Some initial thoughts on the new coach

When Joe Philbin was first hired several years ago, this site did not exist.

But I can share some of my thoughts at the time.  I swear, I’m not saying this in hindsight.  It’s really what I felt at the time.

I felt zero enthusiasm and less confidence in Joe Philbin, and he proved me correct.

Joe Philbin was not a good choice.   You see, he had never led.  He had never called a play in his life.  Never made a personnel decision.  Never had to strategize. Certainly was never allowed to call a time out.

When he was offensive coordinator in Green Bay, his own head coach never let Philbin call a single play.    That was very telling to me.  You see, Mike McCarthy worked with Philbin day in and day out for many many years, and he never once felt that Philbin was good enough to call a play on his own.

Coach Dan Campbell. Welcome.

But Stephen Ross thought he was good enough to call plays.   Although Ross did not know Philbin, Ross thought he was good enough to call everything.  And that was the beginning of the end right there.  Ross listened to all the nice-guy compliments that people said about Philbin, but Ross didn’t bother to dig.

WHY was Philbin still a 50-year-old assistant relegated to the role of organizing offensive team meetings in Green Bay?  The answer?  Philbin was unqualified to be a head coach.  Unqualified to call plays.  Unqualified to evaluate talent.

Unqualified to lead.


In a modern NFL full of whiz kid coaches and Offensive Innovators, Joe Philbin stood alone as an old-school coach (and just old) who was never really promoted to a position of any clout.   As Donald Driver once said, Joe Philbin organized the meetings that  Coach McCarthy ran.

Stephen Ross hired a meeting organizer. Not a leader.  The last 3+ years are Ross’s fault as much as Philbin’s.

So now we’re faced with another new coach who has never led nor made an on-field decision.

But this feels different.  Somehow, I do feel enthusiastic.  I do feel positive.  I think we might have a winner.

Yes, that’s based on only one press conference and zero accomplishments, but still, there is something good about Dan Campbell.  Already.

First of all, unlike Philbin, Coach Campbell did play in the NFL.  He knows the rigors of practice and fighting for a job and fighting the opponent. Philbin had no such experience.

Coach Campbell knows that the opponent is the man across from you on Sundays, not an X on a chalkboard in front of you on a Tuesday morning.   He’s already stressing the important of just being tough and battling the opponent.

The guy looks tough.   That alone can be meaningless, but it’s a good start.  I can’t even remember their names, but I remember some of those huge dudes who came in and coached the Raiders.  They looked tough and mean too, but led the Raiders nowhere.   Let’s hope Campbell instills his toughness on the team AND it translates to wins.

Don’t be fooled by Campbell saying pleasantries about Joe Philbin.   He has to say that nonsense, as all incoming coaches do.   But while he never criticized Philbin, he wasted no time in stating that he’ll be doing things different. Starting with challenging the players and toughening them up.

Imagine that!  NFL players whose coach asks them to get tougher.  Joe Philbin never understood that.  The Dolphins got outbattled on so many Sundays, and Philbin would constantly just say that what he did was right.

Personally, I think we’ll see the changes immediately, especially on offense.   There is no way…just no way…that a former tight end like Campbell won’t adjust our pass blocking.  Philbin running those ridiculous formations that got Tannehill creamed all day long should be a thing of the past. 5 wideouts on 4th and inches?  No more.

Dan Campbell. like Philbin, has never led.  He has never called a play in his life.  Never made a personnel decision.  Never had to strategize. Certainly was never allowed to call a time out.  But the difference is, I have confidence in this guy’s leadership, as he exudes it on Day One.  Did Philbin ever ever demonstrate his confidence onto anyone?

I also like that Mike Tannenbaum is emphasizing that this season is not over.   Certainly with a new coach, there is hope.  1-3 is a tough spot, but not impossible to overcome.  No talk of rebuilding.   Just talk of refocusing.    That was refreshing to hear.


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  1. The hiring of Dan Campbell is very telling as to the teams confidence in Lazor and Coyle. I suspect they will be gone within the next couple of days. I would hire Jim Schwartz as DC tomorrow! Not too sure about Lazor, though. The fact that neither of them was hired as HC does not bode well for either. Major shakeup, for sure. I like the aggressive move to place Campbell as HC. Sends a very strong message. I wonder if players privately lobbied for Dan?

  2. Also, I wanted to challenge any remnant of Tannehill fanboys out there to actually use their one functioning brain cell and realize that Tannehill is not the answer at QB for THIS team or any other! I’m sick of the apologists blaming the O-line for his problems…he sucks! How many overthrows will it take for you all to realize this? Time to cut our losses before his contract balloons.
    If the reports are true that he’s being an ass and the team has lost respect for him, he needs to go…yesterday! I don’t wanna hear it, fanboys. He’s had FOUR years to get it right and his stats are padded with garbage time numbers.
    Good riddance!

  3. Good riddance to the trolls like yourself.

  4. Juan no disrespect to your opinion but I think that there is a huge number your not familiar with. This year Tannehill is getting hit on 42% of the plays. That doesn’t include the hurries on probably another 42%.

    He needs to improve but the team and scheam is so broken it’s hard to lay the blame down right now on one man who isn’t a coach.

    I have said since the day I came to this site and posted a comment that until the OL is fixed we have no shot and I believe that now more then ever.

    Jimmy Johnson used to preach that the games were won and lost with your OL and DL so it’s no wonder the Dolphins suck!

    If the reports about Tannehills behavior are true don’t worry those guys will work it out.

    1. Lots of excuses for Tannepuke!! LOL

    2. Tannepuke needs to punched in the mouth like Geno Smith was!

    3. Brian… I completely understand what you’re saying about the O-line but let’s look at it from the point of view of frustrated players and not fans and statistics. If it’s true what the reports are saying about Tannehill, then this problem isn’t new. I have the sneaking suspicion that what’s happening with Tannehill is what happened to Marino at the end of his career. The toxic mix of Jimmy Johnson and Marino had reached a fever pitch and the locker room was lost. Players hated both and wanted both gone. So the offensive line pretty much quit on Marino and if you remember the last time Marino played the 49ers, the first three plays to open the Dolphins opening drive were sacks on Marino. I have a friend who was close to the players at the time and yes…believe it or not, they threw games according to my source. This dysfunction and culture from back then has apparently never been dealt with and has raised its ugly head once again. Team mutiny is real. You’ll never read a columnist come right out and say it but it happens in every business where the leadership has sunk.
      Undoubtedly, I will get the mental giant who exclaims, “lol, ur dumb” but offers nothing else. I will say this even more clearly…even when Tannehill is NOT under pressure, he is not Tebow bad as a passer but he’s too inconsistent to be a starter. He’s just a faster Chad Henne and the ONLY statistic that counts is his win/loss record. He STILL pats the ball before he throws EVERY TIME. Patting the ball telegraphs his throw and the fact that he locks on to his primary target almost every time is the reason he gets balls batted more than any other QB in the league.
      I’m 5’8″ and have a hand span of 9 and 1/4 inches. Tannehill has a smaller hand than I do plus he has toe-thumbs. That’s absurd!the best QB’s have big hands regardless of their height. He’s not the guy and if I’m right, and the reports on him are true, then you’ll see a change sooner than later. He can’t throw the deep ball in a game and has ZERO touch.

  5. Not to mention Henne is far more accurate than Tannebum…

  6. Juan I can appreciate everything you say and don’t mistake my observations for FANNING for Tannehill. We will not be getting a new quarterback this year but regardless our OL sucks.

    You think they are not playing because they don’t like Tannehill? Come on these guys can’t play period. Marino almost always had really good OLs.

    Whoever the QB is they can’t keep getting hot 42% of the time or we will keep losing.

    What’s the recipe to beat Brady? Hit him!

    You may not like stats but they do help tell the real story imo

    1. Tannehills QBR is 30th against weak competition.

      Tannehill has NEVER had a winning season

      How bout those stats?

      Wanna make excuses and blame who or what? Mike Sherman? Bill Lazor? The RB’s? The WR’s? The OL? the TE? Joe Philbin? The D? El Nino?

  7. And now Tannehill’s coaches and teammates hate him. He’s getting everyone fired.

  8. @Jay

    Umm So you think philbin, coyal, lazor are great coaches if only Matt Moore were playing we would be going to the Super Bowl?

    But since Tannehill is the qb they will all be fired and therefor we will suck?

    Your intitled to your opinion

  9. @jay

    Also respectfully notice if you can that in my response to Juan I mentioned that my concerned Werner about keeping or making excuses for Tannehill it was improving the team around whoever is the qb.

    Why do you have to turn every comment I make into some heated diatribe about me being all in for Tannehill?

    I’m not – I want to win – I don’t care who the qb is if he wins but how anyone with any football sense can think ANY qb can win consistantly in the NFL while getting hit 42% of the time is beyond me.

  10. Sorry for the spelling and grammar when I’m at work I respond on my cell phone and the formatting is such that I can’t see what the phone is autocorrecting until it posts

    I absolutely hate that

  11. Author

    Personally, I don’t give a shit if Tannehill is mouthing off to some practice squadders, or to starters, or to the coaches, or to anyone. I don’t want the spirit of Jonathan Martin on the practice field, where men are afraid to argue or use a bad word or be sarcastic. I WANT Tannehill to be smug and arrogant, because we certainly don’t see that on Sundays.
    Coach Campbell may already be considering using Matt Moore. We don’t know. But the Dolphins front office is a disaster, with about 47 people having too much power. Someone is gonna “order” the coach to stick with Tannehill because we invested so much in him, and it’ll be an embarrassment to admit we were wrong.

    1. You’re probably right that someone may “order” Tannehill to remain the starter but isn’t it more of an embarrassment for the franchise to continue with the loser rather than admit a mistake and move on and improve?

      1. Author

        Ross continued with Loser Joe for 3 and a half years and seemingly never got embarrassed. I wish he would. I know it’s politically correct to not trash a coach on his way out the door, but Philbin deserves very very little praise. Cam Cameron had huge playmakers like Cleo Lemon and Travis Minor at his skill positions. Sarcasm. I give Cam the benefit of the doubt for having zero talent to work with. Philbin does not get that benefit.

        1. Philbin had no better talent than Cameron had especially on offense.

          1. Stop it, Jay. Now you are proving yourself to be an instigator and not a knowledagble fan.
            Unless you consider Greg Camarrillo as a better number one receiver than Brandon Marshall or Mike Wallace. Or Sam Gado a better runner than Reggie Bush.
            I was looking up the skill positions of Cameron’s Dolphins, and none of them had skill!

            1. Author

              Fanboy, welcome to the site. Instigators are welcome here, so just relax and enjoy the Dolphins truth ride. 🙂

            2. I am talking about right now, this season. There is no Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, or Mike Wallace on this roster.

        2. I wouldn’t give Cam Cameron any benefit. He was the worst head coach in NFL history. He makes Joe look like Shula.

    2. You can be smug or arrogant…BUT you better back that shit up! Marino was arrogant and a total dick but he was DAN MARINO! Tannepuke has shown very little to lay claim to arrogance except for maybe the wife and honestly, she’s not all that!

      1. Author

        I think she IS all that, personally!
        But I see your point about the other stuff. He ain’t accomplished enough to be smug about his football skills.

    3. It’s an embarrassment already. Time to change everything. FLUSH!

  12. Let’s hope this is the start of something good. When an amateur fan like myself can see glaring problems…like ALWAYS attempting to gain 4-5 yards when we need 10 or more; when clock management is horrendous, etc, then the problem isnt just a problem, its a big problem.

    I actually rooted for the Jets last week, and I hate the Jets, but knew it would help up move forward.

    I don’t care for Rex Ryan much either, but at least I will see him get visibly upset when the other team scores, and not applaud. 🙂

    1. Author

      Yes! What’s up with Philbin always applauding?

    2. Amen. I was rooting for the Jets, too as probably most fans were. This is gonna be interesting to say the least!

    3. Well, Tannebum isn’t very accurate past 5-7 yds. The worst in the league at the deep pass.

    4. You’re not the only one here that was rooting for the Jets last week.

  13. I bet the first thing we notice with the new coach is much better clock management

    1. Author

      We’ll notice early on when we see the offensive formations we open up with. If Campbell allows Lazor to run those ridiculous 4-wideout spreads, then we’re doomed.
      But if Campbell has a brain and makes Lazor mix it up, we’ll know he’s onto something.

  14. Loser franchises play the guy that gets paid more and winning franchises play the guy that’s better no matter what the salary. Remember when Seattle signed Matt Flynn to a huge contract but started

  15. Anybody notice the name “Dennis Hickey” in any of these stories about Philbin? Is he still the “GM”?

  16. Classic Dolphins fans. Insult there current qb by comparing him to a legendary, HOF qb that won a collective zero Super Bowls. If Dan was so great then Juan and all you need is a great qb to win then please explain the lack of championships he bought to Miami. His contemporaries like Joe Montana and Dan Elway have several between them. Why is it that he has none Juan since you’re the quarterback expert.

    1. Hey, DolphDung…
      I guess Jim Kelly, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, etc, etc, etc…in you FACE!!! There have been TONS of great QBs to never win the big one and quite a few mediocre QBs that got REALLY lucky to be on GREAT teams. You know NOTHING about football if you gauge a great QB by how many rings he has on his fingers…ur an idiot.


    Also don’t forget the Elway, as good as he was never won a SB until he had a pretty damm good team – a really good OL a decent Def and a good coach!

    All the years without all that around him it wasn’t as easy as the John Elway highlight reel makes it seem in 90 seconds!

    Since so many think Tannehill is so bad I’d be interested to see who you guys think (Keep the salary cap in mind) we should sign next year?

    and please don’t include Moore that would be an exercise in intellectual dishonesty.

    1. Most NFL backups are better than Tannehill including Matt Moore so almost anyone of 10 available would be an upgrade. Besides that they need to draft a top QB from college also.

  18. @Mike

    You sound like a Jets fan hoping we continue failing!

  19. Just an observation about the T-hill debate. At the moment Im disappointed in his play for the record’s sake. But as fans when a team plays bad we blame the coach right? But when a QB plays bad we blame the QB. Why arent we laying some blame on our piss poor QB coach. Still the same problems with Tannehill since he first came to this team with some small progress. I say fire the QB coach and bring in someone with a proven track record or get Marino more involved in mentoring T-Hill.

    1. PhinsUp- you make an excellent point. When Ryan was drafted, the words most associated with him were “raw” and “potential”. He was only the starter at A&M for less than two full years.

      Knowing this, who gets hired as the QB Coach?? Mike Sherman’s son-in-law. I sh*t you not. The guy is only 32 years old (today, making him 29 when first hired).

      Now, does it make much sense to pair a “raw” QB and an even raw-er QB coach? A QB Coach that never played an f’ing down of NFL football.

      Seriously, this dude was a “Graduate Assistant” for his wife’s daddy at A&M, and got a gig as an NFL assistant coach right after. There is a word for this- NEPOTISM.

      If I remember correctly, Philbin refused to fire Mike Sherman, and it was only after being threatened with his own job did Philbin finally cut ties with him. Loyalty is one thing, but refusing to acknowledge poor performance that is clearly sabotaging the team is treason, or NEPOTISM.

      Joe Philbin never cared enough about this team to do what was necessary to win. I value loyalty as much as anyone I know, but this wasn’t loyalty, it was enabling. Still is…

      Ever wonder why Ryan’s snap count is predictable? Why he never takes a deep enough drop? Why he seems inexperienced at stepping up in the pocket and/or looking for a running lane?

      Maybe it’s because our QB coach has no clue about any of these.

      1. Big J,

        Thanks for echoing what I’ve been feeling about this subject for some time. The nepotism, which I fully agree with needs to go. Sherman’s son in law isnt developing tannehill enough. He has the athleticism, smarts , and dedication to be great. But this is the garbage in garbage out scenario. If your coach doesnt know sh*t or how to motivate then what kind of outcome can you expect?

        And as fans if we are to crucify Philbin for the team as a whole then we have to be fair and criticize the QB coach for Tannehill’s lack luster performances and his tendency to regress. Yes I fully understand hes playing behind a terrible O-Line but he sure isnt making them look good with his skills either. If our QB cant walk without a crutch and needs a perfect pocket every time he plays then his skill set to this point is a liability. Adversity challenges each and every QB and each and every team. You become a winner by learning to overcome it and make those deficiencies your strengths. Our QB coach isnt doing anything to improve T-hills confidence or swager. He still looks tentative like in your words a half stepper. As if he could care less that his failures are publicly known for the whole world to see and mock the very day after the loosing effort has ended. To this point I dont see internal pride driving him. WHY? Lack luster coaching in my opinion.

        If I were Campbell I would replace this last vestige of the terrible nepotism which as hamstrung out team for years by giving Sherman’s son in law a boot to the ass. And bring Marino. Forget Marino has never coached it really doesnt matter. The mojo and strength of Marino’s winning attitude will more than overcome any coaching knowledge he lacks. Just surround him with elderly winners of the past and I feel you will see a huge improvement from the confidence driving effect Marino would bring to Tannehills mind.

        We need to kick out all the bums who are only leeching off our team’s payroll and bring in people less concerned about their cushy NFL jobs and paychecks . We need staff who want victory and would otherwise do it for free. Other teams have this intangible quality. Why not ours? Honestly Dolphins fans why has this quality escaped out team for so so long? It doesnt make sense.

        1. Author

          Yep. We’ve been pointing out for 4 long years that Philbin hired his best friend Sherman, and then allowed Sherman to hire his son-in-law to work with a raw rookie. Joe Philbin had a world full of experienced QB coaches, and the best of the best he could find was his buddy’s son-in-law. It’s disgusting that Ross let Philbin do this.

        2. Excellent points Finsup. This team/organization was respected, admired and feared by opponents. We lost that along the way for some years and it’s time we got our “swagger” back again. That swagger is back with Bills and Jets, we can all see it. We need to get that back and hoping Dan Campbell will get this team on the right track. I’m more than relieved Philbin era is over. That was painful. It didn’t take a deep thinker to see he was not head coaching material. What the Moron (Ross) thought he saw in him as head coach is indicative of his football intelligence as owner. But he’s a problem for a different day, and he is a problem we can’t get rid of. I too feel they need to clean out the coaches and it may not happen until there is a head coach hired. If Campbell does well, I would think he would have a chance for the position. But I’m for the good of the team if it’s a known coach, i. e. Sean Peyton. At least, we are Philbon free.

  20. Author

    The coaches need to come up with ways to help a sub-par quarterback. And Philbin never ever did. The Jets game was winnable. We were down 13 with lots of time left. We drove and had First and goal from the 2. On first down, we ran some stupid criss-cross play, and First Round Wasted Draft Pick Davante Parker got penalized.
    He either didn’t know the rules, or he ran into the Jet on purpose. Either way, that play call never should have occurred. It was a complex pass pattern when we only needed two yards. Now all of a suddenly, it’s first and goal again, but this time, we are outside the 10-yard-line.
    Then the coaches called for fade passes and other crap that Tannehill isn’t good at.
    By the time you blink, it’s 4th-and-goal and Clueless Joe decides to go for it. He runs the some kind of garbage play again. Even if T-hill throws it away, the Jets begin the drive deep in their own zone. Instead, T-hill throws a pick, and the Jets get it at their 20.
    The best part of being at the 2 yard line is even if you screw up, the Jets start their next drive at the 2. But no. We can’t even do that right. We end up giving them the ball at the 20.

    1. About the D-Parker play. Actually the Jets defender ran into Parker . Watch the replay. BS call Parker was running his route and was bumped by the Jets defender , Parker was facing Tannehill and couldn’t even see who was around him. But we are the Dolphins and never get the benefit of the doubt.

      1. Author

        You may be right, and I’ll look again. But I still don’t like the call. 🙂

    2. @Admin
      “The coaches need to come up with ways to help a sub-par quarterback.”

      Why not just get an above par QB??

  21. Juan you friggin’ imbecile! Thanks for inadvertently answering the question of why a great qb is far from the only determinate on winning in the NFL. Football is the ultimate team sport for a reason. Inconsistent to average qbs that play on loaded teams make the play-offs yearly(See Dalton) and even win the Super Bowl occasionally(See Flacco). Some of these guys win because along with having a good players around them they have great coaching that calls play to maximum their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Hilarious part is that you’re knowledgeable enough to recognize that good qb’s don’t win without help but too stupid to realize that Tannehill is a good qb that has been handicapped by the team around him. Mostly by an inept coach, terrible o-line, lack of run support, and suspect play-calling. And the interesting part is that you used Phillip Rivers as an example. Rivers is widely respected as a good qb amongst football purists but has been widely panned by ball-watchers fans like yourself in recent years because of his propensity to turn the ball over. Now when he had L.T., a young Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, and good defense to support him he made the play-offs perennially. In the past few years the Chargers haven’t been contenders due to a weak roster but he has played well. Just not well enough to cover up his teams weaknesses. So once again I thank you for inadvertently proving my point. And you’re still a troll and an imbecile.

    1. Author

      Doug Pederson won Don Shula’s record-setting 325th game AND he has a Super Bowl ring. No real relevance, but I like pointing out that trivia.

    2. Its a QB league and ours is total garbage.

    3. Tannehill sucks…so does your “argument”. I didn’t prove your point, you fucking moron! My point is that Tannepuke sucks ass REGARDLESS of what fucking team he has around him. He’s a garbage QB that racked up TONS of garbage statsin losing battles but you’re too stupid and too much of a gay boy for Tannebum to see that. Fucking apologist, asshole!

    4. Rather than get 10 pro bowlers around Tannehill (which is what he needs to be average), why not just get an accurate QB?

  22. Lets blame Mike Sherman, his son, Lazor, Philbin, the RB’s, the WR’s, the OL, the TE, the D, and El Nino for Tannehill’s failure.

  23. Not only does Tannehill stink but his teammates now hate him. BTW Marino has been working with him and it hasn’t helped either. As far as Texas A+M they improved dramatically when he left. Who wants an accuracy challenged QB? I would trade him for Chad Henne and wouldn’t look back.

  24. Jay you’re an even bigger imbecile than Juan and that’s says a lot.

    1. Apparently, according to YOU, you fucking genius…everyone that disagrees with you on cRyan Tanneshit is an idiot! Go fuck your mother.

    2. You must be Tannehill’s mother!! Or….you know NOTHING about football!!

  25. If Tannehill can’t throw the ball down field which he can’t the offense is super easy to defend all of these wide outs wasted cause the qb can’t throw over any defense including his own practice squad. How can Miller run if everyone moves up knowing Tannehill can’t throw deep.

  26. Miller had 1,099 yards last year and averaged 5 ypc with a limited amount of carries playing with our so-called average qb. Explain that morons.

  27. That comment is so stupid that I rest my case.

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