Can the Dolphins beat the Eagles and save their season?

While the Dolphins are not mathematically eliminated, they face an uphill climb if they’re going to make the playoffs.

History and statistics are against them, but each year, some team sitting at 3-5 or 4-4 makes a major push.   Last year, for example, the Chargers got shut out by Miami, and everyone wrote off San Diego as a lost season.,   But they came roaring back.   Almost made the playoffs.  All we’re saying is that it’s possible.

So where to start with the Eagles?   They have a very overrrated and beatable QB in Sam Bradford.  Sadly, however, the Dolphins tend to play down to the level of their competition, especially at QB.   Some guy named Tyrod has beat us TWICE this season, so just because Bradford is average-at-best doesn’t mean the Dolphins will have an easy day with him.

The Eagles running game is very good, and that could spell trouble.   We haven’t been able to stop the run all year against teams with crappy RBs, so now that we’re facing a good one, it could be a long day.

The good news is that the Eagles defense is not too intimidating.  They don’t scare you into making mistakes.  There is no need to game plan for any exotic schemes they may throw at us.   They are basic.

Of course, just because we’re facing a so-so defense is not reason to be excited.  New England and Jacksonville have shitty defenses too, and they beat us up all day long.

In order to win, the Dolphins need to stay focused and maintain their composure for 60 minutes,  First quarter mistakes must be forgotten immediately and not put the team in a funk that lasts the other three quarters.   Dan Campbell must make better decisions.  Bill Lazor must call better plays, including mixing it up by using different formations.  Jay Ajayi and Lamar Miller must become receiving weapons out of the backfield, because I think the Eagles will shut down the run.

All of that is a lot to ask, but it is possible.  And it might be our only hope of salvaging the season.


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  1. Loud Stadium, hostile crowd. Tannehill gets easily rattled please for the love of god no glassed over look by him for once. F-ing PLEASE! just once look confident and play that way! Stop with the ridiculous never ending almost predictable 3 n outs. And for all that is holy in our beloved sport of football can we just have one great play without being able to predict that it will be called back the second it happens. I cant even get excited anymore when I see good things cause Im waiting for the predictable penalty to negate it. Sorry Im just loosing hope and my non phin fan friends thought I was a confirmed psychic how many times I would accurately predict 3 n outs, penalties, or 3 down conversions for the opposing team. I just cant see us changing that trend against the Eagles but I’ll watch the game again cause I love being right even when its predicting all the negatives about my favorite team . So sad.

  2. The answer is no
    Eagles 38 Dolphins 17
    We can’t stop the run!!!!!!!

  3. hahaah Kel. I laughed at your response :-). But youre right. Its almost funny to see deer in headlights tannehill and the rest of our keystone cops team run around pretending to be a professional football team. I leave jarvis and reshad jones out of that description though.

  4. Only thing we gave going for us is that the Eagles aren’t a big-play team, big plays gave killed us this season, and the fact that they are a team whose scheme doesn’t necessarily fit their personnel. If we can present a mis-match in the passing game, their safeties are good but their corners are unimpressive, we have a shot. From a talent standpoint I like our chances. From a coaching standpoint I don’t. 31-21 Dolphins. If you can’t beat the NFC East it times to tank for a draft pick here on out.


      What’s killed us this year and the last 7 years is a complete lack of talent but especially at the all important QB position.

      1. Author

        As always., Jay has tunnel-vision and overly focused on poor QB play. Yes, Tannehill plays poorly many times. But when we give up 30+ points to a horrible Bills offense, you can’t focus the wrath on Tannehill. Jay, watch the football follies of Brent Grimes falling down 16 times last week and then tell me you blame Tannehill.

        1. @ Admin

          You fail to see the big picture. Grimes (a pro bowler) had one bad game. Tannepuke has had 4 bad years.

  5. Author


  6. Thanks Admin! I’m trying to learn to ignore trolls like Jay and company.

  7. On March 30, 2013, Grimes signed a one-year, $5.5 million contract with the Miami Dolphins. During the season, he was seen as a leader to rookie cornerbacks Will Davis and Jamar Taylor. Additionally, Grimes was seen as a key piece of the Miami defense. Bleacher Report referred to Grimes as “Miami’s defensive MVP and one of the biggest reasons to be hopeful of better things to come,” as well as “the brightest spot for the Dolphins,” in 2013. In terms of level of play, Grimes had a resurgent season, recording four interceptions, and was ranked as the second best cornerback by Pro Football Focus, en route to a Pro Bowl berth. His play earned him the #95 ranking on the NFL Top 100 2014 edition Additionally, as he was coming off a 2012 torn Achilles injury, Grimes received consideration for the 2013 AP Comeback Player of the Year Award.

    In the 2014 season, Grimes continued his level of play from 2013. He earned the AFC Defensive Player of the Week recognition, following the Dolphins’ week 9 shutout of the San Diego Chargers, in which Grimes earned 2 interceptions. Despite losing against the Detroit Lions the following week, Grimes recorded a one-handed interception, while covering Calvin Johnson, that was praised by several media outlets. As the 2014 season progressed, Grimes was considered to be proving himself to be included in the discussion for the league’s best cornerback. On December 23, 2014 Brent Grimes was selected to his second consecutive, and third overall, Pro Bowl.

    Trash Grimes after one bad game?? Blame him and not Tannepuke? TOO F’N FUNNY!!

    1. Author

      LMAO at Jay as usual. ONE bad game for Grimes? Have you been watching this season?

  8. The will be no weather issues to deal with in Philly today ; sunny abt 60 degrees, maybe a bit breezy. I don’t see this as a win bec I honestly believe we are a team of semi-professionals- low talent. I can’t totally blame the players who are what they are, but someone tell me this: if other team’s scouts are seeing the same pool of draft picks and they pick out gems, what are the Dolphin scouts looking at? Maybe we have a bunch of scouts who can’t evaluate talent, which seems like we are lost on that front as well. Regardless of that today, the Linc is a tough place to play, fans are closer to the field and it’s loud bec of that. NFC East is always tough to handle and expect that today. If they don’t use Jordan Cameron today, they are just flat out foolish.

  9. Just fantastic! TE 60 yard play. SMH..

  10. What a shit, fucking team…Fuck Miami!!!

  11. Author

    can we PLEASE cut Damien Williams. Each week I give my readers more and more examples of why he is awful

    1. Tell us again how great Chad Henne and Ryan Tannepuke are! LMAO!

  12. Why in the fuck would you have a guy with a bad fucking hand as a kick returner? Why is that guy playing AT ALL?


  14. BENCH TANNEPUKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Knock that motherfucker out of the game!

  16. Author

    Is it Tannehill’s fault that the defense cant
    stop anyone?

    1. @Admin

      Are you watching the game?? LMAO!~!

  17. As a lifelong dolphin fan who grew up in Philly and now lives in south jersey this is my worst fucking nightmare

  18. Is it the D’s fault that Tannepuke gave up 3 safeties in 3 games??

    Is admin Tannepukes mother?

  19. Author

    Ha, it is another game that has been decided early. We just can’t stop anyone. Damien Williams is not an NFL caliber player. Our secondary is the worst. Mike Pouincey being pushed around. But do’t worry, we have Number One draft choice Devante Parker warming the bench

  20. Zach…change teams, bro. These guys are gonna suck for years to come as long as Ross is the owner and Tannepuke is “QB”.

  21. Author

    Why cant we cover a tight end ever? EVER?

  22. Finally get them in a third and long and they jump offsides!!

  23. Juan can’t just switch teams man I’ve stuck with Miami so far I mean let’s be real at least this is better than Cleo lemon, ray Lucas, Joey Harrington, and worst of all chad henne

  24. Cleo lemon, ray Lucas, Joey Harrington,chad henne all > Tannepuke

    1. Author

      You gotta love a loser like Jay for his comedy comments! We’re all watching the Eagles run thru our D like butter, but Jay is still blaming a guy who’s not even on the field!

  25. I left when 3-0. I return to 3-16! This is getting old my friends.

  26. Author

    Suh woke up at least to make up for his offsides

  27. Ajayi looks good. Don’t let Tannepuke pass and we have a chance. Haha

  28. Author

    Jay and I agree about Ajayi! I loved this kid all year. Wish we wouldn’t have IR’ed him so soon. A broken rib only takes 2 weeks to heal. We coulda had him back in week 3

    1. Queasy, sneezy Joe called that one.

  29. Tannepuke 104 consecutive passes without a TD! YIKES HE STINKS!!!

  30. Author

    JAy got his wish! Thill is hurt

  31. Author

    Ajayi> Miller+Damien Williams combined

  32. Author

    Poor read by Tannehill, I agree

  33. Author

    Only the Dolphins watch a guy like Ajayi run up and down the field and then bench him at the end. why why why why why?

  34. When something works…. stop doing it! That’s the Miami way….Ajayi runs for 50 yards in 2 carries… so go back to all passing on 1st and goal and put miller back in quick before we can score! Whew, dodged that bullet!

  35. Author

    See, I would decline the holding. take your chances on 3rd and 5 Why go to 2nd and 15?

  36. Author

    Neville Hewitt gets his name mentioned! his mama in prison for dealing

  37. Author

    A nice little 10-point spurt to give us life

  38. VIGILante justice!…. someone didn’t get the memo!

  39. Author

    defense showing some pride . I give props. Gotta recover that damn fumble though

  40. Author

    that was NOT a recovery. never had it fully possessed CHALLENGE it

  41. Author

    challenge !! dammit Challenge it

  42. Author

    i wish vernon just fell on the ball

  43. Author

    passing on first down isn’t a great plan for us. bring in ajayi dammit

  44. I wish we had 10 Landry and a young Joe Montana at qb

  45. Author

    Vernon missing that fumble instead of falling on it was a killer. game-changing mistake

  46. Unfortunately, by the time we have perfected human cloning, football will be played by robots…..

  47. Author

    stop passing on first down. the play action was sooo effective earlier. at least try that

  48. Author

    FIVE receivers and no extra blockers. Disaster is about to strike if Lazor keeps up this nonsense

  49. McCain just doesn’t wanna be seen in a dolphins uniform anymore

  50. Author

    Waiting for an explanation on that roughing. We had the interception,. Wasn’t roughing at all

  51. Author

    I just cant comprehend how all us fans see that passing on first down does not work. But lazor calls it every single time

  52. Author

    Penalties killing us again. Some are questionable. , buit some are bad.

  53. Author

    dOLPHINS Defense can’t recover a g.d. fumble !

  54. Author

    5-wide again and again and we are losing. Please mix it up

  55. Author

    Still cannot recover a fucking fumble

  56. Wow! Saved by an opposing team’s incompetence for once! We’ll take it!

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