game.  The Ravens were the defending champions, and how Miami did vs. the Ravens would indicate if we had a chance to make it into the playoffs.  We lost.  BUT…it was a close game.   And sure enough, we didn’t make it to the playoffs, but it was a close race.  Right down to the wire.  Beating New England and Pittsburgh could be considered flukes.   Losing to Tampa Bay could be a fluke too.  It’s hard to judge a team based on those types of games, but the judgment became clear against a team like Baltimore.

This year, the most telling game is September 14.  At Buffalo.  The first Buffalo game will tell us all we need to know about the 2014 Dolphins.

Thad Lewis thanks Joe Philbin for handing him his first ever NFL win.

If Miami loses to Buffalo on September 14, we will have another sub-par, no-playoff season.  If we barely squeak past Buffalo, that is almost as bad as a loss, and it will lead to an 8-8 season.  The ONLY good news can come from the fact that we DESTROY the Bills…something along the lines of 33-10 or so.

A few facts.  Joe Philbin has faced the Bills 4 times.  He only won once.  Over the past 2 years, the Bills have been among the worst teams in NFL history.  Some fifth-string journeyman quarterback named Thad Lewis proved better than Joe Philbin.

It is utterly disgusting that Joe Philbin allowed his team to lose BOTH games to Thad Lewis last year.  Prior to ending up in Buffalo, Thad was cut by the Lions.  Cut by the Browns.  Cut by the Rams.  Buffalo desperately took him only after Manuel and Kolb were injured.  Yet this bum beat us.  Twice.

The second Bills game last year was horrendous.   A 19-0 spanking in which Joe Philbin had No answers.  No corrections.  And no points scored.   Disgusting.

But as bad as that was, it was nothing compared to the first Bills game, when Philbin and his best friend Mike Sherman handed a free win to the Bills.  We had a late lead with the ball near midfield.  About 3 minutes left.  If Tannehill kneels down, we win.  If he hands off, we win.  If he trips on his own two feet for a sack, we win.

But instead, genius Mikey Sherman called for a pass play.   Sack.  Fumble.  Bills recovery. Dan Carpenter (who Philbin got rid of) wins it.

Mike Sherman said it was the right call.  He called a play that cost us the game, and instead of apologizing, he said he was right.  Disgusting.

BUT…even worse was his pal Joey Philbin defending Sherman.  Philbin didn’t fire Sherman for costing us this game.  He didn’t berate him.  Didn’t demote him.  No, Philbin praised him.  Philbin said that the losing call was the right call, and virtually everyone in Dolphintown knew then and there that our head coach wasn’t the right man for the job.

You do not not not not not praise decisions that cost you games.

Blame the offensive line all you want, but it was Shermie’s call that put them in that situation.

So in 2014, it’s time for Philbin to show us that he knows how to coach.  We may beat New England in week one, or they may crush us.  But that won’t tell us anything.  Instead, Week 2 looms large.  It will be Joe Philbin’s FIFTH crack at the Bills, and he better show us something this time.  if you can’t destroy the worst team in your division with the worst QB in the league, then you shouldn’t even be out there.

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  1. I think everyone agrees that Philbin is the very worst coach in the NFL bar none. But I am thinking about the moves this team has made. We moved up to take Dion Jordan which was a disaster. Shelby is better than him. After all the tough talk and bluster about bullying they gave Pouncey like 50 million and he will probably not play for awhile and will also probably end up in prison. They gave the Denver RB 3 million and didn’t check his knee, and he went PUP today. Our first round pick this year was projected forbte third round and we could’ve drafted a real QB with that pick ( don’t get me started on Tanneyhill) and then drafted guys from colleges I’ve never heard of. If Ross had nuts, he fired Philbin today, gets a head coach with experience in here and signs Kyle Orton and makes him the starter. Oh well, gonna be a tough year but I’m sure we will at least be able to pick up the pieces after Philbin is gone

  2. Author

    LOL, well we don’t agree that Kyle Orton is the answer, but we certainly agree that Philbin is not the answer either. Philbin had two full years to make an impact, and he has done nothing. He took over a medicore team and made them…well…mediocre.

    Check out our new column on Philbin later this afternoon.

  3. Before I comment on the article, let me just say this: I recently discovered this website, and man do I like what y’all have to say. I like that your opinions are blunt and get right to the point. And mostly seem to echo exactly how I feel.
    On to the article, man you nailed it. Philbin is not an NFL head coach, he just isn’t. And you are correct in pointing out that the fact he wasn’t allowed to call plays for the Packers proves it. An OC that doesn’t call the plays? I mean is there some kind of rule in the NFL that a team MUST have an OC? That’s the only thing I can figure, just doesn’t make sense otherwise. Although I wonder if we simply had no other choice? How many rejections were there for our head coach job? How many failed attempts, and guys that refused to even interview? But that doesn’t have to be a death sentence, not at all. If you can’t find a winner who can do it himself, then find a leader; someone who can surround himself with the right people. Coaches/coordinators who can manage and excel at what they do, and lead their individual units to success. I mean that’s what being a leader is all about right? Putting the right people in the right places and LEAD them. Philbin has clearly shown that he can’t even do that. He’s not a leader, he’s not a winner, he’s just another example of why Miami currently represents everything an NFL franchise does not want to be.

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