4th-String Benchwarmer Dion Jordan Suspended

In what has become another embarrassment, Dion Jordan has been suspended by the NFL for a violation of the league’s policy on prohibited substances.

Dion Jordan carries equipment for the Dolphins who contribute

It wasn’t bad enough when the Dolphins made Jordan the number 3 overall pick, only see him do virtually nothing in his rookie season.    Can you name one big play that Jordan made last year?  Nope.

He reported late last year.

During games. he came in during situations only, and he never beat out Olivier Vernon  or Derrick Shelby for playing time, let alone Cam Wake and Jared Odrick.

He has become a wasted draft pick, with no 2013 accomplishment of note, and one-fourth of his 2014 already gone due to a suspension.  Because of this, his trade value is substantially decreased.  So we think we’re stuck with him.


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  1. The bad karma from the incognito fiasco continues. A good organization stands strong for their guys

  2. Can we trade him to Philly? I bet we could

  3. There is an upside. Its doubtful he would be a starter in the time frame of his suspension. This happened before training camp so the fins have lots of time to change any schemes with him in mind. The other players are now on notice and this could prevent more “events”. By kickoff time of the first game, this will hopefully be far enough in the past to have little if any demoralizing effect . Philbin has very good poise when under pressure. Hopefully this will serve to jumpstart that talented side of him if any of that approach has declined this year. Without humps there would be no getting over. We’re Phins Fans guys. And if you’ve lasted this long your battle tested and more than used to this by now. And while I dont like it any more than any other fan, I’m eager for the chance to once again prove the doubters wrong. PhinsUp!

  4. WOW, what a poor excuse for a journalist you are . You may want to get your all of the facts straight before you startwriting. Jordan is not a 4th string player, he’s behind only Vernon who had 11.5 sacks last year and he is also the main part of the Dolphins speed package (you also forgot to mention he had a shoulder injury that greatly slowed his progress). Big play (you forgot to mention he batted a ball that was intercepted to stop a drive at the end of a game and also chased Cam Newton down from behind to stop a drive). Reported to camp late (you forgot to mention it was because of NFL rules not allowing him to report because his school year had not finished). Carries equipment for the Dolphins who contribute (you forgot to mention this was from last year when he was a rookie and all rookies do this). Again, WOW.

    1. Was going to say this exactly what a hack. Not to mention you can never declare an nfl draft pick a bust until their third season. Some guys have great second years like Vernon, other guys will have better, but mediocre second years and blow up in the third. The NFL is not like other sports you are throwing 20 year olds into the gridiron to compete with massive MEN and the schemes are far more complex, besides the fact they are learning a new system.

      They need at least 2 years (or in Dions case an offseason using PED’s) to bulk up and get experience. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Cameron Wake a nobody for 4 years? Now he is an unquestioned top 3 DE in the NFL.

  5. Author

    Dear Compease
    “Jordan is not a 4th string player”
    —You are right. He is a FIFTH stringer (if you go 1-Wake, 2-Vernon, 3-Odrick, and 4-Shelby, that makes Jordan #5.)

    “you also forgot to mention he had a shoulder injury that greatly slowed his progress)
    —The Dolphins drafted him when they already knew about his shoulder injury. That makes him even a worse pick. Let’s pick a guy with a broken leg next time too.

    “You forgot to mention he batted a ball that was intercepted to stop a drive at the end of a game”
    —What game are you talking about?

    “Reported to camp late (you forgot to mention it was because of NFL rules not allowing him to report because his school year had not finished).”
    —No I mean AFTER the school rule had expired. He was about to hold out, but snuck in at the very very last day.

    Keep defending Jordan with your opinions, and we’ll keep correcting you with our facts.

  6. To Admin: Facts, I don’t think you would recognize one.

    5th string: You are counting players from the other end of the line that Jordan doesn’t play and Odrick is a tackle, not an end.

    And I was wrong on the tipped pass, there were 2
    One tipped pass was against the Ravens and it was returned for a touchdown to tie the game. link below
    With his team down seven in the fourth quarter, rookie defensive end Dion Jordan rushed Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco from the blind side and tipped the ball as it was being thrown. The ball floated into Jones’ hands for his first interception of the season, and a convoy of blockers allowed him to stroll into the end zone to tie the score 23-23.

    The 2nd was against Atlanta and it was also intercepted on the last play of the game.

    Held Out: But he didn’t hold out, almost is not holding out.

    You keep spewing half truths, and I’ll keep giving facts.

  7. Author

    We stand corrected with Odrick, so Kordan is back to being a 4th stringer, not fifth. Dolphins Truth regrets the error. We also regret that Miami wasted a draft pick on Jordan.

  8. I wanted to mention the two plays that DJ made that were game changers but Im not concerned so about minutiae. His contributions have been far less than his draft expectations even with the injury. This season was to be the proof he was worth the picks given to obtain him. With a four game suspension i guess our realization will also be susended But i do have to point out that DJ should have known he would be on the short list for.testing after hugeain in muscle in the off season. If i were the coach i would have given him a word of caution to keep his act clean. As it.turns out supposedly it.was a banned stimulant not steriods. All this cause he probably took adderall. Kinda stings.

  9. I personally feel like Jordan can be a great player in this league but that doesn’t mean it was the right move for us to trade up for. IMO, Ireland’s biggest flaw was to reach for potential rather than drafting for chemistry and need.
    Jordan should be a 3-4 OLB but instead we tried making him into a 4-3 DE and now he does something stupid to alter his body to be more of what he naturally is not.

  10. Author

    Good to see all the comments on Jordan, but we at Dolphins Truth respectfully disagree that Jordan is still a work in progress and that he just needs more time.
    He had time last year. He played in every single game. He just isn’t all that great. He might become a star, and we’ll print a huge apology on page one. But until he proves us wrong,…
    And our main beef is with Joe Philbin. Joey needs to understand that Jordan is young (and possibly immature) and just became a multi-millionaire. Joey needs to monitor EVERYTHING Jordan does and watch out for him, especially when it comes to putting uncommon substances into his body. Couldn’t Jordan and Philbin have asked the NFL, “Is this banned?” BEFORE Jordan took it?
    That is terrible terrible leadership (once again) from Philbin,.

  11. Im going with your suspicions hes a 20 something newly rich man and hopefully this serves as a wake up call for him. Greatness isnt always built so much as pounded into shape by the painful mistakes some need to build character. Ever the optomist, im hoping DJ is feeling his career and stock slipping. If hes a true winner he will use that fear to stay focused and hang on tight.

  12. I have to agree with the administrator. If he was good(1st round good). He wouldve been on the field more. How much will Clowney play? Shelby is better than Jordan. It’s just unfortunately a fact

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