Several Interesting Articles in the Herald About How the Dolphins Keep Doing Things WRONG

The Herald writers had several articles this week that demonstrate just how badly the Dolphins handled their quest for a new head coach.

Oh, the Herald guys don’t come right out and say that the Dolphins botched this; they just report the facts.  They spin negative news into positive hope, but that simply isn’t realistic.  They live in fantasy land and believe their own feel-good stories.

It’s up to me to read between the lines and interpret things for you.

For example, there was a recent report about why Kris Richard (highly regard Cowboys defensive coach who actually played in the NFL–even for the Dolphins) was not given the Dolphins head coaching job.   Richard wanted to hire an experienced offensive coordinator to come in and run the Dolphin offense.  Better yet, if given the Dolphins head job, Richard considered hiring a former head coach to come in and run our offense.  But the Dolphins apparently balked at that.  Chris Grier insisted that the Dolphins go with a much younger, newer offensive coordinator, so they passed on Kris Richard.

Not making it up.  It’s an actual report in the Herald:  The prospective head coach wanted to bring in an experienced staff, but he was shut down by a rookie, know-it-all GM who instead insisted on hiring no-name young coordinators.   Because if Adam Gase and Matt Burke taught us anything, it’s that giving first-time positions to young candidates is the key to multiple championships.

Many of us fans were intrigued by having Super Bowl winning coach Mike McCarthy run our offense next year.   Chris Grier feels that some assistant receivers coach named Chad O’Shea is better.   And when a new potential head coach wants to hire someone with experience, Chris Grier moves on until he finds a lackey who will hire nobodies instead.

This scenario is the opposite of Gase, and it’s even worse!  Gase was a head coach who thought his young friends would make strong assistants.  Grier and Ross loved that idea as well.   We all saw the results, however.  So finally we get a logical candidate who comes in and correctly admits he’s green and wants to hire some experienced help…and Grier won’t let him!

The other part of this situation that keeps springing up is the race issue.   There were several more articles (in the Herald and elsewhere) which sorta-kinda praised the Dolphins for being the only team to hire a black coach.

Yes, it’s a timely back story, but race shouldn’t be a reason to hire anyone.   Striving for a diverse coaching staff does not win games.  Football games are not won in the field of public opinion, but Stephen Ross doesn’t get that.  Still.

Today, yet another article by Armando showing that Grier and Flores were old friends.   Okay, we get it.  You rubbed salt in the wound enough.  We know full well that Brian Flores is an old buddy of Chris Grier.  You report it daily.  We know that’s why he got the job.  We get it already!  Stop reporting it and start criticizing it.

Our rookie GM handed a job to his unqualified friend.    Does anything EVER change for the Dolphins?


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    1. Author

      Yawn, another day Armando predicting something that we all pretty much know is coming anyway.

  1. Aww, poor Admin. Is the team not being run the way you see fit? Let’s take a closer look at some of the “points” you brought up. First, if I’m not mistaken there were 8 HC vacancies this year. How many of those teams passed on Mike McCarthy? The man is still sitting home right now, so I would say ALL eight. Bruce Arians was retired and yet managed to get a job before MM? Red Flag? Next, you made mention of the fact that Kris Richards wasn’t hired for the job because he wanted to bring in an experienced staff. Again if I’m not mistaken, the first person brought in was Jim Caldwell. No, he wasn’t brought in as OC, but you have to think he will have his fingerprints somehow on the offense. Brian Flores already “had” the job before KR even interviewed. FACTS! The rest is just BS put out there by “butt hurt” Armando and the rest of the clowns over at the Herald.

    1. Yes that is admins point. Grier chose his friend Flores in mind the entire time. No one else was considered

    2. Author

      No, the team is not being run as I see fit. That is why I critique these decisions. Chris Grier wanted to hire his inexperienced friend, and Stephen Ross allowed it. Grier wasted the time of other serious candidates, knowing full well he was going to hire his pal Flores the whole time. Bringing in Jim Caldwell as an assistant administrative role to help young Flores learn the ins and outs of coaching. You know who does NOT need help learning about coaching? Experienced coaches, that’s who! Grier not only cons Ross into allowing him to hire Flores, but it comes along with the old, “By the way, Flores is a very green rookie, so we need to hire someone to teach him how to coach. Okay, Mr. Ross?”
      “Sure,” says Ross in the middle of real estate meeting in NY City. “Hire all the friends you want. I don’t care.”

  2. Armando is a racist trash journalist who is wrong half the time. Remember he said Gase would stay yea that didn’t happen did it. I wouldn’t trust a word of what that idiot writes.

  3. it seems like rolling the dice on an inexperienced coach might be preferable to a repeat of the jimmy johnson era….. seems like with his career on the line grier would try to make the best choices possible…. how many morons can get elevated to this level ? when will ross realize that dan the man needs to be our HC!!

    1. Author

      Well said. When we Ross learn anything.

  4. Did you see we won play of the year for the Miami Miracle?

    1. Author

      No other play was close. Sad to think that was our last win of the year and wen ended with losses to 3 non-playoff teams. But that one play was a high note for sure!

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