Stephen Ross gets involved in YET ANOTHER business that has nothing to do with the Dolphins

Stephen Ross gets involved in YET ANOTHER business that has nothing to do with the Dolphins

Think of George Steinbrenner, and only only thing comes to mind.

Jerry Jones?  Same thing.  Robert Kraft?

All the great owners in all sports are obsessed with their teams and obsessed with winning.

Believe it or not, most of the owners actually live in the area where their teams are.  Most owners hire and fire coaches in person.  Most owners live and breathe for their team.

Mr. Ross lives and breathes for the Dolphins a little bit.

With all of these outside interests, he simply isn’t devoting enough time to the Dolphins, and us fans suffer for it.   He was too busy to notice how horrible Joe Philbin was.  That should tell you something.



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  1. I’ve said it before THE WORST OWNER IN SPORTS. Losing is not keeping him up at night! Pray for new ownership as he will NEVER win squat. He doesn’t deserve to win.

  2. Troy Strafford on the Finsider’s called Tannepuke out this past week and he was right on the money. He’s been outplayed by ALL the AFC east’s QB’s, Geno Smith, Tyrod Taylor, E.J Manuel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Tom Brady. Brady I can handle but the others?? Maybe he needs surgery to get his head extricated from his but. Try him at WR or trade him for a ham sandwich. I will tell you this I liked Matt Moore, and he is more of a gamer. Tannepuke is just awful and everyone now knows it.

  3. Jay, I was a big Matt Moore fan and wished he could have got a shot 4 years ago. He knows how to win. People that say he sucks because of a couple minutes of pre season play with 3rd string players is just not right. But I don’t think T-puke is playing bad enough to sit him.

  4. Admin, So what was the new business?

  5. All you do is say the same shit over and over and over and over again, go away or give a different idea already.

    1. @Zach

      Sorry bud. If ya don’t like it don’t read it. Or……get your own blog and you can tell everyone what you want them to say!

  6. Don’t bother getting your own blog Zach. That will just be a new license for Jay to troll a new site under several different aliases like he does in this one.

  7. No to discount Matt Moore’s talents but I’ll keep reiterating the point that several different teams went looking for qb help this past offseason, a few in our division, and as a free agent he still barely got as much as a sniff from what I can tell. I mean career back-up qbs like Mccown, Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, and Hoyer changed teams via free agency or trade over the last year and a half and a few got paid. Now maybe someone can give me a common sense explanation, that effectively excludes Jay, as to why Moore wasn’t more coveted with so many teams needs qb help. My personal opinion is that he’s talented arm wise but extremely streaky as a passer. But that’s my assertion from the limited times that I’ve actually seen him play.

  8. When will the universe grant us Dolphins fans a team that so good that instead of arguing over who the problem is we’re arguing over who the best player is. Haven’t we waited long enough have a We tolerated enough of this humiliating season after season BS for long enough. This is the reason why I got away from the Dolphins for almost 10 years because Sunday after Sunday it was embarrassment after embarrassment with a few good games thrown in just to keep stringing my hope along I’m starting to get tired of this shit. One truth that I see in this team is that the players are playing to be paid they’re not playing to win and there’s a huge difference. Which may be the exception of Jarvis Landry.

    1. Author

      There’s some truth to that, and collecting a paycheck is a goal for many of these guys it seems. You never hear anyone talk about hoe much Dolphin X hates to lose. You used to always hear that. Shula was irate after losses. Marino screamed. Jason Taylor cried. These guys cared about WINNING

    2. Quit praying to the universe, and start praying to God… that might help! Lol

      1. Hey that’s pretty good man and kind of funny but I promise you I’ll pray to all gods if it’ll get Miami back to respectability. Jeeez has it really come to that?

  9. It would be great to argue about who was the best for a change. I just have come to the conclusion that this current configuration of the Dolphins is hampered by the coaching and ownership incompetence. There’s talent at every level defensively and there are talented skill players on the offense. Scheme, lack of in-game adjustments, and poor situational game management kept Philbin’s team from playing to their potential.

    1. Author

      We’ll get there, Gang. I remember in the Marino era, he’d have a bad game now and then or throw an interception,m and us fans just said “Oh, well. Shit happens and he’ll do better next time.” Just like when Brady or Peyton throw interceptions…no one rants and raves on blogs about how awful they are. No Dolphin is THAT good this season. No Dolphin is good enough to the point where us fans say “Oh, he just had one bad game.” I was saying that about Grimes for a month, ever since he dropped that easy pick-6 right in his hands vs. the Jags…but Grimes has proven me wrong. He’s not bouncing back from his poor play at all.

  10. There is no talent on the team. The drafts have been terrible. They need 4-5 years of good drafts to approach the talent level and depth of other teams.

    1. Author

      We’re lacking talent at many positions, but we certainly can’t say the Dolphins have no talent. Coming into the season, we KNEW we had only one good cornerback, but we could not have expected such a major dropoff from Brent Grimes. Now we have a few averages corners. No production from the linebackers have killed us too. Inconsistent play from Jason Fox is bad…but it’s worse that management does nothing about it.

      1. Compared to other teams the Dolphins have no talent.

  11. We know there are no playmakers on offense. No one that opposing D’s are worried about or have to game plan to stop. Good teams have 3 top playmakers we have none.

  12. Here is a quote from Sammy Watkins about Grimes
    “I live by the film,” Watkins said. “I watched him, every game from 2-3 years ago. I watch how he plays press. He doesn’t switch it up. I kind of set it up … kept taking inside releases, kept selling it.

    “I beat him inside on the first ‘go’ so I knew, when in doubt, that he’s going to jump inside. So I threw an inside release, kind of double move [on the touchdown], sold it with my body and he jumped. Then I just put my hand up and Tyrod delivered the ball.”

    Lets hope Grimes saw that same quote

  13. Murray, Mathews, and Sproles will have over 200 yrds on the ground. Bradford will throw for over 300 yrds
    Eagles 38 Miami 17

    If they give Ajay 15+ touches he gets over 100 yrds

  14. Even Stevie Wonder can see that Landry is a threat that has to be accounted for. And if every team has at least three play-makers on offense then tell me who the three are on the Carolina Panthers offense. They’re 8-0 so I’m sure that qualifies them as a good team.

    1. Jarvis Landry?? The 31st ranked receiver?? You really think D’s are worried about the 31st receiver? Top 5-10 receiver maybe but 31st?? Are you really that delusional? C’mon man!

      LMAO @ Dolphgang

    2. 31st means pretty much EVERY team has a receiver BETTER than Jarvis Landry. Get a dose of reality, kid.

      1. Jarvis Landry also happens to be #80 in rushing yards in the NFL, btw.

        And while we’re at it, #31 on a list of WR’s doesn’t mean that every team has a WR better than that guy. Several teams have more than one person on the list above Landry.

        And while we’re still at, you’re confusing player stats with team stats. Miami as a team happens to be tied for #17 in terms of receiving yards, which means there are about 15 teams better than us, in terms of receiving yards – not 31 teams as you implied earlier.

        1. Yes, I said PRETTY MUCH every team has a receiver better than Landry. I’m sure a couple teams have 2 above 31.

          And the conversation is about INDIVIDUAL playmakers NOTHING was said or implied about “team” stats.

    3. Sure Carolina is a good team this year. Carolina has 2 top playmakers on offense Johnathan Stewart, Greg Olsen….and 3 on defense , Kawann Short, Josh Norman, and Thomas Davis.

    4. @DOLPHGANG!!

      They just put their best cornerback on Landry(or not) and its one of the easiest challenges they encounter all season. They certainly don’t gameplan for him. Its not like they’re covering Julio Jones or Odell Beckham.

  15. I’m not bashing Tannehill here but here’s how I see it loud Stadium hostile crowd pressure in the game Tannehill plays average to a below average and the o-line gives up a few big sacks I think the defense is probably going to cause us to lose this game because the office just won’t get going in my defense I meant the Eagles defense not ours. we can hope that maybe Bradford has a bad game Reshad Jones or grinds or someone gets a couple of pics to keep things close and maybe we can pull this off but I’m not holding my breath

  16. Sorry for all the language errors in my last post its coming from my phone and it auto corrects terribly

  17. Jarvis Landry is a nice player and one of our few worthwhile draft picks but I don’t classify him as a “top playmaker”.

    Even the hated Jets have 2 top playmakers Brandon Marshall #6 WR and Chris Ivory#5RB.

  18. Defensively I thought we’d have 3 playmakers but Wake got injured, Suh is a big disappointment, and Grimes appears to have totally lost it.

  19. I’m excited to see ajayi get more playing time and mike hull was signed from the practice squad. Maybe aj can pull a moreno and inspire this team without the injury.

    1. Author

      Agreed and agreed. My regular readers know I have loved Ajayi since day one. As for Mike Hull, I am pleased about this and glad he stayed on our practice squad. I would SERIOUSLY start Mike Hull and Zach Virgil tomorrow. Can they do any worse than Kelvin Shepard and the others? Our linebackers offer ZERO run support and even less pass support. A MAJOR shakeup cannot hurt. What’s the worse that can happen? We lose a game and the Hull-Virgil experiment ends. Worth a try for a 3-5 team

      1. Totally agree!
        Get some other players who need a chance to get in a real game. We might be surprised we have talent on the wings!

  20. Ive heard Mike Hull is a Zach Thomas clone and was one of the leading LBs in college. His former coach was incredulous when he went undrafted. I would love to see him blossom into a name sake like thomas , offerdahl, or more closely buniconti (sp). Ajayi can be explosive and wear down defenses. Just give him the ball cant be any worse then what we’ve been doing and the more reps he gets the better he is sure to get. So what he’s got blocking issues. Scheme around it for now dammit. I had to do this all the time making the best of limited talent. Its what you do to win.

  21. @Jay. Landry not a top play-maker? Tell the Jets coaches that because they thought enough of him to shadow him with the potential best corner in the game, Revis, in our first match-up. An as far as your assertion that each good offense has three top play-makers I specifically named Carolina because I knew that they are one specific team that knacks those three players on offense but thrives anyway due to defense and coaching. Therefore blowing a hole in another one of your baseless theories. And you couldn’t even accurately ascertain which players are their top ones. Cam and Olsen are. If you’re making the assertion that Stewart is a top play-maker we might as well say that Lamar Miller is too. From a talent and contribution point these two are about a push. Hell I’d even given Miller a slight nod.

  22. So you counter with a stat chart that shows that Stewart has 93 more yards than Miller on the season while having received well over 50 more carries to generate such? Fully showing why everyone here thinks you’re a troll.

    1. The rankings are the rankings.
      I could care less what you call me or think. Most here agree with me and are fed up with this crap franchise and demand big changes. The franchise lacks a decent owner, HC, QB, and talent.

      But keep shaking your pom poms, clueless.

  23. The only people here who agree with your brand of foolishness and shortsightedness is you, you, and you. Meaning you and all your alter egos(Juan, Mike, and whichever other names you post under).

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