Stephen Ross Names New Owner

The good news is that Stephen Ross has a successor in place, and a new owner can’t come fast enough.

The bad news is that the new owner, who would take over upon Ross’s death–and who also has the first right to buy the team from Ross any time he is alive—is another New York City businessman.

More than likely a Jet fan like Ross.  His name is Bruce Beal.

Ross’s people also insisted that he has no plans to sell the team.  But in naming a successor, at least the plans are in place if he changes his mind.  The way the deal works is that no one except Beal can buy the team unless Beal allows it.   I suppose that’s better than leaving the team to charity or to an uninterested family member, which is what happened when Tim Robbie decided to turn his father’s beloved team over to businessman H. Wayne.

I think H. Wayne was the last Dolphin owner to actual like the Dolphins.   Time will tell about Mr. Beal.

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  1. We’re screwed for the remainder of my life.

  2. No light at the end of this long tunnel.

  3. I can’t believe there is no one in the state of Florida who will step up when it comes to buying this team….the most important thing an owner must have is being a fan of the team….. Jerry Jones….. Bob Kraft….Green Bay stockholders…. Carolina owner…. Seattle owner…… they ALL are local guys who are fans first, owners second.

    1. Author

      I bet some people in Florida WOULD like to step up. But our owner just specifically prohibited that last week. He legally just named the one and only person who can buy the team from him, and it’s another NYer

  4. We’re fans living in Ross Death Row. No escape until he croaks.
    But it appears we’ll never get off death row now.

  5. I mean I don’t think it’s a New York conspiracy to keep the dolphins bad lol there prolly fans of the team just don’t know football.

  6. Having a New Yorker (I am one) own the Dolphins is like having a guy from Boston own the Yankees….. a guy from Cleveland owning the Steelers…… a guy from Miami owning the Bills….. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

  7. Real football people!!!! The Miami Joke Machine! Thanks Ross!

  8. Some Dolphin fans are optimistic every offseason until about week 2-3 when reality sets in.

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