Stephen Ross keeps sending the wrong message by rewarding joe philbin and his losing record

Sometimes the mainstream media who cover the Dolphins  just don’t get it.   They are duped into writing things that seem accurate, but they just aren’t true.

Here at Dolphins Truth, we pride ourselves on digging deeper.  We don’t just report about what Joe Philbin says as if it were fact, but we analyze it, and (in most cases) we can demonstrate why Philbin is wrong so often.

In today’s Miami Herald, for example, the usually reliable but a little-too-naive Armando Salguero wrote this:
“Joe Philbin knows the results haven’t been good enough. He knows his players haven’t been good enough. He knows his assistant coaches haven’t been good enough.  And, yes, Joe Philbin knows he has not been good enough.”

It sounds like a valid paragraph, right?  There doesn’t seem to be much controversy in those sentences.  But the problem is…every single one of those sentences is wrong.

“My boss just gave me 6 million more dollars. He must really like the way I do things, so I will not change a thing.”

Does Joe Philbin truly know that the results have not been good enough?  Does Joe Philbin truly feel that he himself is not good enough?  No no no no no.

Let’s make this perfectly clear.  Joe Philbin has a losing record as a coach, and the Dolphins have accomplished absolutely nothing under Philbin.   In addition, Philbin makes decisions, regularly, that help opponents win games.

To anyone with common sense, that PROVES that Philbin isn’t good enough.  But what does this prove to Stephen Ross?  It proves that Philbin is a brilliant coach who deserves to coach in 2015.  Moreover, Philbin’s losing record proves to Ross that Philbin deserved an EXTENSION into 2016.

So back to Armando’s misguided claim that Philbin knows he’s not good enough:  if your boss gave you a vote of confidence for 2015 AND and extension for 2016, does that indicate that you are not good enough?  No!

It instead indicates that you are good enough.  It indicates that what you’re doing is exactly what the boss is looking for.  It indicates that change is a bad thing.

“Why on earth should I attempt to have a winning record when my boss just gave me 2 extra years simply for being 8-and-8?”

When you are given two extra years (and about 6 million dollars), does that say you’re doing a great job, or does it tell you that you aren’t good enough?   Ross thinks that Philbin is good enough, and Philbin sure as hell thinks he’s good enough.  And us fans have to suffer because of it.

Armando also mentioned that Philbin knows his assistants aren’t good enough.  Wrong again!  If Philbin thought these guys weren’t good enough, he would have made a change.  He thinks Kevin Coyle is good enough.  He thinks Mike Sherman’s son-in-law as our QB coach is good enough.  He thinks every single decision he makes is good enough…and Ross’s praise fuels that incorrect fire.

Philbin thinks everything is perfect.  In his defense, he has reason to think that.  His boss keeps rewarding him, so he must be doing something right.  Right?

Either that, or the boss himself is misguided.  But that can’t be it, right?  I mean, surely no boss in the world would reward an employee who has no accomplishments, right?


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  1. It seems like Armando has become the pr manager for the Dolphins. In another “story” he wrote yesterday he claimed philbin would change his approach to coaching even though a paragraph before he quoted philbin saying how he wasn’t going to be changing his approach to coaching this season.

    It was so idiotic that I had to leave a comment and I almost never comment on herald stories

    If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck don’t try telling me it’s an owl

    In this case we have the worst coach in the NFL Armando trying to make me think we don’t is an insult to my intelligence

    1. Author

      Well said Brian. My main question is if Armando does this on purpose, or does he not even realize it? I cut the Herald writers some slack (sometimes) because they know Philbin personally and they have to play nice-nice with the Dolphins or they run the risk of getting their press pass rescinded. If I ever got the chance to interview Philbin or Ross one on one, I would be respectful and professional, but I would ask tough questions…and I would follow up when they give nonsense answers. I mean, how many times do the Herald and Sun Sentinel writers quote Joe Philbin as saying “We have to get better” and in three years, not a single one of them has ever said, “Coach, with all due respect, you say that after every game, after every losing season, etc.”
      I also used to leave comment on the Herald board, but the replies to my comments were so assinine that it prompted me to begin my own blog here. It’s unbelievable how many Dolfans praise Philbin and Ross. I welcome Philbin lovers to debate me here at Dolphins Truth, but luckily Philbin fan s are few and far between here!

      1. It seems like Omar Kelly from the Sun-Sentinel does a good job of holding Philbin responsible. But yeah I agree most of the comments on Herald articles are ridiculous. I read them, but usually don’t bother to respond.

  2. In other news. Jonathan Martin has been waived by the 49ers.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Gang! I didn’t see that story yet until you pointed it out. Young offensive linemen can be a commodity in the NFL, so I doubt Martin’s career is finished. However, he lacks the mental toughness to succeed toward a Pro Bowl level. I see him as a backup for a non-playoff team for a few years before becoming a distant memory. Meanwhile, Richie Incognito is going to destroy the Dolphins twice a year.

  3. Buffalo may have D-Bo(Richie) but we have Donkey Kong(Suh). I think we came out on the better end for once.

    1. I think its safe to say Incognito wont use the n word to Suh.

  4. All good points about Ross and Philbin. But let us not forget that Ross was the guy who went behind the back of Tony Sparano to try and land Jim Harbaugh as a Head Coach, and was tinkering with the idea again against Philbin. To me, that’s just wrong. Either keep him or fire him, but don’t leave a man guessing.

  5. New seat installation began at the stadium:

    Several people on Dolphins Truth have noted that removing around 11,000 seats isn’t a great way to build a fan base. Of course, you can’t build a fan base if there’s nothing to cheer for.

    The end of the article expresses the organization’s hope that they sell 50,000 season tickets due to “curiosity” over the new stadium layout and a “series of headline-generating” team personnel changes.

    Personally, I’m hoping for some “headline-generating” wins.

  6. Author

    These new seats won’t generate 500 new ticket sales over the entire season, let alone 50,000 season tickets! 50,000 season tickets is 50,000 people buying 8 tickets= 400,000 total tickets. 400,000!!!!! No f’n way.
    And don’t forget, no matter how much Mr. Ross tried to push the new seats down our throats, he’s the one who willingly forfeited a home game in lieu of playing in England. His mistakes are incessant.

    1. Actually, since they’re going to the UK, that’s one less game. So instead of 400,000 tickets, it’s only 350,000 total tickets. Just sayin’ :).

      1. Author

        True, but I thought season tickets were still sold as 8 per year. (??) And it’s up to the season ticket holder to pay their own travel to London if they want to see that particular game. That’s how the Buffalo Bills did it the last few years. They sold season tickets as 8-game sets like other teams…even though some of their games were in Canada and Detroit.
        The pictures of the new seats show them empty, just like they will be on game days during our upcoming 6-10 season.

        1. Honestly, I haven’t checked about the 8-game set recently. A few months ago, I received an ad email from them asking me to buy season tix, and if memory serves they were only selling 7 games. I’ll check on this.

          1. Author

            Thanks, Mint. Let us know. In the meantime, I was going to make a fake April Fool’s article about Philbin being fired, but I didn’t want to tease and torture our readers !

            1. Lol – we appreciate that!

          2. This whole seat removal thing has to be a ploy to make the financials look better. Because of the seat removals, the % of overall ticket sales will look higher – especially this year, with the UK game.

            SunLife capacity 2001-2014: 75,540 seats.
            SunLife capacity 2015-?: 65,326 seats.

            I just did the math:

            This upcoming season there will be 71,498 LESS seats available than last season. (Last season there were also only 7 home games, due to the UK game.)

            Furthermore, this upcoming season will have a whopping 147,038 LESS overall seats than in previous (regular) 8-game seasons.

            1. Author

              No, we had 8 homers last year. The London game was a home game for Raiders, and visiting for Miami. But your point is still the same with less available seats.

              1. D’oh – you’re right! I forgot the UK game was an away game. My bad!

                Well still, that’s 147,038 less seats than last season.

  7. The reason for the seat removals was so they wouldnt be blacked out as easily. Ross has to buy less of his own seats to get on tv with the lower capacity

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