Stephen Ross Should Focus More on the Dolphins, Not Side Projects

Ask any Dolfan this question  about the 2018 Super Bowl LII:

Would you prefer to see the Dolphins play in 2018 Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, or would you rather see the Patriots play Super Bowl  LII in Miami?

The answer is obvious:  Dolfans do not care where the game is played.   We do care about our team being in the game.

Stephen Ross tries hard.  He really does,  Dolphins Truth does not question his love of his Dolphins, his intelligence, his passion, nor his influence.

But sometimes he gets sidetracked.  Sometimes his interests divert themselves into areas where he does the Dolphins no good.  One consistent example is the Stadium.

Mr. Ross devotes an inordinate amount of time to landing a Super Bowl for the City of Miami.   But Mr. Ross does not work for the city.  The city has plenty of p.r. employees, chambers of commerce, and of course politicians whose job it is to lure Roger Goodell here.   But that is not and should not be Mr. Ross’s job.

While it’s great to have wi-fi and shade and a “technology footprint,” Mr. Ross must remember that no fan asked for this.  No one.  And even when he puts these things in at his own cost, there is no guarantee that the NFL will reward him.

Dolfans also do not care about the alleged “bullying scandal,” as the media calls it.  (Here at Dolphins Truth, we call it “a couple of close friends teasing each other”).  There’s truly no need for Mr. Ross to get involved in anti-bullying legislation and things like that.  it simply does not help the Miami Dolphins win.

So as training camp and preseason games loom in the near future, Dolphins Truth simply requests that Mr. Ross focus on the Dolphins, the Dolphins, and only the Dolphins.  Everyone will be far better off.

We have such a strong owner, whose desire to win is palpable.  Let’s hope everyone focuses together as a team to make it happen.  Don’t worry about stadiums and technology footprints and ugly new colors/logos.  Let’s instead focus on the Miami Dolphins winning.


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