Dolphins Schedule Released Tonight

The NFL is releasing the schedule TONIGHT!

Usually the league announces the schedule-release date weeks in advance and advertises and promotes it like crazy.   This year, no dice.    Luckily, I heard about this and confirmed with the league.

Tonight at 8 Eastern, we will learn when the Dolphins play, any MNF games, SNF games, TNF games, etc.

We know the Dolphins play in L.A. this year, for example, and tonight we learn when.  Could be the first game of the year, as I imagine the NFL will want to give the new L.A. Rams a splendid home opener.

The Dolphins are no longer a marquee team, so I doubt if we’ll get a MNF game.   I said that last year too, and we ended up getting one, so who knows.

I’m a bit disappointed that the NFL and its NFL Network didn’t hype the schedule announcement and give us fair warning to watch or set our DVRs, but at least we know.

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  1. “we will learn when the Dolphins play, any MNF games, SNF games, TNF games, etc”. Or any games that actually matter! We couldn’t “Suck For Luck” -we screwed that up so hopefully we won’t win more than 3 games and be able to have the top pick in 2017 and finally draft a franchise QB!

    1. Well, the Rams were pro active and obtained the top draft pick for a franchise QB without losing 13 games! The Fins just sit back and take whatever crap they get. Can u say losers?

  2. Screwed again to start the season… 3 of 4 on the road???? At Seattle…. at New England…. at Bengals?…. Better steal some early wins cuz we go to Buffalo & NY late

    1. Steal nothing! We need 2-3 wins to secure a franchise QB in 2017 draft.

  3. Yep a brutally unfair schedule We’ll be 1-3 entering October and the season already over by then

  4. Two very tough road games to begin the season. We will find out early what kind of character the team has. Most of us are probably predicting a loss for both games. If we can at least “lose with honor” I think there will be hope for the remainder of the season.

  5. Jamar Taylor isn’t trash. He hit a rough patch & needs to get mentally tougher. Bobby McCain and Tony Lippett have skills. Just draft one.
    — Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly)

    What a joke

    1. Author

      Axel, I thought you were joking, but no !!! Omar actually said that. I used to have respect for Omar, but after this, no mas. It is beyond ludicrous that a professional Dolphins writer/”expert” would defend Jamar Taylor. Is this April Fool’s day?

    2. LOL at that clown Nomar O’Kelly. He must be one of Jamar Taylor’s lackeys.

  6. 2 weeks to the draft and almost nobody here-WTH!

  7. It’s Panthers and Heat playoff time!!!!

    1. Like care about either of them.

      1. South Florida cares a lot more about the Panthers and Heat than about the lowly Dolphins.

  8. Dam 5 wins is looking optimistic right now. Especially if they don’t win early cause then we all kno tanny gets benched and the team tanks

    1. If T-hill gets benched the team IMPROVES!

    2. 2-3 wins like I said when the opponents were posted months ago. Top 3 pick next season and finally able to draft a franchise QB.

  9. Zach yes. Personally I don’t see the 5. Maybe Cleveland and and upset over buffalo finally. 2 wins. Maybe Titans and 49ers, plus one Jet win gets us to 5. Even an incredible draft won’t pay off till next year. A bunch of rookie hotshots won’t be enough to to beat the big boys of the AFC

    1. Hopefully the front office doesn’t over react and fire gase. The man needs a fair shot at making this team solid again

  10. Once again the devil is in the details. Ross asked the NFL for more road games at the beginning of this year’s schedule to allow for the stadium upgrades. This is the 2nd year a sched has been unbalanced and not favoring the Phins due to Ross’s ambition to have a superbowl in Miami. If that doesnt clearly show you the order of his priorities , nothing will.

  11. Obviously Ross don’t care about the team. He is sacrificing the Fins to try and get a billion dollar payday on a SB. Sucks for fans .

  12. Fuck the doom and gloom man we all know the team sucks at least the drafts coming up soon and Miami actually didn’t trade away a thousand picks to move up for some mediocre quaterback, gotta give them come credit for that

  13. I can’t believe that they are going to allow tannepuke to sabotage a 5th season. This is insanely cruel to the dolphin fans. One commentator said that the players know who the best QB is. So when the team knows who the best QB is, and the least best QB is forced upon the team for 4+ years; this is what happens; NOTHING! No one is going to give their all under theseconditions. They can;t because the leaders are promoting a lie and the team just can;t respond to a lie and deception for long. The team promoted the lie about how good tannehill was for 2 years, then they regressed across the board because they could see that the lie would produce nothing but more lies and tired souls. Tannehill is the least talented QB on the roster right now.; and always has been. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

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