LIVE GAME DAY. Is this the game the Dolphins come close?

Our live chat will be open soon and ready for the game.  Join us at:

As mentioned during the week, the easiest part of our schedule begins today.   If nothing else, I guarantee we won’t lose NEXT week (a boring bye).

The Chargers only have one more win than us, so they’ll be coming out trying to prove something.  We shall see.  I have said this before:  I want a very high draft pick in 2020, so I don’t mind having a crap season.  However, I don’t want the shame of 0-16.  Let’s win of of these next few, winnable games to get that first win stigma off of Flojob’s back.  Then maybe he’ll start making some better decisions.

Chat soon!


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  1. LT out today no luck on the oline it’s truly unbelievable. Sure Tunsil was traded but who loses that many LT’s…

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