The Buffalo Bills Players, Fans, Alumni, and Community Embrace Rex Ryan; Does Anyone in Miami embrace Joe Philbin?

Jim Kelly had a great quote about Rex Ryan when he said that Rex is “one of us already.”

Joe Philbin will never see this kind of support.

The guy’s been on the job 2 days, and people love him already.

Meanwhile in Miami, Joe Philbin’s been here over three years, and he’s done absolutely nothing to turn the team around.  Has anyone embraced him?

Not even when he first came to the Dolphins did he bring any enthusiasm with him.   He brought no excitement with him.   And we dare say he brought no coaching skill with him.

How did this inept old man fool Stephen Ross?

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  1. So we fired Sparano with much outrage for his poor results and a firm kick in his butt, while at least he gave us one Divisional title and an overall record who doesn’t go too far off from Philbin’s, if I’m not mistaken. With the detail that Philbin Dolphins didn’t even sniff the playoffs smell. And, even more unnervingly, they don’t even get blown off in games, they just consistently lose crucial games by an horsehair, or a bad play call or cover, or a lack of steam in the 4th Quarter or….just any other reasons. A recipe for mediocrity. We got Todd Bowles as interim coach (who , by the way, went 2-1 with the relict of a team in December and he’s one who happens to have played the game) only to turn to Philbin as the “new man”. Well, see what the team is like, now.
    Remember, guys: players talk. And I could bet the most appealing free agents wouldn’t touch Miami with a 30-feet pole at the moment.

    1. There is a pretty nice pool of free agents this year and agreed, how many would even faintly consider going to MIA? Zero…as a life long fan as many are, we as fans will not see a winning team until #1 Philbin is out. He has proved he is not head coach caliber and we have no chances to attract good players. So right there, it’s over. #2 the owner is a huge problem we can’t change. yeah, we are stuck. The team is a trinket that makes this unknown rich guy famous bec he becomes part of the status of NFL Owner. Not known to most for his real estate fortune, so he buys the Dolphins and instantly he is elevated to another status for his putz ego and becomes a known rich guy bec of that. Whether you like Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban or not, they love their teams , would do anything to make them better and are not absentee owners . Unless Tannenbaum can get this turned around because he is a football person who has experience and can get into Ross’s head, we have no hope with this current owner. There are other mega rich folk that us fans would be much happier to own this team. So between owner and coach, may need to pick another team to put my fandom with bec this is embarrassing.

    2. Get a new coach, with CREDIBILITY! You will see a difference! The two main problems we have-Coach and owner! Owners interview head coach. Our owner is a dumb a$$. Hire a coach players would want to play for, that they will respect , put their bodies on the line for and you’ll see what we’ve been missing .. Simple frankly. Ge the coach, the players will come. They don’t give a crap about the owner really. But our owner is a detriment!!!! I’m hoping Tannenbaum can put some sense in Ross’s big ears.

  2. You want to know why free agents may not want to come to Miami? Not because of the coaching, but because we have some the most horrible, hateful fans in the league. Even when a new coach comes in the fans do not support him. I do not recall seeing a single sign in support of one of our coaches since Shula. All our fans want to do is boycott games and boo the players. Maybe if our fans actually supported our team instead spending so much energy attacking them, then players and coaches would be more inclined to come here.

    1. The ONLY good thing about playing here is that there is no state income tax. So a player who makes $5 million per year will have to give Florida $0.00 per year. If that same players opts for the Patriots or Steelers, he has to give the state $260,000. That’s a quarter of a million dollars that the player has to simply give away. Plus they have to buy a snow shovel and winter coat.
      And that is $52,000 in free money that his agent is giving away.
      Agents (and many players) won’t care about where they play when money is involved.
      Nicola is right. Players talk. But money talks more!

  3. Since the day we were essentially eliminated from the playoffs (loss at NE) which triggered the practical start of the off-season, NOT one freakin’ thing has gone right and NOT one freakin’ decision has been the correct one taken by this sorry-ass organization. NOT ONE!!!

    This is unbelievable. For long-suffering dolfans, this senile old man (ROSS) is basically holding us hostage. I hate to say this but I secretly hope this man has a health scare and has to either sell the team or give up control to someone else. It’s gotten to that point since all this is taking place under HIS watch and he is ultimately responsible for every bone-headed decision the team makes. Today was the LAST freakin’ straw with the retaining of Def Coordinator Coyle!

    I don’t even want to hear any Dolphins news anymore because I am 100% sure it will be bad news! No doubt about it.

    Think about it…since the NE Loss:
    1) Ross announced that Philbin is coming back (bad news/wrong decision)
    2) Loss to Jets (bad news/wrong decision)
    3) Sideline issue with WR Wallace (bad news/wrong decision)
    4) Hiring of Tannenbaum with an unclear org structure (bad news/wrong decision)
    5) Demotion of Hickey (bad news/wrong decision)
    6) Jets hiring Rex (bad news/wrong decision)
    7) Bills hiring Bowls (bad news/wrong decision)
    8) Loss of D-Line coach Rogers (bad news/wrong decision)
    9) Not going after the like of Fangio, Schwartz, etc for Def Coordinator when they are available (bad news/wrong decision)
    10) Keeping Coyle (bad news/wrong decision)

    You would think at least a few of those things would turn out in our favor as Dolfans. ZERO. As long as Ross owns this team, turn off the news…it will invariably be bad. When it come to Ross, I have gone from Disinterest to Annoyance to Dislike to Hate and now I’m at Despise…Worst and dumbest owner in Sports.

    I feel like a disgusting human being hoping that someone I’ve never met gets a mild heart attack and wake up call.

    1. Author

      Yes, and the funniest part of Stephen Ross deicding to keep Philbin and Coyle is when ross said this today: “You see all of these teams making coaching changes…none of them have quarterbacks, or most of them don’t.”
      Really? Denver doesn’t have a quarterback? The Bills finished better than us and they don’t have quarterback? The Raiders have the best rookie QB out there, and Ross thinks they don’t have a QB at all? The Jets beat us at the end of the year and they don’t have a quarterback?
      The man simply does not follow the NFL. He has no interest, and it shows.

  4. Looking at the highly depressing comments on the Fins social pages one might come also to the realization that Miami is its own worst enemy. By now there should be an uproar in Davie, while there are hoards of “still love my Dolphins” sappy mediocrity lovers who don’t mind at all staying stuck in this gutter for 14 more years.
    Other teams are bottom 16 of the league but guess what? We aren’t even fun to watch playing. I happened to see two Rams games last year and yeah! They fight tooth and nail, they shuffle the deck, they take chances, they create big plays. We mostly create “missed” big plays when its time to seal a game.
    Pardon my vent, just too disappointed.

  5. I disagree with some comments and wholeheartedly agree with most. Dolphins fans are so hungry for a winning team. IF Ross I am am moron owner put out the word to Hickey to do whatever is needed for high quality players, get rid of this coach who is not qualified and yeah, like throw a ton of money on a new one, you would see these fans turn around. We have been shot down for too many years and don’t believe the crap we hear in the off season any longer that they have all the pieces. I’m frankly sick of it like you all are. Look at Seattle. They piss me off they are so good. That’s what we should be striving to be. SoFlo fans want to be proud, want to go to games, but there has not been anything to get excited about for 20 years!

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