Ross Spits on the Dolphins on a day We Should Be Celebrating

Yes, we’re all fully aware that a win against the Jets hurt our draft standing.  (We were also hurt by Adam Vinatieri choking on an easy FG and a missed extra point vs. the Steelers, but we can’t help that).

But to me, it’s all worth while, for now.  The Jets are the laughingstock of the sports world this morning, and the Dolphins are an afterthought.  There will be no 0-16 teams in Miami this year.  Jet fans have learned first hand what I’ve been saying about Gase for years.  The media has caught on too.  No Dolphin jokes today, and it feels great.

Do yourself a favor, and go to the NY Daily News and NY Post sports sections online.  It is comedy gold to see the NY writers lambasting the Jets. And especially Gase.

They are 3 or 4 years behind me, however, in pointing out that Gase had success in Denver because of Peyton Manning, not the other way around.  They are years behind me in pointing out Gase’s refusal to run the ball.   First and goal from the two, and Gase ignored LaVeon Bell.  Thank you, Adam !

The burden of an 0-16 season is now off of us, so I say TANK AWAY the rest of the season.

And now for the bad news… Word is that Stephen Ross has agreed to giving away ANOTHER home game in 2020 AGAIN.  Ross prefers his Dolphins to play in front of British soccer hooligans, rather than a raucous home crowd.  As I point out often, home games are like precious gold in the NFL.  Teams claw all year long to gain home field advantage in the playoffs.   But then there’s Stephen Ross.  He simply doesn’t get it.

It’s ridiculous that the NFL itself promotes these stupid international games, but it’s even worse when our gullible owner doesn’t see the harm in giving away a valuable home game.

My blood is boiling again.  Ross does so much to hurt his own team, and he seems clueless about it.


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  1. “They are 3 or 4 years behind me, however, in pointing out that Gase had success in Denver because of Peyton Manning, not the other way around.”… so right there with you… I’m relatively new to this site but I’ve been telling anyone and everyone that would listen that Gase is a joke of a coach. I almost feel bad for the Jets fans… he’s absolutely destroying Sam Darnold (who many thought should have been the top pick over Mayfield a couple years ago)….. Almost.

    The whole international push by the NFL in general is frustrating. And the issue you describe seems like it should be so easy to fix… if you play an international game you’re rewarded with one extra home game in the season. I’m sure it would be challenging schedule wise but you can’t tell me they couldn’t make it work if they really wanted to.

    1. Author

      I think the NY media is far more unforgiving of Gase, and they ask him questions like “Are you embarrassed after this loss?”
      In Miami, the media led off with questions like “Can you update us on Julius Thomas’s ankle” and other softball questions. Gase’s play calling was his downfall here, and he’s certainly not improving in NY.
      I feel bad for the nice (rare) , quiet jet fans. Not the a-holes who taunted us all week long!!

      1. lol…. agreed 110% on all of the above!

  2. Preston Williams is out for the year!

    1. Ugh yeah saw that. Any other year this would be devastating… this year you just hope that he comes back at 100% for next year and take him off punt and kick returns…. I know some coaches like to do it (not just a Flores thing) but I never agreed with the philosophy of your starters returning punts and kickoffs…

      1. Author

        Yes, I’ve said the same thing this year…any other season, and the loss of a star WR and our best CB would be tough to swallow. But this year, management is doing the right thing by resting them.
        Same with Reshad Jones (I guess). His injuries let him practice and look good, and every Thursday he tells the media that he is ready and he’s playing in the upcoming game…But then comes Sunday and he’s always OUT. Probably safer.

    2. Smells like tanking. No I have not researched it and dont know the real situation but first reaction is tanking.

  3. Marc Walton suspended 4 games for violating NFL conduct and substance abuse policies. This kid looked promising for a little while.

    1. Author

      Sean, where’d you see that? I was just looking and couldn’t find it. It’s unfortunate for the Dolphins, but they took that chance by singing him and knowing about his 3 previous arrests.

      1. The suspension was from his earlier 3 arrests and not a new violation.

        1. Author

          I like how the NFL handles this stuff. At least they wait and look into it a little before handing out a suspension.
          MLB suspends first, asks second. Yankees’ Domingo German is 18-4 heading into the playoffs, but gets suspended right before the playoffs because his girlfriend alleges something.
          A guy who is arrested THREE SEPARATE TIMES? Maybe they are minor and maybe he’s acquitted. But I can’t fault the NFL for saying that 3 arrests is not good “personal conduct.” I think it’s a fair suspension, and Walton seems to accept it.

  4. It just hit the wire moments ago. Barry Jackson and Armando have reported it on Twitter

    1. Author

      Yep, seeing it now. Thanks for the scoop. I like how the team and Walton are handling it. Do your suspension and pay the fine, then come back better afterwards.

  5. Author

    In a week when we lose X Howard, Walton, and Preston Williams, those are things you can swallow cuz it’s part of football.
    But having a clueless owner sacrificing vital home games? Now that is infuriating.

    1. Agreed in all likelyhood all of this will actually help the Fins as they were set to run the table and finish 9-7 out of the playoffs by a game again. ; ) The Fins have their win so give all of the bubble players a chance to show their worth. Rosen included he should be starting although it doesn’t help that Williams and Walton are now out but at least the oline has been better.

      As per international games if all teams have to do it that’s fine but why aren’t the patsies going then? Maybe just maybe Ross is being told that every other team will end up equal in the end and if so going now is best. I can live with that but they should have went this season! I guess I’ll believe it once I’ve seen it patsies get every break they are whining now that they are getting a lot of teams off bye weeks…unbelievable since they were undefeated. I hate the ravens but that was nice to see last night.

      1. Author

        I KNEW you were going to call for Rosen! And this time, I back you 100%. It’s time to try out the bubble guys for next year. Fitz is locked and under contract next year, and he’s an outstanding mentor for the 2020 QB. I doubt it will be Rosen, but we may as well see.
        And I agree about the international games. Currently, the league asks for volunteers, and only the sap owners go along with it. Make it required, and I have no issue with it.

        1. If anything you create some value for Rosen maybe he still impresses. Perhaps he shows that he can compete or even be a backup you can’t have enough QB’s as we know. I think by benching him its not a good look so they need to do something. They could also be thinking that playing him now will lower his value but the teams improved a lot since he was in there.

          They also need to even out the Thursday night road games as the patsies have that advantage as well. Every team should play one game on Thursday and rotate home and away problem solved.

          1. Author

            In all these years of Thursday Night Football, I’m still the only one I’ve ever seen mention this. Some teams get reamed by the schedule makers, and other get all the advantages.
            But it’s subtle, so no one notices. Except me.

            1. Everyone agrees except for patsies that the home Thursday night game is a huge advantage. Must be the commissioners way of getting them back for all of those cheating scandal penalties that they’ve been caught in. If you look it up the patsies have only been on the road a few times in comparison to the home games they’ve received. Add that to them rarely losing home games to play them internationally and it’s a complete joke. Have we ever seen a super bowl champion have such an easy schedule the year after either…..yet patsies still whine???

  6. Admin, you know I totally agree w/you re: Ross…a moron if there even was one! And, he OWNS a NFL franchise!!! I’ve been saying this for years, this guy has NO CLUE whatsoever about football, a team, etc. We are stuck with him until he croaks. Yes, I said that. And again he throws his team into the let’s send a team to the UK to play a game these people don’t really understand or like-what’s the point? The point is he is the Commissioner’s bitch and he’s looking to get some cred with Goodell. Again, could care less about the Dolphins-if he did, he’d say no. It’s so amazing to listen and read how the Jet fans are spitting blood right now over Gase! They figured him out by game 3 and were hoping he’d be fired before the seaons ended. He should keep that beard and wear that cap real low so no one recognizes him. The fans are on fire…yeah, it’s nice to watch!

  7. NY media is very unkind and unlike Miami, he’s not going to BS them for long. He’s not long for this town.

  8. Robert Nkemdiche has been waived. Issues with tardiness. Bust….

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