Your thoughts please: Will Linebacker Dion Jordan Magically become better than Defense End Dion Jordan?

For the third year in a row, we’re hearing all kinds of rumors about Dion Jordan moving to linebacker.

Yes, the Dolphins need a linebacker.  Yes, Dion Jordan has done absolutely nothing as a defensive end.  But, no, the Dolphins aren’t moving him anywhere.

Head Coach Joe Philbin recently squashed all rumors when he determinedly stated that Dion Jordan would remain at defensive end.  This bothers some Dolfans, who want to see Jordan be given a fair chance at linebacker, especially given the need we have there.

There are two sides to this, and both are bad.

One, it’s always a bad sign when a coach remains so blatantly stubborn when it comes to making changes.  Philbin is clearly the most anti-change coach in sports history.  He won’t alter his decisions no matter how bad the team does.  He simply will not acknowledge his mistakes, and he certainly refuses to learn from those mistakes.  Philbin makes up his mind, and even though he is wrong, he sticks with it like a stubborn child.

It’s fine if a proven, winning coach doesn’t want to change.  But Philbin has a losing record and has accomplished nothing.  Shouldn’t that plant the seeds in his head to try something different?

Dion hard at work.

Two, Philbin is somewhat correct in this case.

Philbin is correct when he states that Dion Jordan is not a linebacker.  But the problem is, Dion Jordan is not a defensive end either.

He’s a twice-suspended, overpaid benchwarmer who has a sack or two and a tipped punt in the last two years.

He is a bust.

When a player is bad, you get rid of him.  You don’t automatically just say, “We have to try him in a new position.”

Caleb Sturgis is a terrible kicker, but no one says that he will be great if you move him to linebacker.  So why do people think that Dion Jordan will magically become good if we move him to linebacker?

I understand that we can’t cut Jordan, because that would be a huge embarrassment to have wasted a Number Three Overall pick on this guy.  Plus, New England would pick him up, and Belichick would turn him into an All Pro within a month or two.

So we really can’t get rid of him, but he’s not good enough to keep.  What the heck do we do?


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  1. The problem isn’t that he is a bust or that he can’t play. He is a defensive end that hasn’t had enough steady playing time to prove anything special yet. He is also too big & never played as a ligitimate linebacker in his entire career. With the type of money his contract warrants it’s too much money to pay for ANY linebacker. If you couple that with the facts that 1) He will likely be Cameron Wakes replacement in the next 2 or 3 years. 2) Has too much dead money to cut before next year (Meaning that this will be his FINAL CHANCE to prove he’s a DE or he will be cut cheaply next spring). 3) The linebacker spot enough talent to fill out each postion, to waist a top 3 pick & millions to pay a over payed position.

    1. Author

      Rick, I understand your points, but I disagree about more playing time being the answer. A lot of Jordan defenders (I’m not saying you are one, but you know they are out there) say that Dion just needs more playing time.
      I feel you have to look at the playing time he HAS received, instead of dwelling on him needing more. In the preseason 2014, he played pretty much every single down against the other teams’ 4th and 5th string O-linemen. He showed nothing. Absolutely nothing. When he plays in games, he shows nothing. Meanwhile, guys like Jenkins or Vernon or Shelby got sporadic playing time too, and they came in and produced results. Vernon and Shelby played so well that we could get rid of Philip Merling. These guys had limited playing time as well, but look what they did.
      I think if Jordan plays gets all the playing time in the world, it won’t make a difference. I would love to be wrong about this kid, but he needs to show me and shut me up.
      Just like Joe Philbin needs to do something to shut me up. Until then…

  2. I don’t care where he plays just so long as they get his a$$ on the field. He was injured when they drafted him which resulted in a lost rookie season. Then in year 2 it was Jordan’s own dumb ass for twice being suspended, again resulting in a lost year. So when it comes down to it by year 3 any draft pick, let alone #3 overall should be seasoned and starting. I just don’t want him to get cut/released and then magically make Pro Bowls with another team.

    Another problem is that he’s got an offensive minded coach WHO JUST GOT AN EXTENSION!!!!!

    What kind of owner (Ross, obviously) gives a coach an extension and then says “things have to improve”? Don’t you say that first and then give an extension based on the next year’s results?

    It’s like giving a college kid his degree before graduating!!!

  3. Still too early to give up on Jordan I think. Although his bone-headed suspensions had me quickly losing patience last season. Year three is usually a pivotal year in a player’s development so I expect him and Jamar Taylor to take huge leaps this year. Hopefully they won’t they let us down. I also expect 2nd year players like Mccain and Billy Turner to be huge contributors. It’s time to let the youngsters play.

    1. McCain is not a 2nd year player but I get your point

  4. I agree that Jordan is playing out of position and I also agree with many here that it’s to early to give up on the kid but I think that a lot of the issues he is having comes from what else?

    Coaching! Or lack there of.

    Obviously he was really hurt a lot of the first year so he sat… ok I have no issue with that beyond why the hell they took him 3rd overall but with that in the rear view mirror ok he sat most of the first year but this is nuts now to be this far along and no one seems to know what to do with him.

    I bet if he landed on the Patriots squad (as admin pointed out he probably would because that’s what happens to us Dolphins Fans) Belicheck and his staff would figure out very quickly what to do with him.

    That might mean send him packing too I’m not saying the kid will ever amount to much even with his tremendous athleticism but it seems to me that any other coaching staff would figure it out one way or the other in a lot shorter order and with out looking so dumb and inept as the Dolphins staff.

    It’s another embarrassment for the fans in my opinion.

  5. You have no choice but to see how he does this year. You hope that he turns the corner and works his way past Vernon as the starter…eventually replacing Wake as the man.

    To be honest I’m more worried about creating a solid Oline to protect Tanny…

  6. I was talking about Chris Mccain. He was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Cal in the offseason last year and that was his first year in the pros. This season will be his second.

  7. Even worse,we traded UP to get this bust! It’s time to cut our losses on this clown and move on. It’s almost as bad a Philpott getting an extension from Ross, thereby guaranteeing mediocrity (or less) for 2 more years. Have you seen the Home schedule-I’m looking a 3-5 or 4-4.

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