Stephen Ross Continues to Give Dolphin fans what he thinks they want, but no one asks for

Nearly every time Stephen Ross gathers the media to make an announcement, you know there will be two possible outcomes:

1.  Whatever he says will hurt the Miami Dolphins.


2.  Whatever he says, it will have no bearing on the Miami Dolphins.

  • “We are relinquishing a home game to go play instead on a neutral field in Europe” HURTS the Dolphins.
  • “I am allowing J-Lo to purchase part of the team” HAS NO BEARING on the Miami Dolphins.

    He refuses to fire Joe Philbin, but he makes up for it by taking aways seat from 11,000 Dolfans.
  • “I am keeping Joe Philbin for a 4th year despite his losing record” HURTS the Dolphins.
  • “I’d like the stadium to host a soccer game in the future” HAS NO BEARINGS on the Dolphins.

Dolphins Truth has been pointing out for years that Ross is misguided in where he spends his time and money.  He devoted a tremendous amount of resources into changing the team’s logo, for example.  But not a single fan ever asked him to.  Not a single player told Ross that a new logo will equate to a few more wins per year.

It’s just something he did on his own, and it was an action that had absolutely no relevance toward making his team better.

That is a PERFECT example of how Mr. Ross operates.   Sadly, we have all gotten used to it.  And even MORE sadly, we all realize that he ain’t gonna change and he ain’t going nowhere.

Is Stephen Ross the owner of the Miami Dolphins?  Or is he a self-appointed public relations agent for the State of Florida?  Dolfans worldwide continue to voice their displeasure with Ross’s obsession with future Super Bowls, celebrity owners, soccer, logos, etc.   When will he ever become obsessed with the Miami Dolphins?

Ross gathered the media at Sun Life last week to show off some stadium renovations.  Nothing he discussed will help the Miami Dolphins.

He is adding a shady awning for the fans to make the fans feel better during home games.  You know what would make the fans feel better?  How about a home game vs. the Jets instead of Ross forcing us to play on a neutral field in England.

How about Joe Philbin not calling a timeout when we are seconds away from beating the Packers?  Why doesn’t Ross EVER bring up these things?  They are items that would REALLY make us fans feel better, not a stupid awning that no one asked for.

The new stadium configuration will hold approximately 11,000 FEWER fans than before.  Perfect, Mr. Ross.  Great idea!  Instead of making the stadium louder and rowdier and trying to get MORE fans in, let’s REMOVE 11,000 paying fans!   Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up.  Could you imagine Jerry Jones doing this?  Robert Kraft?

Ross is misguided in trying to be Mr. Nice Guy to the Florida community.  He is not the Chamber of Commerce of Dade County.  He is an owner in the most competitive league in the world, and it’s time he started to act like that.  His duty is NOT to help the community.  It’s to create a champion NFL team.

For example, Ross devotes a ton of time and resources toward trying to get a Super Bowl in the City of Miami.  But Dolfans don’t care.   Ross also said,“I think we’ll really serve South Florida with the really great soccer games that I think they’re looking to see.”  Again, no one cares about soccer.

When we gather into Sun Life Stadium and we watch Joe Philbin call for a punt on 4th-and-inches, do we say “Boy, I don’t mind Joe Philbin blowing this game as long as I can watch a soccer match here in two years.”   Seriously, who thinks that way besides Stephen Ross!?

When Joe Philbin calls a timeout on defense to help the other team win, do us fans say “It’s okay that Philbin blew this game for us…at least we have a Super Bowl coming to the city of Miami in 7 years.”  Where on earth are Ross’s priorities?

Or how many fans said “Well, if I had my choice of either beating the Jets here at home or else getting a canopy, I will choose the canopy.”  That is how misguided Ross is.   He thinks he knows what we want, and he’s wrong..   He thinks he knows what we need, and he’s wrong.

And he thinks the Dolphins will be better because of these great innovations.  And he is dead wrong.  Again. Again.


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  1. I have just about had it ,fan since 1981. Ross only cares about 1 thing and that’s making money that’s it.What fans have to do is hurt him in the pocketbook , to me he just don’t get it my last straw was when they retained the DC ,god its tough being a fin fan.

    1. Author

      Sad but true. We need Ross to listen to guys like Larry instead of his accountants.

  2. As I have said and others, this owner is CLUELESS!!!!! Does not WANT to get it is what it looks like, bec $$$$ is his only love, not the Dolphins. It seems he’s not interested in Dolphins money, but the money he can make on other venues, i.e. soccer seems to have peaked his bank accounts. So we, Dolphins fans and Dolphins the franchise, are less important . The Dolphins are not his priority it’s obvious. The franchise is held hostage by its owner. How foul is that. Sell to Trump or Cuban, please. They hate losing and would do everything they could to get the right coaches etc., to be a winner! You may not like them but they want one thing-a winner! I’ll take either one.

    1. Author

      True true true. I don’t care what the players SAY in public about Philbin. You have to go by their thoughts and their actions and what they say privately. We just don’t see ANY EXTRA love or desire to try for Philbin. Philbin undermines their skills, not enhances them. Philbin will not take a risk. How many of us were green with envy when we saw Pete Carrol go for a fake field goal that got Seattle a win yesterday? Slow Joe Philbin would have tried a field goal, missed it, and then the next day he’d tell you why he was right. And Ross would give him an extension for it.

  3. I fully agree, from what I’ve seen and heard, that Ross is an owner that doesn’t bleed aqua and orange. When I look at owners like Allen in Seattle, Kraft in New England, the Rooney family, the publicly held Packers, Jerry Jones, and others I always deep down am thinking, “Gosh I wish we had an owner like that.” We used to in Joe Robbie (I still call the stadium Joe Robbie). Even Wayne Huizenga seemed to be all in. Where things went wrong was when Huizenga sold his ownership to an outsider with no history or connection with the team and community. I would love it if Dan Marino somehow got majority ownership.

    With that said I do think the stadium renovations are needed. I’m so sick and tired of seeing empty orange seats at the start of the 3rd quarter. It looks embarrasing on TV and feels pathetic as a fan. I don’t know why it’s like that from all I can gather from antendees is that people are hanging out in the concourse because of the heat. Don’t know if that’s accurate or not.

    I also like that seats will be moved closer to the field. It seems like there is a whole lot of space separating fans & field, which affects crowd noise. Look at Green Bay, Buffalo, and others whose fan’s are almost right on top of the sidelines. That s awesome!!! I fully support whatever ownership can do to get fans more engaged by adjusting stadium. One question though….. where’s all that rainwater going to drain off that giant canopy?

    1. Author

      He SAYS he bleeds the aqua and orange, but his actions speak way louder than his words. But then again, he simply goes out and changes the aqua to a girly sky blue that makes our uniforms the laughing stick of the league.

      1. I think Ross is on of those people that think the Dolphins colors are green and orange. I swear there are lots of people I know who don’t believe me when I say it’s aqua and not dolphin green lol. Then again I’m in Indiana.

    2. Author

      And I agree that the renovations are needed, but the team needs renovation first. Moving a few hundred seats closer sounds like a good idea, but not when you remove 11.000 other seats. The bottom line is that Slow Joe Philbin will lose games for us no matter what the venue looks like.

  4. Next choice falling into 1. category I can anticipate for you, ready to bet on it:

    Let’s not resign Knowshown Moreno, who cares about a RB who ran roughshod over Pats in Game 1 and runs as if he’s possessed, while we can develop some undrafted bozo none has heard of, not even in College and split the carries with some other bozos, one of whose refried from the items fallen on the floor (D. Thomas).

    Thomas who, BTW, might be the epitome of these 2010’s Dolphins. A beast in college, running and stiffarming as a vintage Jim Brown, he came to Miami and turned into an apathy example from virtually Day 1. That type of player who runs when he’s called, does what he do with that Bare Ass Minimum attitude and then goes back to chill on the bench, occasionally bantering with other personnel in the vicinity. No ambition, no bite, no extra effort, no Lombardi spirit.

    Oh goodness….what we are coming to as a team…

    1. Author

      We would love to see Knowshon back. He runs a lot like Marshawn Lynch, and we definitely need that. He got hurt but injuries are just a part of the game. He’ll come back strong for some tea, so let’s hope it’s us.

  5. When the Dolphins played in the grand Dame, the Orange Bowl, the fans WERE closer to the field and visiting teams had a hard time with the noise! Are any of you old enough to remember that? I no longer live in in SOFLO but family does and so does my Dolphins fandom which has followed me to NJ. I agree fans should be closer as that makes for great football home field and enjoying the game at a better vantage. BUT, it does not help the situation the franchise finds itself in…owner and head coach. I cannot tell you how fed up I was when our dumb a$$ owner professes his love for Philbin BEFORE the season was over ! IS ROSS THAT STUPID? Are we fans that unlucky to have this dumb of an owner ? No….he isn’t stupid, he just is a rich guy who is showing what ELSE he can buy! Real estate is his first love and the NFL team is the hot babe on his arm! A chance to schmooze with other rich guys so he can be “one of them”. If Tannenbaum has any influence to make Ross see things differently, we might have a chance.. But we need a new owner and coach. We can get a new coach eventually. The owner we’re stuck.

    1. This owner of the dolphins seem to think its the hot sun that is keeping fans from coming,duh its the product on the field and coaching is what is keeping the fans away. He is so fixed on thinking if he makes it more comfortable and some celeberties and roll out the red carpet they will come .I think put a winning product on the field more fans will come ,but Ross thinks differently.

  6. Nicely done. I cannot argue with anything you said. I see the agony of another .500 season.

  7. Like you guys I tend to be hard on my Fins, I grew up during the Glory Days in Melbourne Fl. Screw the stadium don’t care, screw soccer don’t care, screw J Lo I wish. I do see the team overall in a little different light than some of you. Joe Philbin is not the biggest problem, he actually did an unbaleevable job with the O-Line after Bully Gate, unfortunately the injury bug derailed the O Line. In fact injuries ended up keeping the Fins out of the playoffs, from Knowshon, Albert and a 3rd string secondary. The biggest factor in the Fins losing season is the lingering STENCH of Ireland and his player decisions, unfortunately we will be reeling from that for several years to come. Look no further than Dion Jordan. I’ll stop here except to say that Tannehill who has a huge upside, has to improve passing accuracy or this team will be .500 for his entire career

    1. Author

      Welcome 1fishfan. Joe Philbin is certainly not the ONLY problem, but we feel he is a bigger problem than you think. We don’t know what goes on inside the locker room. We don’t know about Philbin’s preparation techinques. Admittedly, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.
      So we have to judge him by what we DO know. And what we know is bad. He calls time outs to assist the opponent. He never ever goes for it on 4th-and-inches, even when we’re inside opponent territory. He gets rid of All Pro performers like Vontae Davis, Brandon Marshall, and Reggie Bush in favor of “superstars” like Nolan Carroll, Marlon Moore, and Daniel Thomas. He shows no guts when it comes time to take a risk of challenging a play. And he admits–publicly–that he feels queasy during a close game and that forces him to go conservative and lose.

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