Some Improvement as the Dolphins Hang Close for a Half

The offense scored its first touchdown since week one, and that is a small moral victory, as is gaining our first lead of the year.

But the defense seems to regress, both in terms of play-calling (the three-man rush DOES NOT WORK) and in execution (Christian Wilkins is NOT a first-round worthy draft pick; Eric Rowe is worse than Tory McTyer on a bad day; and even veterans like Reshad Jones getting fooled badly on a fake run by Philip Rivers.  For God’s sake!  It’s football 101…do NOT abandon your assignment just because 20 yards away you THINK the QB is going to run).

Mark Walton rightfully took away Kalen Ballage’s playing time.   Good.  Walton earned the time and simply played better than Ballage.

Jason Sanders has had an awful couple of inexcusable weeks.  Both kicks pushed right.  Something wrong with this mechanics, and we have no Darren Rizzi to correct it.  Cutting loyal John Denney might have affected Sanders.

Rosen looked great at points, but threw some dud passes as well.

But this loss is on the D.  It’s on that bum DC we have, and the guy who hired him.  Coach Flojob still has given no indication that his defensive brain is good.   It’s not the coach’s fault when the players mess up, but it IS the coach’s fault when they call 3-man rushes.  It IS their fault when the D shows no discipline.   This is all to be expected, because Ross handed the job to an inexperienced assistant and then allowed him to hire his inexperienced friends.

The only good thing I saw from Flojob today was when he screamed at Christian Bust Wilkins for taking a stupid penalty.  Players respond to an angry coach better than a coach who smiles and pats you on the butt.

For the second week in a row, the refs missed a huge penalty.  This is the play in the 3rd quarter when Rosen almost got sacked for the safety.  The announcers were so concerned about if it was a safety or not that they missed the real question:  Why did the refs not call facemasking?

King clearly drags down Rosen by his facemask, but I guess the refs were watching our cheerleaders instead.

Next up is a bye and then the 0-5 Redskins.  They are only 0-4 right now, but they play the cheating Pats next, so by the time we get to DC, they will be 0-5.


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  1. I want to say Flores knows football, and it’s just a matter of time. But his lack of adjustments 4 weeks in a row make me question myself

    1. Author

      I’m just glad he screamed at Wilkins for that penalty. Flores showed me some determination there !

  2. Thought this was a good week for us.

    Devante Parker is actually playing well this season, he’s getting open and even when he’s not he is making some nice catches or drawing some pass interferences

    Preston Williams will be so much better when he makes the easy catches

    Taco Charlton might be worth keeping around on the D line.

    I don’t think Howard has played up to his contract. But that could be because he is probably frustrated, everyone else in the secondary is garbage, and the pass rush is nonexistent

    1. Author

      Definitely seeing some improvement from DeVante. His stone hands still worry me, but his ability to get open is massively improved. They are targeting him more, which means they have specific plays and packages designed for him.
      They ran a “jet sweep” to Jakeem Grant twice this season, and both times it blew up badly. Becasue they’re doing it wrong. Grants sprints in motion, and the QB hands him the ball forward. Grant runs between that little pathway between the O-line and the QB. He is literally a yard behind the linemen. Now you know our linemen sucked and get pushed backward all the time. End of play! Both times, Grant’s play got stuffed because he was too close to the linemen.
      If they ran a “normal” jet sweep to Grant, where the QB hands him the ball well behind the line, then he has soooo much more room to operate and make people miss. They need to get some more creative plays.

      1. Every receiver will improve when the bubble screen no longer makes up 70% of the offense.

  3. I think it’s way too early to call Wilkins a bust… he sure as hell hasn’t shined in the first few weeks but he doesn’t have crap around him either so it’s hard to single out just one guy as under performing.

    I do agree 110% on the rest. Our DC seems completely incapable of adjusting to what the offense is doing. We currently play cover 1 more than anyone except New England and Detroit (see a pattern anyone?) which would be great if we had the kind of secondary to do that. But we don’t. Aside from Howard (who thus far I think hasn’t really shined either) and Reshad who’s probably starting to lose a step or two…. we have a bunch of scrubs in the secondary that don’t really deserve to be on a 55 man roster in the NFL. Look cover 1 can work great… if you a stellar secondary… if you don’t… you’re going to get burned… a LOT…. and Miami has proven that and our coaching staff either is too stubborn or too inept to adapt to the talent we have (or lack thereof).

    1. oh and to add to that point…. cover 1 defense requires a stellar secondary and a consistent pass rush…. again… we have neither… (though I’m encouraged by Taco Charlton at least)….

      1. Author

        Agreed. Taco’s sack yesterday was one of the few times during our live chatroom that we all applauded the defense!

    2. I agree but I think its too early to say that our coaches are not capable of adjusting. They are coaching players who, under Gase have never been coached. I see improvement and with this level of talent COULD mean that we have capable coaches.

      1. Author

        West Coast…I don’t know about that. Yes, it’s clearly too early to claim anything about anyone. But I have to call what i see.
        We ran a consistent 3-man rush throughout the day, and Rivers ate us up.
        Shouldn’t someone–ANYONE– at least toy with the idea of switching to a 5-man or even 7-man all out blitz?
        We have nothing at all to gain by rushing 3 men when we’re already losing by 20 or 30 points late.

  4. So let’s circle right back to where the initial problems start guys? (Admin, you know where I’m going…..our owner is a Moron! He doesn’t know how to hire a head coach and/or GM. Where does the buck stop? Right here. IMO.

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