Stephen Ross Continues to Hurt the Dolphins

Owners often hire bad coaches.  Owners allow inept GMs to draft bad players and throw money at lousy free agents.  Owners try to step in and pretend they know how to make football decisions.

These are common occurrences, and no matter what team you’re a fan of, you’ve probably been mad at your owner at one point or another.

But then there’s Stephen Ross.

He doesn’t just make passive mistakes like drafting a poor player.   He makes active mistakes that hurt his team immediately. And I don’t think he even realizes it.

I don’t know who is in his inner circle of advisers.  I don’t know if those advisers exist at all.

It’s a cardinal sin in sports to willingly give up home field advantage.  It’s horrible to make your players cross the Atlantic instead of crossing the Florida Turnpike. There are only eight precious, valuable home games per year.  But Ross is oblivious tho this.  Instead, he thinks showboating his team to British soccer thugs is more important than winning a football game.

Ross has brought soccer and tennis and racing to Hard Rock Stadium.   He brought in celebrity owners.  He installed an awning over the field.  He started an anti-bullying campaign.   NONE of those things help the Miami Dolphins.  NONE.

But they didn’t hurt the Dolphins either.  Now, he’s hurting the team.

Giving away a home game spits in the faces of every single loyal, local fan who wants to attend a game in Miami.

For several years, when the likes of Joe Philbin were ruining this team, I was publicly asking for Ross to get more involved.  Now, I ask that he stay away.  Just back off and stop making p.r. decisions for the NFL that hurt the Dolphins.  Just stop it.  Think of your TEAM and not the international reputation of the NFL.  How do you NOT see the value of home games?

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